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By: Darynda Jones
Published By: Darynda Jones
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Blurb: Goodreads

Shimmer is a Charley Davidson Christmas Short Story. For more, the author released Glow, which is the same story but through they eyes of Reyes Farrow.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This little tease was a fun, sexy and very much Reyes and Charley banter, of a read.

Charley thinks she can trick Reyes by getting herself a hobby.

Reyes’ response is rather hilarious, but then the room heats up with some... * waggles eyebrows *

A cute, fun, sexy little tease from Ms Darynda.

Very much worth the read.

It’s not long enough to be called a novella, it simply is a little gift for her readers to read.


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By: Colleen Hoover
Published By: Simon & Schuster 
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 322 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads 

When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Hearts get infiltrated.
Promises get broken.
Rules get shattered.
Love gets ugly.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Ugly Love.



I will start by saying, I LOVED the setting out of Miles pov. It was expressed in a way where the words being spoken in our heads almost came more alive with the way they were set out on the page. It added more emotion. Mind you it would have been a formatters nightmare setting it all out.

I looked at the words on the page like they were in a stalactite like formation, sometimes.

Very interesting layout.

Like prose and love letters and lyrics, cascading down






Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

There is the dual pov, but that goes one step further with one pov being Miles, in the past tense.

Two stories are going on which eventually collide.

Miles is a character who is totally consumed by Rachel, the love in his life.








My new favorite flavor is Rachel.

My new favorite thing is Rachel.

I want Rachel for my birthday. I want Rachel for Christmas. I

want Rachel for graduation.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

I’m gonna fall in love with you anyway, Rachel.

It is a kind of forbidden love, but not totally unacceptable.
To me I felt like Miles was quite young in his pov moments. He was a teenager who fell hard in love. He is eighteen, but his inner monologuing is as endearing as it made me wonder at how healthy his consuming love was. He does have a friend, Ian, which enabled me to believe he wasn't so consumed he couldn't have other friendships in his life.

My thoughts aren’t thoughts anymore.

My thoughts are Rachel.

I can’t fall in love with you, Rachel.

I look at the sink. I want to look at Rachel.

I breathe in air. I want to breathe in Rachel.

I close my eyes. I only see Rachel.

I wash my hands. I want to touch Rachel.

Tate is the present pov and she is happy being single.

Enter Miles in the present and her world starts to tilt. She accepts what Miles can give her. She in turn becomes a little consumed herself.

Everything is Miles.

That’s how it is when a person develops an attraction toward someone. He’s nowhere, then suddenly he’s everywhere, whether you want him to be or not.

Would I call their relationship, ugly?

No. I thought that was a strong word for it.

It wasn’t healthy, but then Unhealthy Love wouldn’t be a good book title. To an extent Miles love for Rachel was a little unhealthy. It would work based on life being perfect, even though their relationship wasn't.

Miles is a character who is at war with himself.

Warring Love doesn’t make for a great book title either.

Ugly Love is much more powerful.

Miles is shutting himself of from happiness and love. He was all in when he was a teenager and now he is keeping his cards closely guarded.

Closed off Love wouldn’t make a great book title, either.

Unemotional Love or Angry Love is getting warmer.

Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors, she brings a beautiful style that garners a bazillion sales.

She is a sure thing.

She steps outside the box and that is why her story telling is so embraced by fans all over the world.

I wondered what the water drops meant on the book cover and I found out and I totally loved this added detail. I find myself rubbing my finger tips over the cover all the time.

Love can ruin us.

Love can destroy us

Love can also heal us.



Title: Darkly Dreaming 

Authors: Kristen Painter, Elizabeth Hunter, Grace Draven, Cate Rowen and Danielle Monsch 

Release Date: September 15, 2014 

Genre: Fantasy Romance 

Format: Boxed Set


Fall into magic and fall in love with Darkly Dreaming, a five book fantasy romance collection from award-winning and bestselling writers Elizabeth Hunter, Grace Draven, Danielle Monsch, Kristen Painter, and Cate Rowan. Darkly Dreaming contains five fantasy romance novels intended for adult readers.

Experience sword, sorcery, and mythical beings as never before in STONE GUARDIAN, the first book of the Entwined Realms by Danielle Monsch. Larissa's sheltered world is destroyed when she is targeted by Necromancers. With nowhere else to turn, Larissa forms an uneasy alliance with Terak, leader of the Gargoyles. Will Terak be Larissa's salvation, or her downfall?

