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By: L.B. Simmons
Published By: L.B. Simmons
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Blurb: Goodreads

***Standalone NA Romance with HEA***


For some, it’s simply one of life’s certainties, nothing more. For others, it’s merely a fleeting thought, one often overshadowed by the reckless delusion that they have been blessed with the gift of immortality.

For Aubrey Miller, death is the definition of her very existence. Overcome with the guilt resulting from the loss of her beloved family, she alters her appearance from the once beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl to that of one shrouded in complete darkness, enveloping herself in her own unbreakable fortress of solitude as a form of protection for others.

As she enters her first year of college, her goal is simple: Earn a degree with the least amount of social interaction as possible. What she never anticipates is the formation of very unlikely relationships with two people who will change her life in ways she never believed possible: Quinn Matthews, the boisterous former pageant queen, and Kaeleb McMadden, a childhood friend from her past who never really let her go.

Over the years, as their connections intertwine and grow, a seemingly indestructible bond is formed between the three…

But when death painfully reemerges, Aubrey is lost once again, burying herself deeper than ever before inside the familiar fortification of her fears.

Will the refuge of friendship, the solidarity of life-long bonds, and the power of unconditional love be enough to do the impossible?

Will they be enough to finally bring about…

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller?

****NA Contemporary Romance****

****WARNING - Due to the graphic nature of some scenes, this book is not recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to the death of a child and/or suicide and is intended for mature audiences only. Contains adult language and themes.****

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This story spans the four years that Aubrey/Raven is at Titan University.

You will see her as both Raven and Aubrey Miller.

This is a story that is more than you can imagine from the blurb.

It is a story that will hurt your heart at times, it is inevitable you will be reaching for a tissue.

Aubrey/Raven is a character that has been so affected by the loss in her life, she blames herself. She is the bringer of death.

This she truly believes.

I have read many a damaged/broken character in my reading life, we watch the layers being peeled back and we watch them blossom.

Aubrey/Raven will show you layers that are not hidden from view. She will decorate herself in her layers. Her layers are deeper than some.

Deep black dye covers the top of an entire bottom layer of electric blue, fulfilling its purpose in concealing my naturally light blonde hair. The contacts in my eyes are completely white, with the exception of the black pointed ellipses right in the middle. A 16-gauge circular barbell crosses through the septum in my nose, the newest addition to my piercings. I run my tongue across the back of the tiny skull-shaped stud currently residing in my left dimple piercing, mirror image of the one on the right, while my fingertips graze the 12-gauge mini-curved barbell in my eyebrow on the same side. The sight of the skulls serves as a constant reminder of the permanent loss of my once beaming smile, its grave marked with silver.

... I look like a freak.

“That’s life I guess,” I answer with a shrug of my shoulders. “Unfortunately for the people around me, life tends to come with an extraordinarily short expiration date. Like milk.”

Enter Quinn. She is the bubbly character that is so bubbly , you are almost waiting for her bubbles to pop. She is a really great friend in this story. She sees beneath the decorations that Raven has adorned herself with.

She doesn’t judge.

Enter Kaeleb, Boarding Buddy to Quinn.

Beautiful guy.

Funny guy.

Kaeleb’s forehead falls to my neck as his shoulders shake with laughter. “Well, that’s a first. I cock-blocked myself.”

Intelligent and endearing guy.

“As long as you continue to travel through life in this darkness, you will never know how beautiful your light truly shines when you let yourself love and be loved.”

Patient guy.

Smexi guy.

“Sunshine,” he says, scooting his body toward the end of my bed. “You need to get lost? You come to me. I’ll take you to places you never knew existed.”

He does not judge.

There is no love triangle in this book, it does not need it to tell this story. This story is about three friends and what lays underneath each of their layers.

There is of course the resident biaaatches, one in particular who you just wanna take down. I pass the skinky dead fish to you to slap her with.

This story keeps opening up and getting deeper.

It does have it’s humorous moments. The swear jar is there to lighten our reading mood. I think Palmer is too.

There are many hidden messages within this tale. A tale that is as much about coming of age as it is about not letting life bring you down.

Don’t blame yourself. 

Shit happens.

Things happen you have no control over.

Terrible things.

Life can be a tough mouthful to swallow... sometimes.

When we are younger, we can let the comments of the insensitive stick to us like mud. We can take the comments and twist ourselves up inside and it can lead to deeper more traumatic emotions. Some of us need friends that will stand by us through the thick of it and help us to come out the other side.

Sometimes we need a push and a shove to help us get back on track.

And that is ok.

Staring upwards, I say a silent prayer that I’m doing the right thing... because I know better than anyone how consuming the idea of death can be.

Aubrey, Kaeleb and Quinn, all come with their own experience with life that has hurt them. They are three friends that need each other and are there for each other.

I am leaving out an awful lot when it comes to other sub characters because I want you to read it for yourselves.

The Resurrection Of Aubrey Miller will resonate deeply within its readership.

I could so see this book as a movie and watching Raven/Aubrey evolve... would be quite something.

I am not ashamed to admit I had some hard girlie cries in parts. The ugly cry surfaced. Although this story touches on some tough topics, it also has a lot of heart and it was a story I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 

I think everybody can take something from this story.

Every being in this world makes an impact on at least one person they encounter during their lifetime.You can change the course of someone’s life by just a kind word, a hateful one, or even by simply choosing not to say anything at all. Every choice you make has the potential to create a ripple effect, trickling into and affecting the lives of others.

Life, your existence in this world, is indeed a very powerful thing. Truly a gift that you can give to others.



  1. Sounds deep although you know I rarely read books like this, I can't stand the heartache! I got enough of my own in real life LOL

    P.S. I still owe you feedback from those 6 pages, I'll get it to you before the week is done. Been feeling blah this week, PMS I think hehe

    1. Miss B, trust me on this one....well, ummm.... there is something in there that you may not want to read, due to....a previous heartache of yours, but it is a brilliant read.

      No worries. I've already looked at those pages again and fiddled. Hope you feeling better soon. xxx I've been on the same blah as you , I think.

  2. Stunning...stunning review, Michelle!! I'm so happy that 1) you got the book ;) and 2) that it resonated so deeply in you. I'm a big fan of Ms. Simmons! And you're right - this would make a good movie. I don't watch many, but I'd go see this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Aww thanks Brandee. I could feel this review writing itself as I was still reading the book. I had to tell tour hosts I may have been late with my review because of not getting file until few days ago. This would make a great movie. Sad, but I think it would touch a lot of people too.

    I'm a bit slow getting to comments etc, my fam used 201GB this month and we get allocated 200GB so my cyberspace is SloooooowwwWww and painful until Monday when it should be back to normal. We usually only use 100Gb in a month with five of us . Me thinks school holidays the kids went a bit nuts with all there downloading of whatever. Now I have to suffer. * groan*

    Ok on to the next thing and see how long it takes me to get into it.


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