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Today on Novels On The Run on our blog tour stop I have my review of Blood To Blood by Ife Oshun .

By: Ife Oshun
Published By: Papa Grace
Released: December 2012
Details: Digital for Review , 168 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Enter the world of Bostonian teen Angelika Brown: budding singing sensation—and descendant of an immortal race of sun-loving blood drinkers known as Shimshana (the vampire prototype).

Angel defies her parents’ traditions of higher education by dropping out of high school to be a pop star. She has an amazing voice, but she’s also maturing into a full-grown Shimshana complete with fearsome power and insatiable bloodlust. What’s worse, her soaring vocals are now capable of destroying everything, and everyone, within earshot—including her girl group, their mysterious producer and Angel's hunky new blood donor.

Will Angel quickly learn to control her new abilities or will her killer instincts bring her promising career, and her life, to an end?


“The sound of his heartbeat was the background music banging in my ears as I, in a daze, took another step forward. My fingers itched with the desire to pull through the gold-tinged hair hanging less than an inch from my face. His eyes narrowed and his head cocked to the side. He was exposing his neck…yes, as if he was offering it to me. I inhaled his scent again and my brain switched off.

Led by my watering mouth, I closed the gap between us and placed my lips on his neck.”

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I enjoyed Ife’s debut YA novel, Blood To Blood. The cover is very appealing and the characters were all likeable.

Immortality, when you can’t hide from what is happening to you, but you must hide it from your mortal band mates, this is when things get a bit sticky.

Kat Trio is made up of Juliette, Lala and Angel. They have earned a record deal with House Quake, but Angel’s parents will not be happy as Angel and her family have a secret that needs to stay safely hidden. They are Shimshana. Well, not all of them. Dad has his own thing going on, he practices magic, is a Wizard.

Angel has the gift of singing and her voice could be the death of mortals. Angel has to learn how to control what she is becoming or it could be her own death.

Sawyer Creed ( do we all love that name or what?) is the 18 yr old , 6ft 4”, long blonde haired music genius. He knows how to produce a hit. I really loved Sawyer’s character. I had a fave scene where Sawyer is at the piano and singing with Angel an Opera number. I really believed Sawyer was a musical genius. Reading Ife’s bio on Goodreads, I can see how she was able to write this well.

The Nest and meeting Justin, I wasn’t sure how Justin was going to play into Angel’s life as I was rooting for Sawyer. Justin may have ended up coming under stalker, lol! Bless him. I did feel sorry for him.

I really loved how the music part of the story, or the singing part with Angel being able to ‘see’ the notes and music, remember it and play it. It felt very believable and quite a 3D feeling to the story.

Maha is a sort of coming out party that newborn Shimshana must go through, lasting up to 7 days. There are rituals/tests that Angel must complete and pass.

I enjoyed all the dressing up, the clothes were gorgeous and Cici is a wonderful sister , mentoring Angel. I love the name of Cici’s boyfriend, Satchel. I would have liked to have met Satchel, more.

We get introduced to some more characters. I liked Markus, Bodiel and Knowledge. Some surprises with some other sub characters.

I could sense that Ife was sowing some seeds for a sequel. This story was different and nicely paced. The romance was sweet and the lads all very appealing.

Ife throws a couple great twists into her story which I enjoyed. I love twists.


The pitcher’s label read “SEBASTIAN.” She put the glass under her nose and inhaled deeply. “He is Brazilian. He has a fabulous, nutty taste. With a hint of citrus.”


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IfÈ Oshun biography

Ifè Oshun is the author of the YA modern fantasy Blood To Blood set for official release in December 2012.

Starting out as an actress, the Fine Arts and English major went on to work for over a decade as a music journalist for national magazines and major websites including serving as Editor-In-Chief for She also produced, and wrote for, television and theater. A couple of her sci-fi/fantasy plays were produced Off-Broadway and in Los Angeles, and she did her Writers Guild of America internship with Star Trek Enterprise and Voyager.

Her work incorporates fantasy elements with some combination of the following: humor, social issues, family themes, metaphysical concepts, and pop culture. She lives in Boston with her small son and ink-black cat, and can be found online at her
personal website.

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