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I had such a great time at the movies with my daughter who is only 11yrs old. Mini-me really enjoyed Vampire Academy the movie and I did too.

Big Thankyou to Caroline at Studiocanal for giving me a double pass. I would have gone regardless as I am a HUGE fan of the VA book series. Mini-me thought I was rather spesh to get a free pass.

I have learnt not to recap a book before the movie version comes out. I had read Vampire Academy # 1 quite a while ago and I got some nice surprises because I had forgotten some of the story line.

I did get a couple jump scares too. I think my daughter rolled her eyes at me and I got a , "Muuuumm!" Only because I made her jump too.


Zoey Deutch did such a great job of Rose.

I believed she was Rose.

I loved the chemistry between Rose and Vasilisa, played by Aussie Lucy Fry. Zoey and Lucy work so well together on the big screen.

Dimitri, played by Russian actor/model, Danila Kovslosky, fit the character from the books, I thought , so well. He has some great fight scenes and he just looks like Dimitri and how I visualized him when reading. The accent just brought it all home.


Dominic Sherwood brought Christian to life, he is rather pretty to look at. He played Christian well.

The Academy was a brilliant historic piece of architecture. I just wanted to run about the grounds.

The Strigoi enabled some great fighting scenes with Dimitri swinging that leg about and using his silver stabby thingy and Rose showed me how all that training she went through prior to filming paid off. 

I loved all the clothes. Especially Rose's. I was lusting after her jackets and her hair!

The humorous lines that popped up every now and then, really added that little something more to the movie. I am looking forward to the next movie. 

There is one quote from this book that I have never forgotten and it is used in the movie. I was actually saying it along with the character. My daughter thought I was a little weird and told me to ssshh. I was saying it with as much passion as I could muster. 

I remembered every word. I think I did slightly impress her.

I am quite bouncy for another movie. I wanted to keep on watching the books all play out on the big screen one after the other.

I think everybody who worked on this movie did such a brilliant job. Music, costumes, makeup, sets... BRILLIANT!

Hopefully we get Frostbite...soon!! 

I am getting old here people!

Double Thumbs up for this adaptation of Vampire Academy. I can't wait to get to the book / movie that made me cry.


There is a petition for Frostbite There are 12,500 names on it, they need more. I just went and put my name down. It is easy.

Go like their FB page Click on this link.

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