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Day 20 continues with my review of Breeze of Life by Kirsty Dallas. This one made me have a girlie cry at 1.10am in the morning... and then ...again. This would have to be the best celebration of life book I have read this year. Harper Somerville is an inspiring character. 

By: Kirsty Dallas
Published By: Self Published
Released : Available Now
Details : Digital, 


Blurb: Goodreads

Recommended for 17 years+. This book contains language which some may find offensive and sexual situations.

Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep. That such intense pain could take up residence in her heart and shred her soul to pieces. And all it had taken was one little word to drag Bree to the depths of this despair, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Bree from the darkness, her best friend Harper Somerville. Determined to show his Breeze the beauty in life no matter how short or long it is, Harper takes Bree on the road trip of a life time.

Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows...

Available in Kindle ebook, paperback, Nook, Kobo & iBook

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This was one of the best contemporary reads I have read this year. 

Breeze of Life is quite an inspiring celebration of life.

It made me cry.

1.00 am in the morning and I am having a blubber. It was a scene involving guitars, words and a song.

I knew it would be an emotional read going in. Breeze has a form of cancer. But, Kirsty isn’t writing a sad story, she is writing a story about celebrating your life and this was such a beautiful, well told story that has an enormous lot of heart and soul.

Harper is really the heart of this book. He is now my book boyfriend. Harper is ranked third in the world professional surfing circuit and he loves Bree. His Breeze.

“Awesome, for those of you who don’t , Harper Somerville is the current third place, world professional surfer. He is adored by women and envied by men, quite the catch.” I winked at him. “Though that might be true, I actually know another Harper...”

Now hold on to your insta love thoughts, this is not an insta love read. These are best friends , but they have a deep connection that Bree isn’t willing to risk.

“Breeze, that right there just completed me. It’s you and me forever now, baby girl.”

Shiz happens along the way and Harper comes home to find his best friend recovering from chemo and other treatment.

He didn’t know.

Harper is a guy you want in your corner. He then takes Breeze on a road trip that made me swallow lumps in my throat many times. He just has a way about him. I literally fell in love with his character the minute I met him. The things he will do for his Breeze.

* sigh* 

"I'm a thing?" I balked.
"No, baby girl, you are my heart, therefore, the one thing I am most possessive about."

Again this is not a sad read, it is an inspiring read. Well, there are moments that will tug your heart.

All the sub characters are amazing.

Mia is amazing, older than her fifteen years.

George is the pretend dad and he wears it very well.

“Take care of her,” George’s final words were something reminiscent of what a father might say. I smiled at that thought. George really was the best ‘pretend’ dad I could hope for.

I would love to read about Sean. He sounds like a bit of a lad.

Naomi ,now she needed a stinky dead fish slap from me. But, hey, when you have a guy like Harper , you are gonna have a girl like Naomi sniffing about.

The tattoo shop lads and Lacey, I won’t mention the other one...grrr...but those lads are so likeable and Lacey ...well I think I had me a little cry again.

“Don’t worry, Somerville,” I heard Yoshi call out as I walked away, leaving Harper apparently speechless. “As soon as Marz’s gun hits your skin, your hard-on will disappear faster than a virgin on a prom night.”

I gotta say I learnt a few things along this road trip.

I really didn’t want this book to end, partly because I was very nervous about where Kirsty was going to take me and partly because I just loved watching Harper in action.

“Baby, I’m not going to lie. If this fucking cancer beats you, I will be crushed. Physically and emotionally beaten, but I promise you, I’ll be beaten but not down. I’ll go on, a big damn piece of me will be missing, you’ll take my heart with you and no other person will ever touch it. I’ll live for you, Breeze, until I see you again.”

See, that doesn’t help me not cry.

If you are having a depressing time or feeling a bit low then pick this book up and let Harper show you how it is done.

My soul was being repaired, my sorrow fading and the darkness gradually becoming lighter.

A story with heart and soul and a lad that won't give up on his Breeze.



  1. Thank you Super Mich... A beautiful review.. This story was special to me because I so badly wanted to to be special for others (if that makes sense).. It seems to have done just that... xoxo

    1. Hi Kirsty,

      I totally hear you. I think when you are writing you know that emotion you want to get across and you strive for that. So , yeah, it makes sense :D xxx

  2. oh my... getting teary eyed just from reading your post :(

    will one day look into this! :D

    1. Tien trust me this is a sooner than later read. :D


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