Monday, August 20, 2012


By: Karice Bolton
Published By: Purely Persistent
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback, 296 Pages

Big Thankyou to Karice for sending me the book to read:)


Book Blurb : Goodreads

As the magical holiday season is disrupted with an afternoon of horror, it becomes apparent that the Legions have begun their uprising around the globe, and Ana does her best to stay strong even though her world has been shattered. It is up to Ana to find the strength within and not fall prey to the dark side as she begins her chase to reclaim what’s rightfully hers.

Realizing that Ana’s visions alone are not enough to protect them, her family begins her training immediately before she is targeted once more. The Legions will not quit until they get what they want, and they have made it clear that mortals will not be spared, leaving Ana little time to figure out what it is the demons are after.

As Ana balances her time between chasing after her destiny and spending her time relearning how to fight demons, she learns something about her past that could change why she’s fighting for anything at all. Clues continue to unfold in the form of yellowed letters she finds from Athen buried within an old Tudor home; and her future is signaled in a lone, white rose left for only her to see giving her the strength to persevere. She is determined to not give up faith that she will have it all once more.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

The one thing I love about Karice’s writing is she really makes you ‘feel’ the love between Athen & Ana. It really does jump off the page how much these two respect and love each other.

The way ‘Awakening’ finished I knew Ana was going to be doing it tough until she could be reunited with Athen. Karice writes the time Ana spends away from Athen until he can be awakened, very heartfelt.

I was mentally trying to hold Ana back from making a mistake that would jeapodise them all getting Athen back , sooner rather than later. I was inwardly yelling, get out of that library.........

I don’t know how I would react if I had to stand by watching somebody I loved, living a day with another, knowing that we were supposed to be together. It would be very hard to hold back knowing you were so close, yet so far.

I would like Athen to be my book boyfriend but he really does only belong to Ana.

Karice’s writing is very ‘clean’ writing , I like to call it. She doesn’t swear and describe sex scenes in detail. She shows you the love through her words. She has a really lovely connection with her characters.

I loved the little twists Karice threw into Legions, they give the story a more sinister direction. We learn more about the Legions who were coming to begin the war, using humans as pawns in their destructive path ,and the why. Making it look like nature was attacking, rather than the evil that was behind it.

Oh, yes, there is a little bombshell dropped there.

I still love the whole white demon idea. I think it is very clever.

If you notice on the cover of Legions there is a white rose, I loved finding that part in the story.

I must say Athen and a Ducati Diavel is a rather nice visual.

Ana is really starting to stand on her own two feet and work out her power mojo, with surprising results.

I love watching her being so feminine and loving around Athen , then ......when she needs to do what she was put on earth for, she becomes this neck snapping demon killer who knows how to slay them down and keep them down.

Cyril , Arie , Athen and Ana are such a great group of characters I enjoy reading about. Something is a little squiffy with one of our crew, so I am looking forward to finding out how that all pans out in ‘Cataclysm’.


A Watchers Novella


I Love This Cover!
Ana and Athen are enjoying the quiet life as a couple with only the minor dark demon infraction to rectify. Cyril and Arie are enjoying the newfound simplicity too. Things are perfect – too perfect.

They soon realize that something far more sinister is taking place in their world, and they must do their best to stop the evil from spreading. Determined to figure out who is tampering with the mortals’ fate they are unable to recognize that it’s a trap, and one of their own is the target.

This is where it all begins.

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