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By: Kristen Ashley
Published By: Forever
Released: Available Now
Details: Netgalley from too long ago, 545 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Love is just around the corner . . .

Sweet, shy Mara Hanover is in love with her neighbor. For four years, she has secretly watched her dream man from afar. Handsome police detective Mitch Lawson is way out of her league. She's a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and there's no way a guy like Mitch would want anything to do with her. But when Mara has a leaky faucet that she can't fix, it's Mitch who comes to her rescue.

Mitch has been eyeing his beautiful neighbor for a long time. He jumps at the chance to help her, and soon their formerly platonic relationship gets very hot and heavy. But when Mara gets a disturbing phone call from her cousin's kids, she gets pulled back into the life she's tried so hard to leave behind. Can the hot law man convince Mara to let go of her past-and build a future with him?


Another KA book done and dusted.


And didn’t Mitch Lawson live up to a KA man. That is not a question.

Of course he did.

To think it all started with a leaky faucet. *sigh*

Mara, oh, Mara, at first I didn’t know what to do with you and your rating system when clearly on the outside you were so much more. Your inner monologues were a little tough on the self-esteem levels, but we hang in there and learn why.

I loved all the sub characters—especially LaTanya and Elvira. When you need a chick to take charge, have your back, Elvira is there.

She pressed a button and muttered, “There.” Then she looked at me. “Right, so, quick, I mentioned Hawk. He’s a scary-ass, motherfucking commando. When I say that, I do not lie. So I’ll repeat, he’s a scary-ass, motherfucking commando. So, when your mind conjures up a vision of a commando, that’s Hawk. And Hawk likes kids. But he don’t like kids bein’ scared and bein’ used for bullshit family dramas. I tell him this, which, by the way, I’m totally tellin’ him this, even though he don’t know those kids, like, at all, he’s gonna to psycho badass, motherfucking commando. And the Trailer Trash Twins won’t know what hit ‘em.”

Hawk makes a couple appearances and I gotta say, I totally dug him more when he was all commando man in this book.

He was dangerous.

The good kind.

“Hi,” I breathed, and his eyes went from Gwen to me.

My breasts swelled.

“You Mara Hanover?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, still breathy.

“You Lawson’s?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I answered.

His mouth twitched. Then his eyes went back to his woman.

“So, you’re all shitfaced,” he observed, then finished, “or at least Mara is.”

“Nope, we all are,” Gwen replied airily, if a little slurred.

“Fantastic,” Hawk muttered, eyeing the intoxicated remnants of the girl gang and not hiding the fact he was not a big fan of dragging our drunk asses home. He then asked the table at large, “Can any of you walk, or do I have to carry you?”

I loved Mitch. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Mitch. I wanted to make babies with Mitch. I wanted to grow old with Mitch.

But I also wanted this man called Hawk to carry me. I didn’t even care where he carried me. I just wanted him to do it.

And I was drunk enough to share this.

“I vote for being carried,” I announced, and Gwen, Elvira and LaTanya burst into more gales of laughter.

Hawk’s eyes came back to me and my heart fluttered. They moved over me and my legs started tingling.

Then they came back to my face. “Lawson see you in that dress?”

I nodded.

“Gave her the business before they came out,” Elvira volunteered. Hawk looked at her while she spoke, then he looked back at me.

When he did, I leaned in and up and whispered, “It was hot.”

His lips twitched again.

That was hot too.


“Right,” he stated. “Seein’ as you’re hammered this might not penetrate, but I’ll say it anyway. You lookin’ like you do, wearin’ that dress and bein’ Lawson’s woman, he is not gonna want my hands on you. Unless, say, you were lookin’ like you do and filled with bullets. So, to keep your man happy, my advice is you should attempt to ambulate. You start to go down, I’ll catch you. Deal?”


I really enjoyed the inclusion of a couple kidlets and watching a man like Mitch take control.

Very manly and in the moment.

I just glanced at a small part of a review which mentioned the audio book was a little hard when talking about Billy and Billie. I had not thought about that. I can see how that would be hard trying to work out who is who when listening when you can’t see the spelling. When Billy starts getting called, Bud, then that would be a relief. Things authors must think about when using names that sound the same for opposite sex. Fun to read in a book, though.

KA books are always addictive reads for me, I simply can’t get enough.

This was one of the quotes that really hit home for me. Made me think about how hubs and I are together. We know what the other likes, it might not be our thing, but we gel. He lets me feed my hungry soul and I in turn enjoy watching him get a good feed to his soul.

Totally dug this quote. Been together a couple decades and it shows why.

“No,” he said softly. “They love each other. They know what the other likes, they know what the other needs to feed whatever is hungry in their soul and they give it to them. At least Penny does but Evan does too with only a minimal amount of bitching.”

KA books are a bit of a rinse and repeat recipe, but I keep coming back for more, because I know there is a KA man waiting for me.

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  1. My first time hearing of this series, but I've a friend or two that will definitely be interested in more. Thanks for the share!


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