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Today on Novels On The Run , I have something rather special . Tim O'Rourke recently had a freebie event on Amazon for his book Cowgirls & Vampires and he lowered the price of Vampire Shift , book # 1 in Kiera Hudson 1st series. 

He got a massive response, well over 10,000 free digital copies of Cowgirls & Vampires were purchased. Yehaaaaaa!!!

So, Tim thought a couple giveaways were in order. I see you all nodding with approval.  

Miss Suzi Midnight has made all of the above except for the Dead Statues paperback. Clever chicken, isn't she! Very limited edition and rare these gorgeous metal bookmarks. Big prizes , deserve a big rafflecopter.

Prize 1:

1 x Signed byTim - Dead Statues Paperback
1 x Signed by Tim - Moonlight Bookmark
2 x Signed by Tim - Vampire Shift Bookmarks
5 x Stunning Metal Bookmarks - Per Image

Prize 2:

1 x Signed byTim - Dead Statues Paperback
1 x Signed by Tim - Moonlight Bookmark
2 x Signed by Tim - Vampire Shift Bookmarks
2 x Metal Bookmarks with Murphy's Cross
( I have 2 of these myself and they are uber stunning)

So , we come to the entry part of this delicious giveaway.


Please enter via this Rafflecopter .

You will receive points for your entries.
The more things you enter , the more points you gain.


Michelle & Tim

Big Thankyou to Miss Suzi Midnight


Pleae note: Everyday , once a day you can enter one new review link on this rafflecopter form:)
Just come back and enter a new link.

Here are all Tim's books currently released:

Kiera Hudson Series 1

Vampire Shift # 1
Vampire Wake # 2
Vampire Hunt # 3
Vampire Breed # 4
Wolf House # 4.5
Vampire Hollows # 5

Kiera Hudson Series 2

Dead Flesh # 1
Dead Night # 1.5
Dead Angels # 2
Dead Statues # 3

Black Hill Farm

Black Hill Farm # 1
Andy's Diary # 2


Doorways # 1
The League of Doorways # 2

Cowgirls & Vampires 

Cowgirls & Vampires # 1


Moonlight # 1


  1. You know I soooooo want to win this!!!!! Awesome contest!

    1. Lisa, to earn the points here you got to write your fave character or books of Tim's :D


  2. I love all of Tim's books, but Kiera and Potter are my favorites. Moonlight is becoming one of my favorites too.

  3. Potter is my favourite!! Thanks for the chance :)

  4. Potter is my favourite, but Thaddeus is growing on me, can't wait for the next books to be released

  5. I really like Kayla as from the first book we saw her in. I really want to see how hers and Sam's relationship will work out

  6. Well I have to say I have only read book one Cowgirls and Vampires and loved it !! so Id have to say I think that that cowboy is pretty hot ! but Sam is pretty kick arse in this book. I have today brought Vampire shift and I intend to go through all Tims books one by one ;) thanks for the great giveaway !


    1. Enjoy Katrina,

      Tim will make you laugh, cry, gasp, look between your fingers. He brings it all. He has a unique style which I love! Check out some of the fun interviews I have had with the guy characters under Tim O'Rourke in left side bar:)

      Harry and Potter are a hoot...hehe!!


    2. Ive changed my mind ;) Potter is my favvvvouurittteeeeeeee but a duo with Harry and potter ** swoon ! lol.. Im onto book three in the series !! im loving these books shame I have to go to work or Id have book three read tongight ;) lol .Im going to steal your Team potter button to for my blog lol. ;)

    3. Steal Away!!! So glad you are loving these books. Yes Potter is such a potty mouthed fun character but read on to learn more......... Tim likes to deceive us a lot!!!



    4. Really - Hmmmmmm I was hoping for a little action ** grins ** Im onto book three now - darn having to work it slows down my reading lol - Am really enjoying this series and Tims work Im so glad I have found this new author ;)

      :O) Potty mouth but sigh - - -

    5. Oh there is 'action' but one must read and read some more....then !!!! Just keep reading...the *action* builds in each book:)


  7. A friend sent me here and I must say I have never read any of these books. How did I seriously miss this author. Even if I don't win anything I will most definitely be looking him up and ordering these books in!!!! Thank you for an awesome giveaway, those bookmarks are gorgeous.

  8. I'm half way through Cowgirls and Vampire's which is the only book i have read by Tim but i'm loving it.x

  9. Hi,Thank you for the great Giveaway! I'v not been lucky enough to read any Tim O'Rourke books,but hopefully that will change :)

  10. Aww... you guys are freakin awesome!.. I LOVE those bookmarks with murphy's cross, absolutely gorgeous! I have this thing of having bookmarks that match my books.. anyway!.. I love Kiera, however Potter is just a scream, fantastic and well written characters by Tim!

    I'm still confuddled as to why these books haven't been picked up, crazy!

    Thanks for the giveaway hun x

    p.s.. I did do the following on facebook, for the rafflecopter went a little crazy lol!

    1. Hi Louise,

      You and me both. I am shouting Tim's books from the roof tops hoping somebody picks him up:D

      They hands down would make the best British movies, with the ambience of his settings and the characters. I of course would have to help choose Potter as he would have to be a rather spesh guy to fill his boots, lol!!

      I've already told Tim ages ago I would sit quietly in a corner if these got made into movies....nobody would know I was there...hehe!!

      I've believed in Tim from the start...... so I keep on supporting him. Suzi did a beautiful job of the prizes. I have the 2nd prize metal bookmarks for Vampire Shift and they are quite big /long I LOVE the Murphy cross as she found those and they are gorgeous pieces. They are almost weapons, lol!

      I LOVE Cowgirls & Vampires , so I am looking forward to some more Harry, he is a hoot!

      Tim can have such fun with this adult series.

      Potter and I , we like to flirt in interviews, cause he is real, hehe!!!

      Thanks for dropping by!


    2. They would be fantastic movies !!!!!!

  11. I only read Cowgirls & Vampires and loved it! My fave is of course Sammy but Harry is right behind her. :)

  12. Wow...this is a hard one considering they are all my favs
    I guess Moonlight would come first,the kiera Hudson series,and there is a tie between The Doorways series and Andy's Diary. : )

  13. Oh yeah how could I have forgotten about Cowgirls and Vampires?! Looove!

  14. It's hard for me to pick a favorite character from Tim's books. I've loved every book. :) I think the Delf may be my favorite just because she's so disgusting, and I can just picture what she looks like from Tim's very graphic descriptions of her! :)

  15. Potter...... duh ;)

  16. I've only read the first two books so far. I'm working on purchasing the rest of the series soon. But so far my choice is Potter!!! ;)
    DeAnna Schultz


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