Exclusive Excerpt 
Stone Guardian in DARKLY DREAMING
by Danielle Monsch 

“Excuse me? If you were so worried, then you shouldn’t have disappeared on me. I wasn’t the one who ran away after kissing someone senseless!”

“I…” Terak straightened, wrapping himself in his usual dignity. “I did not run away.”

“Sure seemed like that to me. For weeks every time I turned around I tripped over you, and then suddenly we share a kiss and you are nowhere to be found? What would you call that if not running away?”

“It was not running away. I needed to think upon the events of the last few days.”

“Yeah, including how you kissed me.”

“It was…it was…” He looked defeated. “Do you regret it?”

Talk about turning it around. Now she was on the defensive, looking into eyes filled with pain and hope. Larissa pushed her hair back, ducking her head. “I wouldn’t say I regretted it,” and she really shouldn’t mumble like that, because she didn’t want him to ask her to repeat what she said.

“Then what would you say?” he asked, his eyes sharpening.

“I’m…not unhappy it happened.”

“Does that mean you are happy it occurred?”

Wasn’t this leading the witness? Oh right, they weren’t in court. “I would have preferred other circumstances.”

“Such as?”

“Such as you not being engaged.” Ha! There, couldn’t argue with that one.

“Valry and I are no longer Intended.”

Back the truck up. “What? When… How? Really?” Eloquence, thy name is Larissa Miller.

He studied her for several moments, and then he smiled.

He smiled.

A full-blown grin such as she had never seen on him. Happiness radiated from him in a way she’d never experienced before, and how was she supposed to respond when the sight was frying the synapses in her brain?

He advanced, walking toward her with a predatory grace he’d never displayed before. “You seem pleased by that news.”

Who was this gargoyle? He had always been reserved, almost courtly in his bearing before, not this magnetic, determined animal stalking his prey. And by his direct stare, there was no doubt that his prey was her.

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Danielle Monsch Biography

Born to the pothole ridden streets of Pittsburgh, PA, USA Today Bestselling author Danielle Monsch started writing in a time long ago, a time when there were not enough vampire stories to read and she had to write her own to fill the void. Yes, such a time of darkness did indeed exist.

Danielle writes stories full of fantastical goodness and plenty of action, but always with lots of romance (and a bit of woo-hoo!) mixed in. Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Angels, Sword & Sorcery, Fairy Tales, Updated Mythologies and the like - if it's out of the ordinary, it's fair game for her stories.

When not writing, Danielle reads comic books and watches cartoons (though she says she reads manga and watches anime, because saying it in a different language makes all the difference.) She listens to music, plays D&D, follows XKCD, watches movies with the Rifftrax on, and is mom to two amazing little girls and wife to her favorite guy in the world.

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Title: Striving for Perfection
Series: Striving #2
Author: BL Mooney

Release Date: September 18, 2014


Perfection is a gimmick.

It’s something they use to sell you shit you don’t need. The perfect home. The perfect family. The perfect marriage. Photos of that perfect life are all around us, but none of it exists.

I know better because I take those photos. It’s all a ruse to make us think that's what we want. Behind closed doors, the house is a mess, the family is fighting, and that loving couple hates each other. I prefer a different city every week, laughing friends, and a variety of lovers.

Until Carl. I’m not sure what I want when he’s around.

Perfection is an illusion.

It’s something used to make you forget all the bad shit that happens in this world. It’s an unattainable dream not worth the effort.

I had the perfect home. The perfect family. The perfect marriage. Or so I thought. That illusion died with my wife and slammed me into reality. Aside from my daughter, business deals and making money is where my heart is now.

Until Rachael. I’m not sure what I feel when she’s around.

