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Breeze Of Life - Kirsty Dallas

Hell yeah!!
SOoOOooo loved this book.

This was one of the best contemporary reads I have read this year.

Breeze of Life is quite an inspiring celebration of life.

It made me cry.

1.00 am in the morning and I am having a blubber. It was a scene involving guitars, words and a song.

I knew it would be an emotional read going in. Breeze has a form of cancer. But, Kirsty isn’t writing a sad story, she is writing a story about celebrating your life and this was such a beautiful, well told story that has an enormous lot of heart and soul.

Harper is really the heart of this book. He is now my book boyfriend. Harper is ranked third in the world professional surfing circuit and he loves Bree. His Breeze.

Rule - Jay Crownover

I watched Jay spread her wings and fly.
Very inspirational author to come in as an Indie Author and in a matter of months have a 3 book deal with Harper Collins.

Hell yeah!

Rules are rules, but they are also meant to be broken.
'Rule', was one of those books I stumbled across whilst looking for another on Amazon. The cover grabbed me. I then went to Goodreads and had a nose about and found it had great ratings. I loved one reviewer’s enthusiasm. So I bought it . Just like that.

I LOVED this book. What an awesome start for this debut author.

I loved bad boy Rule. He is a tattoo artist, he is pierced in many places * waggles eyebrows * and he is an enthusiastic drinker and gets the ladies without trying. You would think a 22 yr old attractive guy who has girls throwing themselves at him had no problems.

Think again.

1st interview in the world! 

Branded - Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Indie Writing Duo who rocked my kazbah with this awesome dystopian.

Branded is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated debut dystopian’s of 2013. It is a fearless page turner, and very enthusiastic with the darkness and brutality of a dystopian world.

Branded captured my attention within the first 10 pages, I knew I was in for a fast paced dystopian rollercoaster ride. You will feel a circle of ever changing emotions and genuine fear for some characters....and your heart will break.

I will admit I had a girlie cry.

These two debut authors know how to bring a dystopian filled with energy, grit, violence and heartache. They are fearless and relentless with what they put their characters through.

Real - Katy Evans









Love, Love, Love, the character Remington. 

Katy has written a magnificently, complicated, handful, Alpha male lead. As complicated as he is, he is also such an amazing character with the way he expresses himself through music.

Manic - J.A. Huss

The whole Rook & Ronin series does it for me but I chose Manic # 2 because we meet Ford and Spencer really steals the limelight. I virtually drop everything to read this series and the spinoffs.


Another awesome time had by myself in this installment. J.A. Huss brings some more lads to the party and ... whahhh!

Rook has signed her life away for 24/7 being followed around by a camera crew or camera's watching her while she fulfils her contract for the STURGIS campaign. Many lessons to be learnt in reading a contract properly before you sign it. Rook knows she was impulsive, Ronin knows she will be paying for her impulsiveness and Ford loves needling Rook and Ronin.

Never Too Far - Abbi Glines

Who was the biggest surprise of this book?


Dang, I loved him in this second book. The lad has book boyfriend stamped all over him. He is not the shallow lad I thought he was. He knows how to step up and he is a smart cookie to boot, and acting all responsible.

Go Woods! You snuck up on me.

Now, back to Rush, who is just a gorgeous, undeniable hottie, he already has book boyfriend status tattooed all over him.

Love him!

Love how uber smexi Abbi can write her lads.

Kinslayer - Jay Kristoff

I'm throwing Kinslayer into the NA bracket as I am not sure if it is actually New Adult or YA. 

Izanagi’s Balls, where do I start? I can’t truly explain in words how breathtaking and amazing the writing in this book is.

Jay has upped it with Kinslayer. I loved Stormdancer, but this book was more, much, much more in so many ways.

Kinslayer is made up of a kaleidoscope of chapters.

Yukiko and Buruu are sharing the limelight with a swagger of characters you will be introduced to, all sharing center stage. There are other female characters of note and strength. The sisters are doing it for themselves.

Lick - Kylie Scott

What would you do if you woke up in your hotel room in Vegas with a gorgeous tattooed rocker announcing that you had gotten married overnight and you couldn’t remember a dang thing?

He looked to be in his mid-to-late twenties - a man, not a boy. He had long, dark hair falling past his shoulders and sideburns. His eyes were the darkest blue. They couldn’t be real. Frankly, those eyes were overkill. I’d have swooned perfectly fine without them. Even with the tired red tinge they were a thing of beauty. Tattoos covered the entirety of one arm and half his bare chest. A black bird had been inked into the side of his neck, the tip of its wing reaching up behind his ear.

Now , seriously girls, I know most of you are yelling pick me, pick me. But what would you really do?

On Dublin Street - Samantha Young

This is a massively popular adult contemporary read and I can see why. 

Two words. 


Anything that comes out of this lads mouth is a quote.

Carmen Jenner - Welcome To Sugartown

Carmen Jenner is in da house!

Welcome To Sugartown , is Aussie author Carmen Jenner’s debut new adult contemporary romance.

Giddy Up!

The title may be sweet but the story is a fast paced, emotion filled ride set against an Australian backdrop.


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