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Today on Novels On The Run I have my stop on the FALL FROM LOVE by Heather London, blog tour. I have my review and a giveaway to enter.


Fall From Love by Heather London 
Publication date: June 7th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary 


By: Heather London
Published By: Heather London
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle, 330 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Struggling to put her life back together after a tragic mountaineering accident kills her college sweetheart, twenty-one-year-old Holly Treadwell is trying to set aside her grief, forge ahead in school, and find herself again.

When Carter Hansen, a guy who brings back horrible memories from the night of the accident, finds his way back into her life, Holly’s unsure if she should let him in. He terrifies her in more ways than one and invokes feelings in her that she thought were buried forever. Regardless of her fears, she knows she must face him in order for her heart to heal.

Everyone tells Carter that what happened on the mountain that night was just a terrible accident, but even then, he can’t help but carry around the guilt and is unable to forgive himself. He’s drawn to Holly and being near her helps ease his conscience and gives him the release he needs.

As Holly and Carter’s relationship grows, they begin to realize that the more time they spend with one another, the more their wounds begin to heal—her grief and his guilt. But when Holly learns the details about the night of the accident—what everyone has been keeping from her—it will rip open old wounds and tear apart what they’ve both worked so hard to overcome…

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This was a good read. I enjoyed it for the most part. I read an awful lot of contemporary’s and I have certain expectations. I want to connect with the lead guy and the lead female and believe in the drama that often brings them together.

I had this thing with this book where I really liked Carter but I wanted Heather to give me more depth of character with Carter. I think he is a gorgeous guy, a very likeable guy who is very hard on himself and I needed more from that.

I felt like I was watching the percentage mark on my kindle until I found out the BIG reason for his guilt and this BIG secret everybody else knew about but the girl involved.

I understood that Holly didn’t want to know about the death circumstances of Adam, which I didn’t truly understand. But when it finally came to the tell all, it was not anything really that Carter should have been feeling at fault over. Nobody else held him at fault. I felt like he needed and should have been offered/given counselling. I think there were several things Carter needed counselling about.

Carter and Josh make up a team of volunteer mountain rescue guys. So they are volunteers, not paid. It is a dangerous job. People die. People need rescuing. They know what they sign up for.

Holly’s boyfriend of two years is killed on his first volunteer rescue. What I didn’t understand is there was no mention of Adam’s family. Holly appeared to take on his death as the only person who loved him. Which was not true. We get a hint of Travis and his anger over his best friend’s death. I would have loved Travis fleshed out a bit more too and brought more into the story.

I think what I am trying to say is I needed parts of characters and story line fleshed out more.

The story starts of slowly but picks up pace. Carter & Holly both are hurting, we get the reason for Holly, it is Adam’s death. I would have liked to know how much Holly had loved Adam via some back story or something or examples. I only really got the bit of Prologue and as the reader we have to believe how much she loved him. One minute he is alive and must leave for his first rescue....then shortly later he is dead. Few months later she is still suffering. Some memories would have cemented their love and Holly's deep loss.

Carter we slowly find out about. I think what I am trying to say is I needed his character to be more powerful for me. His character has a whole pile of potential to pull the reader in. Of course this is just my personal opinion, others may not feel the same as I do about Carter.

I think I found Carter’s secrets a bit of a let down with all the build up. They were out of his control, all of them.

I really love him and I love Josh, his best friend and roommate. Josh is funny and very endearing as a character. What I didn’t get was Holly’s initial drama with Carter. Not after knowing she cried in his arms for an hour at the hospital. To me you should be thanking the guy. You should be asking what happened? You have been dating Adam for two years it was your anniversary night. I didn’t feel like it was a natural reaction to not want to hear anything.

I like Holly but I found she was all about her drama and I would have liked her character to have been thinking about Carter more. They become friends but it is all about her drama.

Jenna, Holly’s bff, I liked her most of the time, but I really got annoyed every time she thought it was her place to be all up in Carter’s face. I get she is protective of Holly, but it got a bit much sometimes.

Carter and the lads are volunteering their time, with little thanks, as a rescue team who are on call to drop everything and at risk to their own life, in dangerous weather, climb a mountain and rescue people.

Josh and Carter were the hands down characters I liked the most in this story. I think I would have liked more time spent on Carter and Holly without Jenna getting in Carter’s face. Holly isn’t a baby, she is twenty one years old.

I really like Jenna and Josh as a couple. When she is with him, they are playful and very loved up. They are a great couple. I liked Jenna when she was getting Holly out the apartment, coercing her into living again.

I did enjoy this read, I don’t want to sound like I am being hard on the story line, but I read a lot of contemporary and I personally felt this one was enjoyable for me, but I needed a bit more from it. I can see all the 4 star and 5 star ratings on Goodreads, so that is why I say this is how I felt. I will always write an honest review about my thoughts and how a book made me feel.

I have to admit I am looking forward to reading a contemporary where the parent isn't dying or has died of a disease. It would be nice for parents to be fit and well and nice. Contemporary's like to use mean parents, dead parents, ill and suffering parents as part of the drama. It becomes a bit monotonous. That being said, it is obviously part of a recipe that makes for a good contemporary. So I gather authors are going to keep knocking off parents and having evil relatives. LOL! It makes me nervous in real life, am I due for an illness?





Heather London is a young adult and new adult author who loves to write stories full of romance, fantasy, and science fiction. She is a lover of only the finest of coffee and premium craft beer, but will settle for anything chocolate, regardless of its quality. Heather lives with her husband in Dallas, TX where she is currently working hard on her next project.


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