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Bad Boy Rock Star by Candy J. Starr 
Publication date: November 18th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance 


By: Candy J. Starr
Published By : Self Published
Details: Digital for honest review, 181 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Hannah Sorrento never planned to be a band manager. She’s a princess. The toughest obstacle she’s had to face is finding shoes to match her outfit.

Then her father disappears and she’s left with only the money in her purse and a contract for the management of hot, indie rock band, STORM. She plans to sell the management company, one or another, then head back to law school with her designer wardrobe and wait for this whole mess to blow over.

But lead singer, Jack Colt, has other ideas and he’s messing with Hannah’s head. Not to mention her heart.

With the help of crazy rock chick, Angie, Hannah sets the band on their first steps to the big time and learns that poor people can have a lot of fun.

But this isn’t some game she can escape from and soon her secrets get exposed.

He’s arrogant and infuriating but he’s the one that’s there for Hannah when her world comes crashing down. With secrets of his own, will Jack Colt save Hannah or destroy her?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

There are many things swimming about in my brain after reading this book. 

The title Bad Boy Rock Star is a little deceiving. Sure there is a bad boy rock star in the story named Jack Colt. I do like his name. I like the drummer’s name , Spud. Ha! Fun name. But it was more a story about Hannah bumbling about in her life. With some humorous outcomes.

Hannah has landed herself the title of Manager to the band Storm, by default. Her dad is MIA. He has basically done a runner, due to his financial handlings. His company Megastar Management is in financial trouble and Storm needs to be properly managed or they pay her out of the contract.

Enter the spoilt princess, Hannah. She is used to money and lots of it. She is used to getting her way. Jack is used to doing things his way.

Hannah is not really manager material from where I am sitting. Now, Angie on the other hand, she could be. She was the glue that got this band gigs and noticed. Not sure what Hannah was actually doing, that didn't involve it being Angie's idea.

Angie, the sidekick character is a fun character. I really like her. Funnily I didn't at the start of the book, but she grew on me real quick. 

Hannah isn’t a character I connected with as much as Angie. She did have humorous thoughts and played the rich kid part well, but I wanted to connect more with her.

Eric grabbed me. I really like him. He kinda wears his heart on his sleeve and Eric-Mama was a fun little addition.

Jack I wanted to really like. His character is all sorts of temperatures and I wasn’t able to hang on to him. I get he has some baggage, I get he uses women as much as they use him, but I am getting nothing new here. I wanted him to be more growl worthy. He is a rocker. He is a bad boy.

I gotta say, this story is patchy in parts and kind of made me feel like I was on a bit of a cray, cray train , sometimes. I wasn't sure where I was headed.

There were so many clichés in this story line that they were stacking up.

Pool playing and the lad showing her how to do it, which in turn gets her a bit excited as he is rubbing against her.

The dark alley groping and arms above the head.

I don’t like him.

Stay away from me I am no good for you.

Jack wasn’t doing anything extra special in this book. He was just snogging, rooting and being your average rocker. I wanted Jack to be spectacular. I wanted him to show me some powerful emotion .

I felt more from watching Eric. The lad has a crush. 

I did like that Hannah grew a bit by the end of the story. Money or no money she was doing it on her own. She wasn't asking for hand outs. She genuinely wanted what was best for the band. She stood up to her father. I thought it was going to go in a different direction with her dad.

The ending was like a to-be-continued. I get what Candy was doing, but I felt like this one needs a bit more work. Honest critiquers are an author's best tool.

The book cover is very eye catching and I really like it.

These are just my personal thoughts. I am not trying to be rude, but I got frustrated. I could see the potential but watching Hannah bumble about and being in her head was quite frustrating sometimes. The story seemed to jump about. The dots weren’t connecting for me, very well.

But hey, I am just one person.



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Candy J. Starr used to be a band manager until she realised that the band she managed was so lacking in charisma that they actually sucked the charisma out of any room they played. “Screw you,” she said, leaving them to wallow in obscurity – totally forgetting that they owed her big bucks for video equipment hire.

Candy has filmed and interviewed some big names in the rock business, and a lot of small ones. She’s seen the dirty little secrets that go on in the back rooms of band venues. She’s seen the ugly side of rock and the very pretty one.

But, of course, everything she writes is fiction.

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  1. Things are swimming in your brain? I think there's medication for that! Muahaha.

    This does sound like a very character oriented read and it sounds like there's a character for every type of reader huh? Hannah sounds like a handful anyways. I'm glad she goes through some growth it sounds like the kind of character that has to grow on the reader, too. Great review, muffin!

    1. Hehe! Giselle, I do come out with some comments sometimes, don't I? I go with my honest feelings, but sometimes I can be different to others :D


  2. 1. I love the cover art. I've seen this stock photo before and totally love it coz the guy is gorge!
    2. Patchy on some parts, hopefully the next one will be better written and the plot/character holes sorted out.
    3. Still a winner in some ways, who doesn't like a rockstar story... or something like that? :D

    1. This is a very clever stock photo because it can be used for many covers, plus humma, humma! LIke look at those pecs!! Nom, nom!!

      It was a winner in some ways as I did finish it and I did still give it a three star, and that is what counts. :D



  3. I love any book book that has a rock star in it. Thanks for opportunity.

  4. I love books that have rockstars. this sounds great. thanks for the giveaway

  5. Thanks for th chance..i love a rocker or bad boy books series..



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