Tuesday, November 1, 2011


By : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published By: Spencer Hill Press
Released : 3rd April 2012
Details : Digital read from Jennifer, 358 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads 

Some rules are made to be broken. but breaking the ultimate rule can change everything. Alex lives--and loves--recklessly, until a single decision leads to a heartbreaking revelation. As a mysterious threat closes in and she confronts a Council that wants to see her in servitude, Alex face a choice between love that is fated... and love that is forbidden.


I won a copy of the ebook of 'Pure' from Jennifer’s page , and I am just so happy I got to read it early. I did the Aiden St. Delphi Happy Dance when I received it. I had other priorities on the blog, but did I let that stop me reading it......I would like to say , yes....but...no....oh I held off for a few hours, then I peeked, then I thought just a few chapters won’t hurt.....then there was no stopping me. It was on!

There are few authors that put me in a reading trance that must not be interrupted. I will read all night, I will not shower....errr, maybe too much information.

This series is YA GOLD!

I so want a tangible copy in my hand to snuggle up in bed with , this series is that awesome. I love the characters, I love the smexual tension between Aiden and Alex. They are so addictive. Throw in all the other stuff that I can't say and WOW!! I am in reading heaven.

If you follow my reviews, you will know how much I absolutely LOVED!!! Half-Blood. I severely doubt I can go 2 days without telling somebody about this YA series. I am going to do this review without spoilers . Trust me there is an art to doing spoiler free reviews.

OK, Seth is just a total babe, but at the same time he is a player. I think he hides behind his behaviour. He is a bit of a rebel, rule breaker, but seems to have some clout. His personality at times appears quite suited to Alex.

Alex is still a rule breaker and really stands up for what she believes in, no matter the consequences. Act first, worry about being sent into the drugged out world of servitude later, but some rules when broken have extreme consequences that make servitude and being drugged look a lot less emotionally painful. There are some things Alex can't fix.

There is one character that needs a ‘stinky dead fish slap’, from me. No it’s not Lea. She does need a slap...ha! But she has always needed one of those. I do enjoy some evil Lea.

Jennifer really pulls on our emotional strings with some of her characters. Oh, I must keep my mouth shut....

I loved Jennifer’s imagination with some of her scenes, she really gives Alex a hard time, quite creatively. I love watching Alex handle what is thrown at her.

Oh and that character I have been watching since Half- Blood, well that character is doing it again, so I am really interested to see what happens in Deity, book # 3. There is some greater meaning behind this character, I can feel it...or I am really off the sniffer trail, lol!!

Jennifer brings in some rather fired up new characters which are.......like I am going to tell you, spoiler free , remember.

All in all, this is another page turner that will not let you put it down. Jennifer really does write her characters very well. You feel very connected to them.

There is so much I really want to say, but, I cannot. Notice how I haven’t mentioned Aiden....* whispers* I just don’t trust myself to be spoiler free with him.
What I will say is he is just such a hottie and the tension...oh dear lord .....I can say no more.

Seth has really wound his way into my heart, but,  I am and will always remain, TEAM AIDEN. He has me hook, line and sinker. I wear the T-shirt, wave the flag, rejoice in all things Aiden.

Do I really need to spell it out and say I highly recommend this series, or did you gather that already.

Oh dear lord the wait for ‘Deity’......I am so glad I am going to have Reading Angel to have a chat with about 'Pure' or else I will burst.



  1. haha this was such an awesome review!!! You make me want to read it even more!!

    Great review:D

  2. Hi Fran,

    Thanks! If Jennifer has anymore competitions for Pure, enter them, I did and I am so glad I won.



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