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#1 Striving For Normal


Coming Soon

#3 Striving For Acceptance


Cagney buzzed that the VIP had arrived. I stood up and smoothed out my jacket and slacks. I also took a moment to make sure the girls were still at optimum cleavage. Jimmy scoffed. “He’s married.”
I raised my eyebrows and looked at him. “So are you, but you still look.”
He shrugged, not denying the truth, and walked to the door. I was smoothing down the last of the wrinkles in my jacket when I heard his deep voice. I froze.
“Jim, thank you for meeting with me again.” I heard the door shut and heard him approach. I closed my eyes.
Carl Williamson was a man known to my family. He and my brother had fought for the same woman. Carl lost. He never stood a chance with his intimidating and aggressive tactics. He even used his daughter as a pawn to get Drew to go out with him.
I didn’t know who he was when I first met him. The only thing I needed to know was he was hot and I was in need of a hot man. At that time, being hot and single were my only dating requirements and I wanted to date Carl. It didn’t stop me from seeing him when I found out. A choice I later regretted.
Jimmy kept bringing him closer. “No problem. We’re just as excited to get started. This is the photographer you requested.”
“No. Fucking. Way.” I spun around and met Carl’s black eyes. It only took him a second to register what was happening and his eyes widened in surprise. “I’m not working with this asshole.” I started for the door.
“Rachael!” Jimmy grabbed my arm. He was surprisingly stronger than I had anticipated. “What’s wrong with you?” He tried to speak softly, but Carl heard him.
“I can’t do this.”
I couldn’t look at Carl. I already knew what he looked like. I didn’t need to see the man standing off to the side to know his shoulders were broad. I didn’t need to see the jet-black hair to remind me I wanted to run my fingers through it. I already knew he was the perfect height to offset my heels.
I could’ve bet money his designer suit fit his body perfectly, and was pressed as though he had just stepped off the pages of a magazine. And I didn’t need to see the look on his face to know his strong, squared jaw was set—hard. No, I didn’t need to see him again to remind me of all of that.
“You have to do this.” Jimmy started to drag me away from the door.
I wrenched my arm free of his grasp and from the corner of my eye, saw Carl take a step forward when Jimmy tried to grab me again. I placed my hand up to stop him. “Don’t.”
Jimmy held his hands up and backed away. “Just give us five minutes. I’m not sure what exactly went on between the two of you, but I’m only asking for five minutes.” I hesitated and Jimmy whispered, “Just think of the camera.”
I glanced at Carl and looked back to Jimmy. “Do I have to work with him?”
Carl answered. “Yes, you do.”
I could tell by the look on Jimmy’s face it was true. “Then forget it.” I turned and walked away. “I’m not working with an asshole.”
“Rachael,” Carl said my name as a command. It stopped me, but I didn’t turn around. “We can communicate through email. I’ll send you the list of prospects and you send me the photos, but you will answer directly to me.”
I turned at the sound of Jimmy whispering to see Carl silence him with the wave of his hand. “What aren’t you telling me?”
“Nothing that’s required for this job.”
Jimmy’s brows furrowed for a brief moment before he walked to his desk, shaking his head. “I don’t know what’s going on between you two, and I don’t want to know.”
“Nothing is going on.” I walked past Carl to Jimmy’s desk. “What were you whispering?”
“I had set up a test.” I still wouldn’t turn to look at Carl as he spoke. I watched Jimmy to see if Carl was being honest. “I didn’t know you were their best photographer. The test is no longer needed.”
“Of course it’s needed.” I finally turned to address him. “You don’t trust anyone, so I’ll take your lousy test. What is it? Stand on my head and get an impossible shot?”
It hit me then that both Cagney and Jimmy had said he was married. His wife had died over a year ago. I looked at the wedding ring on his finger. Carl noticed and put his hand in his pocket as I lifted my eyes to his. I stood there silent, just staring. I didn’t deserve an explanation, but one would’ve been nice.
Jimmy was either unaware of the tension or chose to ignore it. “He wanted family photos taken.”
“Jim.” He finally stopped staring at me and tried to stop Jimmy, but it was too late. He didn’t want me to take his family photos.
I couldn’t believe it. He was still hiding me as some mistress. I’m no one’s whore. I didn’t say a word. I just walked out. Jimmy was calling after me, but I ignored him and kept walking. I wasn’t going to stick around where I wasn’t wanted. Problem was I didn’t know where I was wanted.


Author Bio

B.L. Mooney started writing when the voices and storylines in her head ran out of room. They were getting too cramped and neither B.L. nor the characters could take it anymore, so she did the only thing she could do—she made room. She always knew she wanted to write, but vowed to make time for it later. Now that she’s made time for writing, most everything else falls to the wayside. That seems to suit the characters that keep popping up in her head just fine.

B.L. lives in the Midwest, and her other talents include in-demand cookies, a very dry sense of humor, and stealth eavesdropping. Some mannerisms, attitudes, or twists come from random sentences picked up while passing by strangers. So speak up the next time you have something to gossip about. You never know, it may just end up on the pages of the next book you read.

She loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her via email at

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By: Alessandra Torre
Published By: Harlequin
Released: Available Now
Details : Paperback from publisher for honest review, 296 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The man was sinful. It wasn't just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch. And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up…

Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win-at-all-costs Brad De Luca. And she's starting to like it that way. She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world. Now that he's determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she's in danger of falling too deep and too fast.

