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STUNG - Bethany Wiggins
Loved this YA dystopian.
Fast paced, exciting.

If I hadn’t fallen asleep at 2.00am I would have not put this book down. I was captivated from the first page. It is a non-stop ride.

Trust Me!!!
Try it and see if I am wrong.

MY LIFE AFTER NOW - Jessica Verdi
Powerful read.

This book was crazy good is so many ways. Such an important message is delivered wrapped up in this book. I personally think this book should be in ALL High Schools around the world as the message really hit home for me.

THE 5TH WAVE - Rick Yancey

Alien Invasion at its best.

Rick Yancey brings the freakin 'A' to Alien invasion. I could not put this book down. Rick will hold you captive with his brilliant, realistic use of several lead characters whose stories flow so well together.
This is a clever read.

I brought 6 stars to this read as it went beyond the call of 5 stars, for me.


I got to say, this was a total ride, I was literally running from cannibals, bagmen, militia, other Arcana and..and..and...

Who could I trust?

Notice how I am using myself in that sentence. I was literally thrown into this book, sucked into a vortex to Kresley’s apocalyptic world. I was there with Evie.

Evie is badass in this book. She is on fire.

DEITY - Jennifer L. Armentrout


This. Was. Brilliant.

Deity has everything.

This was a Gods and mayhem TOUCHDOWN!!

Aiden St.Delphi is one of the most beautiful book boyfriends in YA. I absolutely adored him in Half-Blood and Gods he is even more beautiful and protective and loyal and smexi in Deity. 

THE FIRST THIRD - Will Kostakis

What an emotion filled read!

I laughed out loud, I cried and I did that weird giggle/cry combo.

Will Kostakis did for me what, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, did for me.

I got pure enjoyment from his story and some lessons learnt along the way.


I am giving you fair warning , clear your schedule because when you start this book, you won’t put it down, except for pee pee breaks. Get your drinks, your snacks lined up or summon your butler when you need sustenance. This feels like deja vu for me when I read Alice In Zombieland.

ORIGIN - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I am on a Lux high after reading this installment. From the very first page this book took off at the speed of Daemon in his natural form.

The story line glowed as bright as the Luxen in their alien form.

I didn’t want this book to end.

It was told from both Katy and Daemon’s pov’s and I LIKED IT! I loved being in Daemon’s head.

The pages turned.

The sub characters were brilliant.

The smexi scenes... well, let’s just say, Jennifer turned up the heat.

INSURGENT - Veronica Roth

Insurgent was a rush. It was a non stop ride. Divergent # 1, had a lot of setting up and getting to know characters.

Insurgent just takes off.

Hold on to your book.

What I loved about this book was how well thought out the plot was by Veronica. She really shapes this book for Allegiant. This is not a middle book. This is a stand out book.

It was intense.

FLESH AND BONE - Jonathan Maberry

I can’t recommend this series enough to readers. It is YA genre , but Jonathan packs a punch in his story telling. He will have you laughing, cheering, scared for his characters and also heart broken.


  1. LOVED Stung, loved Through the Zombie Glass, loved Origin.....still need to read The 5th Wave, though I do have a copy having won it from a certain awesome someone ;) Endless Knight I'm scared to read cos I ADORED Jack and I really don't want a love triangle and I need to read Insurgent. I have both it and Alligiant--I just am yet to read it (especially cos I know how the series ends *sob*)

    Fantastic post--mine scheduled in a few days I think :)

    1. Thanks Rachel. I'm having a busy family day today, we are going out to Indian in a good hour but I am putting up a blitz and then my Adult or NA fave reads. Just my lead up to New Years. Stung was such a wonderful surprise. I am getting mini-me to read it. She is having a bash at The City of Bones and Breathe at the moment. OO The 5th Wave...heheeee!! This one I thought was brilliant. The romance is so so, but it is all in the whole Alien thing that got me. Very intense and exciting :D Ahhh Endless Knight. I got Braine at Talk Supe hooked up with a copy via Kresley's PA as I originally got approached by her PA to read a digital copy and Braine loved it. So you gotta not be afraid. I can not really talk as I STILL have not read Mockingjay as I am scared of that ending and all the deaths. I don't know anything, but I heard there were some slayings of characters. EEEEEppp!!


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