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BLOG TOUR 48 - #LOSING LILA 's Suki & Nate chat about boys, fashion & Demos' Crew!

Today Novels On The Run is stop number 8 on the 
Losing Lila Blog UK & Australian Blog Tour

And with this special stop we have the pleasure of hosting a chat with none other than
Sassy mind reading fashionista SUKI 
The Jack/Alex obsessed projector NATE
Welcome guys to Novels On The Run....

Suki and Nate, you’re both members of the group of Psys, led by Demos, who are being hunted by the Unit. Suki you’re a mind reader and Nate you can astrally project – what’s that like?

Nate: It’s crazy. Amazing. I can go anywhere in the world, access all areas. Last week I went to a Justin Bieber concert in Manila and got backstage. I was hiding out in his dressing room watching him warm up. He was singing ‘Boyfriend’ right to me. Suki was really jealous when I told her.

Suki: I’m so not jealous of you hanging out with Justin Bieber. He didn’t even know you were there. Now if you’d been hanging out with Katie Holmes and her divorce lawyers or with the hot one from Game of Thrones, then I might be jealous.

Nate: She’s so jealous. I spend a lot of time following Jack. Especially when he goes to the gym.

Suki: Yes, but I know what he’s fantasizing about. And, sorry to disappoint, but it’s not you. Being a mind reader has its upsides, even if a lot of the time I’m listening in on inanity.

Nate: It’s tiring. Being a psy is tiring.

Suki: Yes. It is.

I’m hearing a lot of talk about boys, what qualities does your ideal man have to have? 

Suki: Killer hotness…
Nate: Wrapped up in a uniform.
Suki: Yes, we like concealed weapons.
Nate: I can think of two people whose concealed weapons we’d like to inspect.
Suki: What are you talking about Nate? You already inspected them. Nate likes to spy on certain members of the Unit. One day he’s going to get caught.

Both of you have crushes on Alex and Jack. If push came to shove, and you could only pick one, who would you choose: Jack or Alex?

Suki: We don’t like this game.
Nate: That’s like Sophie’s Choice. Evil person.
Suki: I would play that game ‘kiss, sex, marriage’ though. Come on, let’s play that instead! I would skip the kissing and just have sex with Jack and marry Alex.
Nate: All three with both of them please.
Suki: We’re really pro same sex marriage. Imagine walking Jack down the aisle. I could be your best man.

Who’s your favourite person, besides each other, in Demos’s crew?

Suki: We’re all one happy family. There are no favourites.
N: Though you’re Demos’s pet. You’re so the teacher’s pet.
S: Demos isn’t a teacher. And I can’t help it if I’m irresistible.
N: OK, so you’re the unelected mind control leader’s pet.

What was it like growing up with those superpowers of yours?

Nate: Well, it was my grandma who first figured out what I was. Because she’s one of us too. And my dad was not happy. He didn’t want me to be like him. But it’s genetic. They kept trying to wake me up in the morning and I’d be flopping all over the bed because I wasn’t in my body, I was up on the ceiling watching them. At first I thought I was dreaming because it only happened when I was sleeping – I guess I was about four. And then I started figuring out how to do it when I was awake. I’d sit in math class and then go flying off to the movies or to the beach. I failed a lot of classes in high school.

Suki: For me it was very different because no one in my family has any power. I grew up in Tokyo. But there are so many people all crowded together and there’s only so much I can take when it comes to voices in my head and Hello Kitty so I came to LA to study English and that’s where Demos found me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Nate: I am reigning X-Box champion of the Batmobile. I like hanging out back stage at gigs too.

Suki: shopping. I always wanted to be a stylist. I’d make Rachel Zoe eat her wedge shoes. All the celebs would come to me. (sigh) but for now I just have to make do with dressing all of the people on the bus. Though Demos has put a limit on the amount of wardrobe space I can take over. (whisper) He has control issues.

After you’ve kicked the Unit’s butt, what plans do you have for the rest of your life?

S: Like I said, I’m going to be a stylist one day to the stars. Or maybe I will be a designer. And maybe Nate could be one of my assistants. And Jack and Alex could be my models.

Nate: Why can’t I be a model?

Suki: You’re too skinny. But you are cute. Maybe you could model footwear or something. Or hats. Yes you could model hats. I would create a brilliant hat range just for you to model.

Nate: I’m going to be too busy. I think I’ll be a spy. A private investigator. I could make loads of money and I’d never have to leave my front room. It would be sweet.

What’s the most naughty thing you’ve done with your super power?

Suki: Nate spies on Jack and Alex naked all the time.
Nate: Not all the time. Only at the gym. I can’t get in their apartments or onto the base cos of all the security. Suki is way worse than me. She maxes out her dad’s credit card all the time and when he cut her allowance to punish her this one time she went to a club in LA and listened in on (edit: name of star removed to protect from being sued) what they were thinking and then she sold their secrets to TMZ.

Thank you both so much for the chat...enjoyable to say the least!

Thanks also to Sarah Alderson for writing such an awesome series - we all look forward to more from you :)  Don't forget to follow Sarah on her blog, twitter or facebook pages!

 T: @sarahalderson

Be sure to check out tomorrow, the next blog on the tour - Eleusinian Mysteries.  



  1. Suki and Nate are adorable! They're two of my favourite characters from Lila's world. :) Thanks for sharing the fun!


    Oh my goodness. I die. From the laughing! Nate and Suki are two of my favorites, and this is HILARIOUS! I love I love I love ♥


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