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Today on the blog I have the pleasure of interviewing not just a wonderful debut author, but the sinister (yet sexy!) lead villain in the newly released novel EVERNEATH.  That’s right folks, Brodi Ashton and the conniving (yet alluring) Cole have joined us today and will answer a couple of questions.

Firstly, congratulations Brodi on such an awesome debut novel.  Praises and rave reviews are everywhere on the web! 

-Thank you so much!

  1. How does it feel to be in such demand and to know that you created something that so many are enjoying?

- It feels surreal that something that started out in a little room - with just me and my computer - is now being read around the world. It’s amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over getting emails from readers who connected with the story.

  1. So now that Everneath is out… long are the masses going to have to wait for book 2?  Any chance you can slide in a sneak peak here to keep them even more at their wits end??!!!

- I’m just finishing up on revisions for book 2 right now, but since it doesn’t come out until January of 2013, I can’t say much. But what I can say is: If you’ve read the first book in its entirety, you’ll have a good idea of what needs to happen in book 2!

  1. I checked out your blog post detailing your launch party (Brodi Ashton's Launch Party by Numbers). WOW! What a turnout!  You’d have to be pleased with such an awesome response.  Was it a little overwhelming standing up their knowing that you and your creation were the ONLY reason for that many people to be there?

- Very overwhelming! Everyone was so supportive. But it helped to have the Power Point presentation there, so I could give them something else to focus on besides my chubby cheeks.

  1. Now your road to publication may be vastly different, or even at times similar to many debut authors…..what are some moments that were total StandOut awesome moments for you during your journey?

- EVERNEATH wasn’t my first book. I wrote another book that didn’t sell. When I showed my agent-at-the-time the first draft of EVERNEATH, he didn’t like it. Eventually, I split up with him because of it, and I thought that might be the end for me. But when I started querying again with EVERNEATH, I ended up with ten offers of representation. That was absolutely a defining moment, and let me know I had something special.

  1. Now not to leave Cole sitting there any longer….you’d think he has somewhere to be!!  Welcome Cole to Novels On The Run and thanks for taking time out of your day to chat with us.  You do kind of look pretty nice draped over the arm of that hotel couch! Hmmmmmm…..oops sorry!! Where was I?....

-It’s okay. People often lose their train of thought when they look at me. It happens.

  1. The Dead Elvises….great band name.  What a great front to allure the emotionally needy fans so you can strip their emotions and get “high”.  Is this the real or only reason for creating the band? Or do you and the other guys actually have a passion for music?

- I live for music, and so do the guys in the band. It’s why we all came together. We just merged our passion for music with our immortal lifestyles as well. We get to live our dream, and we never run out of nourishment.

  1. What song would sum up The Dead Elvises? What would be the bands’ anthem song?

- I would say “Ulysses” by Franz Ferdinand. It’s all about taking that first trip, and then never going home again.

  1. Is there any style of music or particular artist that you just put your down and refuse to play?

- We don’t touch Celine Dion. And Reggae is for pansies.

  1. Where can we get the guitar picks???  They “Rock”!!

- As with many things in life, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

  1. Cole…clearly your time during the Feed with Nikki was pretty intense and even intimate..being entwined with her for so long.  The overwhelming need you find yourself feeling for her since you left the Everneath, could that be love?  Or just purely a side effect of the feed?

-If I’m not going to be straight with Nikki about my feelings, it wouldn’t be very crafty of me to spill the beans on your blog…  But the fact is, it doesn’t matter what I say about love. Until the object of my love believes I’m actually capable of it, my feelings will go unrequited. 

  1. Cole, can you describe your own memory (emotional and physical) that you went through during the Feed?

-        The Feed is a very intimate, and personal thing for an Everliving. It is the moment we face the meaning of our lives. We stare down the fragility of our own existence, the cost of our immortality, and we renew our pledge to this life we have chosen.
-        At least, that’s what we are supposed to think about. During this particular Feed, all I could think about was the girl in my arms.

Well I am sure you both have plenty of places to go and things to do….so again, thanks so much for chatting with us.

- Thank you for having us!!

I hope you all enjoyed those few questions.  If you haven't read EVERNEATH yet, add it to your TBR list and grab a copy.  To find out more about Everneath check out my review HERE.

Also take the time to check out Brodi's own blog - Brodi Ashton



  1. I have yet to read this! SO behind! Wonderful interview Marissa, it just whet my appetite for Everneath even more.

  2. Great interview. Wow-10 offers for representation! That is awesome and gives me hope for my writing one day! You go girl
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. What an awesome interview!! You do some of the best interviews on here--such amazing questions!
    <3 it!


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