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I really LOVED this YA paranormal series. 
Started reading it March 2011.

This trailer is pretty wicked. Have a watch of it.

I've taken this bit below from my review of Strange Angels. 
# 1 in the Strange Angels series.

Lili St. Crow has written a wonderfully original and exciting series that runs at a great pace...she simply makes me want to read more and more.

Dru Anderson does it very tough in these books , she is a survivor. At 16 she thinks nothing of ½ and ½ Coke and Jim Beam to calm her nerves waiting for her dad to make it home. She tastes salt and wax oranges in her mouth when something bad is about to happen. Gran’s white owl makes appearances when it seems she needs help or guidance most.

I love the way Lili St. Crow keeps feeding us new characters and storyline keeps opening up. It doesn’t stay in the one place very long.

In book 1, ‘Strange Angels’, Christophe, although his character doesn’t comes into the book until quite far in, you know he will be special to Dru.

I understood the title of this book as Graves and Christophe were Dru’s angels in their own way, even her father and Gran were guiding Dru .


Dru Anderson – 16 year old daughter of Dwight. Raised to know her weapons and ammo, that there are bad things in this world that need killing and safety is number 1. There are no white picket fences in her life, she is a survivor. School isn’t a high priority when you know about the ‘Real World’.

Graves – ½ Asian Goth kid with dyed black hair. He has his own secrets, hardship from an early age . Graves is Dru’s lifebuoy and I think she is his. He is a great listener and a survivor who doesn’t skip school, he is a good student. I love Graves’s catch phrase , ‘first ones free, kid”.

Christophe Reynard – Kouros Djamphir, older than he will admit to but looks seventeen. He smells like apple pie to Dru. Can he be trusted?

Sergej – bad psycho villain who is on a mission to seek and destroy.

I've taken the next part from my Betrayals review.

Christophe is gorgeous in this book with all his smexi language he uses on Dru. He is mysterious, mocking, puzzling and throw in a little knight in shining armour. I love how he calls her ‘little bird’. The boathouse scene was a fave scene of mine and the tub scene with Graves. I was triangle coming our way..oh the decisions to be made. Even I am having trouble deciding who is on my T-shirt. I think it’s Christophe, but Lili keeps writing Graves better and better.

Lili has the story continually moving in this series. She likes to drop bomb shells on the reader and she drops a good one in this book. Dru is always running or on the move, and this book is no exception. When will it be safe for her to live and not have to look over her shoulder?  I have read ‘Jealousy’ and life gets even more dangerous for Dru and Graves. I would suggest if you haven’t read this series to have the books all ready to read one after the other. The story only gets better.

Christophe’s words translated to English...roughly!!!!

moj maly ptaszku - my little bird

moj ptaszku - my bird

moja ksiezniczko - my princess

Ksiezniczka - Princess

malutka - little girl; little one

moj boze - my God

dziekuje - thank you

kochana - beloved; (my) love

milna - a very grown up/seductive way of saying 'sweetie'

skowroneczko moja - my pretty; my beauty

His fingers came down, wrapped around my wrist. The knife lifted, and he held it with the point just over the left side of his chest. “There. There’s the spot. Between those two ribs and twist, if you can. Don’t hesitate, Dru. If you honestly think I’m a danger to you, push the knife in. I’ll help.”

This was taken from my Jealousy review.

This series just keeps getting written better and better. Lili St. Crow does not shy away from making her characters work hard to survive what is thrown at them.

A quite funny shopping spree had me laughing I must Google, Midol, I think I know what it is? ( girlie products???) . Graves and Dru go through some more of those awkward, I like you , do you like me, moments. Sometimes I want to grab Graves by the scruff of his neck and give him a gentle shake . I know he takes his friendship with Dru very seriously and wouldn’t want to jeopardise it.

Christophe and Dru...WOW!! I wonder how that turn of events will pan out. I am beginning to have a line up of suspects in my mind of who is doing some tattling and wanting Dru sacrificed.

If Sergej wants you dead....well nothing is going to stop him.

About now I feel like rubbing my hands together and doing an evil laugh .... ”mwah..ha..ha..haaaaaa”

These are just some teasers from my reviews to get you on board if you haven't already jumped on the Strange Angels train. I could see this series as movies, Lili really gives her characters a hard time and throws a lot at them at the same time incorporating that great YA smexi with Christophe and Graves.

Just writing up this posting is making me want to find the time to reread this series.





I highly recommend you meet Dru, Christophe, Graves and the rest of the characters in this exciting YA paranormal series.

If you haven't read the last book in the series cause you are worried about how it all turns out. 

Don't be!

I loved it.



  1. I only read book 1 in the series but it was too much like the Supernatural TV show for me and I confess I stopped after book 1 but someone told me to continue so maybe one day.

    1. Melliane, you should continue! Totally nothing like Supernatural tv show :D

  2. I simply adore this series! I know I need to read the final book, but I simply adore what Lili St. Crow has done with this series. I think it's make a fabulous tv show :D

    1. YES! Rach, it is an awesome YA series, I think not to be missed :D

  3. I've always meant to read this series, Michelle. Since you love it so much, I'll make sure it gets moved up in priority. :) Thanks for spotlighting it!

    1. Brandee, yes! I do highly recommend this series. I really got addicted to it :D


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