But their affair begins to feel even more dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mob…and Brad. Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake. But when she's forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

With the build up of sexual revelations from Blindfolded Innocence, I thought I was going to be in for a kinky time in Masked Innocence.


Not my fault I thought that. I just assumed we were going to be exploring Brad and Julia’s relationship, much deeper and the parties and contacts Brad has in the world of kink and his sexual good times he enjoys.

Sure we got that at the start of Masked Innocence.

I rather enjoyed Jessica and Marco’s talents for transforming Julia for the invite only party.

She turned on a mirrored spotlight, illuminating my face, examined it closely, then sat back with a satisfied smile.

“What look do you want to go for tonight?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never been to a party like this before. Won’t the mask hide a lot of the makeup?”

She clapped her hands and smiled at me excitedly, and turned and grabbed a thick binder from a nearby stool. “Tonight, the mask is going to be the makeup. 

Yes the party scene was YOWZER and then... well, then... the story took a completely different direction. One that outs Brad and his inner sanctum.

Brad De Luca, you have been holding out on us!

Murder and hits are the flavor of this installment.

The kinky group sex and parties got left behind.

Enter Martha.

“Honey, it’s me being honest. I believe women need to know what they’re up against. If you want sunshine blown up your ass, you picked the wrong black woman.”

Enter the Magiano Family.

“Christ, Brad, you’ve known the girl, what, a month or two?” Stevie stood up, walked over to Brad, looking into his face, which was growing darker. “You, with the heart of steel and the unending supply of ass. You’re supposed to be the smart one!”

“If you need help, you know you have my loyalty.”

“This is not your fight.”

“It’s not yours, either.” Stevie leaned forward, dropping his voice to almost a whisper. “She’s pussy, Brad. I know you hate collateral damage, but you need to let this one go.”

Brad is losing his grip on his controlled life of bedding women for his own sexual pleasure. Feelings are starting to come into play and he doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

“I’ve never really cared if a woman ‘broke up’ with me. With you it is different. I am a gambler, Julia-- I love the thrill of it. But with my heart, with my life, with you, there is too much at stake.”

“You are a gamble in that you are young, you could fall out of love as quickly as you fell in it.”

This was a a really good follow up to Blindfolded Innocence, the story turned about on me and I am left wanting to read End of Innocence ASAP!



Book Details 

Title: Out of the Darkness (The Darkness Book 2)
Author: Simone Nicole 
Release Date: October 1st


She ruined me. The walls I’d built were for a reason, locking myself in my own personal prison was out of necessity. Now, with the rubble at my feet, I could do nothing but watch as she ripped my soul in two, taking the half she owned with her.

The need to settle down, to find that missing piece, for the all-consuming love, was never Drew’s plan. He’d spent the better part of a decade suppressing all memory of love, of life. He told himself he had the essentials; the impressive apartment, the successful club, the simple uncomplicated life he’d worked so hard to create. All he needed. Until Mia.

She entered his life like wildfire, burning through his world and destroying all pretences of simplicity, bringing out everything he’d fought to deny.

Longing. Warmth. Love.

She made him want it all but Amelia lived in the darkness. It had always been her constant, yet terrifying companion. A shadow she'd never been able to out run and one fateful night, it finally consumed her. Shattering both their worlds and burying them deeper in the dark.

Drew will stop at nothing to save her, for their happy ever after but, Mia isn’t the only one with demons … it’s a long way out of the darkness.

Book 1 
Ahead of the Darkness 


It has been a long, long time since I’ve seen your little face, chérie. Not once did you visit. That really hurt; after all, it was thanks to you I was convicted. That’s not something you forget.

I thought it was time— a visit was due. Seeing as you wouldn’t come to me, I thought it only right I come to you. Sadly, you weren’t home, but your furry feline was more than accommodating . . .

I’ll be seeing you soon, mon chérie. I’ll always find you . . .

For six years, a letter has dictated Amelia’s future. She’s running from a past that refuses to stop, always trying to get one step ahead. Amelia is clever and resilient, and refuses to slip up.

Relying only on herself, she’ll be anything and anyone she needs to survive. But everyone slips up . . . eventually. You can’t always stay ahead of the darkness.

Author Bio

Self-confessed chocoholic and undiagnosed crazy person, Simone can be found climbing Himalayan mountaintops like a ninja, sky diving backwards and rubbing shoulders with billionaires. She is also full of crap, but can read backwards and upside down, the one plus of being dyslexic.
Simone loves all things Disney and alcoholic, and is rarely seen not reading, writing or wearing lipstick, usually of the red variety.

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