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By: Karen Marie Moning
Published By: Delacorte Press
Released: Available Now
Details : Hardback from library, 500 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

#1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning returns with the epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn. As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely.

Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the Earth. Yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: the Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power.

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the Earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie Queen who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price.


Grief was a silenced wail that had no beginning or end,
 just a long, agonizing middle.

I had to sit on my thoughts for a few days before writing my review. Not because of anything bad—I simply had to process.

I really enjoyed this book. Mac came with so much more than I think I have felt for her in the past.

Dani/Jada, man—you are killing me KMM. I know what I wanted, but I know you will give me more in 2018. I know why you played it the way you did and I loved it. I loved how everybody in the vicinity of Dani’s heart, took it.

I knew the child. I know the woman. She’ll never be satisfied with a single lover. Dani craves experience, challenge, change, tempering, growth. She needs to taste it all. I understand that.

The Big R has my heart...he's always had my heart since Iced.

So much going on in this Fever installment.

Always well written.

He laughed and the sound was a symphony of dark crystals chiming.

Always layered. 
Such wonderful imagination KMM uses in this series. So much thought has gone into the plot and how she was gonna tackle certain characters.

I took my time reading this one over a good ten days. I simply didn’t want to rush it in a couple days. I wanted to absorb the words properly.

Many emotions.

The character with the most growth in this book was Mac, easily. KMM put her through a lot. I loved how she wrote certain things for the reader to really get inside and understand. Clever and dramatic.

Barrons has faded a bit into the background, compared to the initial Fever series, I don't 'feel' him the way he made me purrrr in the initial series, but that is ok. I still get lovely visuals.

He’s wearing black leather pants and a white shirt, cuffs rolled up, revealing strong forearms and a thick silver Celtic cuff. His beautiful face is inscrutable as ever. I use the word “beautiful” but to the rest of the world he’s not. The casual observer finds him disturbingly carnal, animal, unsettlingly predatory. The genetic stamp of Jericho Barrons’s face was tossed in the gene pool trashcan eons ago. His bone structure is sharp, primal, his brow prominent, and he can seem downright feral if you catch a glimpse of him when he thinks he’s unobserved. His eyes are so dark they’re nearly black, and when he’s angry, crimson sparks glitter within. His hair is midnight, slicked back. He has one of the most symmetrical faces I’ve ever seen. His body…well, I see the lithe grace and power the beast in him even in his human form.

Lor was one of the characters I felt there were places left open for more words in the future.  I always wanted to know more of the Nine intimately…I wonder if we will? They are there, but they aren’t really participating in this series that much.

Kat is another character I felt was hinted at in a past book with being one of the only females to be trained. Another reason I feel there is more…much more.

I am so over the moon Dani is getting a book in a different time to the ending of Feversong. Ryodan needs his Dani. I need to see him get her.

“How many fucking people do you think I’ve watched die?” His silver eyes flashed crimson. “Over and over. That’s what you do. You love them while you have them and when they’re gone, you grieve. That’s life. At least you had them for a while.” 

I stared at him, realizing that, just like Dancer saw only part of me, I saw Ryodan through a filter, too. And right now I was seeing him in a way I never had before. He’d loved. Many times. Deeply. And he’d lost countless times. And that was why he fought so hard to keep his men together. He was intensely controlled because at the heart of it all, he cared intensely, and even though he was immortal, he’d never turned off emotion.

This series has been running for around ten years. I can see more books in the future. I will feel kinda nekid without one. Here's hoping there are spinoffs and we get in deep with some of the Nine.

Iced, was the book for me ( after Shadowfever ) I simply couldn't get enough of Ryodan and Dani and the humor between them. I've missed it.

He’d said, Holy Psychotic PCs, Robin, we’ve a murderous MacBook on the loose!

The Mega had my heart again in this installment.

She’d once crushed on Jericho Barrons violently. Before she realized he and Mac belonged together like earth and sky, night and day, fire and ice.

He kissed me like I was the empire he was sworn to protect and would die a thousand deaths to keep secure. He kissed me like I was a woman with a deep dark wildness that needed to be fed and he knew just how to do it. He kissed me like he was dying and this was the last kiss he would ever taste. Then his kiss changed and his tongue was velvet and silk as he kissed me like I was fine bone china that needed exacting care and gentleness. Then the storm built in both of us and I ground myself against him, and he was searching with his kiss and his hands sliding down to my ass for the part of me that was a savage animal and so was he and we were going to forget the world and become two primal, uncomplicated beasts fucking as if the universe depended on our passion to fuel it.

“You. Aren’t. Everyone else.” He paused, then said in a rough voice, “And you’re not pretty. Goddamn it, Dani. You’re beautiful.”

Bravo KMM for bringing Barrons, Mac, Cruce, Ryodan, The Mega, Dancer and the list goes on, into our lives and your amazing storytelling.

“Jericho,” I whispered against his ear, “thank you. For everything.” I drew back and laughed, feeling inexpressibly light.
 “It’s been one hell of a ride.”


  1. I need to read this series. I love the author.

    1. You are lucky you can read them all without waiting. Love the series. :)


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