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By: Marie Lamba
Published By : Lamba Associates Inc.
Released : January 2012
Details : Paperback , 296 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

Michelle De Freccio moves to England seeking a normal life. Instead she falls for a hot medieval ghost with a sketchy past.

First he appears in her drawings. Then he grabs her at the castle, his pale green eyes full of longing. But history calls him a murderer.

Now Michelle faces endless dangers…and a timeless love.


Drawn has it all, 3 guys who are completely different, a castle, ghosts, an Earl who is in a spot of trouble, lest he know it, a girl who has a complicated family and a love that can endure centuries.

Marie has used art in the most wonderful way in this book. Michelle De Freccio is an American living in England. Her mother a psychic/fortune teller, up and left her family, her brother Wayne has some issues and her father can’t afford to lose another family member.

Then there are 3 guys. Roger I really like. I would have liked to know more about him. He has his own thing going on, but he is always there for Michelle. He’s a bit of a cranky pants, but on.

Christopher is a ghost in modern time, but doing his own thing in his time. Michelle draws him and she somehow gets chosen to be a part of his life in parts during the book.

Then, we have William. He is your typical posh prat, then things start to change , he doesn’t want to play by daddy’s rules. We start to see a different, more improved William, a William willing to risk a lot to help Michelle, who wants to help Christopher.

I would have liked to have known a bit more about Wayne, I was curious about some things Wayne said about Christopher and what went on with the voices.

I enjoyed Marie using reference to ‘Back To The Future’, it helped give the reader the idea of what would happen with Michelle being back in Christopher's time and the things she does to help, could rewrite history.

Marie added a couple great twists to her story, I really enjoyed those. I may have liked a bit more time spent on the end as that fell in to place reasonably quickly. I really liked how she brought her ending about. She satisfied some questions I had and was wondering how it was going to all play out.

I enjoyed Marie’s tale of 2 ghosts, depending on who was in who’s time, and a love that spanned centuries, and the mystery that unfolded. Her use of art in her writing style was really very good. What I mean is the way she sketches, lines and shading, angles etc, when she is describing a scene or a person she uses this type of thing in her words to describe something. It’s like you are getting a clearer picture.

Drawn was an enjoyable read and I wish Marie all the continual success with her writing.


  With his pale-green eyes fixed on me, he dumps the contents of my bag. "What weapon is this?" He holds up my sharpener.
  I stick my pencil into the sharpener and turn it a few times. Pull it out and blow on the tip.
  He squints."What is this?"
  I narrow my eyes , take my Chapstick from his fingers, pop off the top and coat my lips. "Really dangerous."
  "This?" He holds up a tampon.
  "God , enough." I dare to push away the dagger point, grab the tampon from his hand and start shoving things back into my bag. "You're nuts, you know that? Or I am . One of us is, that's for sure."

"Silence, strumpet. I know how to deal with the likes of you."

I am on the Drawn Blog Tour and have a wonderful Guest Post with Marie on 6th February, so stop on by.

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  1. WHOA! This is just $0.99 in Amazon now! Weee! Fits my Ghostly Reading challenge, the ones on my list are lame-o.

  2. Well this book is definitely about ghosts...check!



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