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I READ IN 2013


I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Lover At Last from the publisher. I am a HUGE fan of Black Dagger Brotherhood and have been very excited about reading Blay and Qhuinn’s book.

I was not disappointed.

I laughed, I got sad, I sometimes even got a bit distressed for some characters. Sometimes I was even saying to myself, ‘Is it getting hot in here?’

J.R will keep the different emotions flooding through your system. I even pulled an ‘awwwwwwwwwwww’ moment.

I will say J.R. Ward has not held back at all in the M/M department. I have loved these two lads since I met them, many books ago, and like so many other readers, we know how J.R. writes F/M , you can imagine how she writes M/M.

WOW! * mouth gapes open *

I am not well versed in the M/M department, but I have wanted Team Qhuay for as long as all the other BDB lovers and J.R was certainly going to give it to us straight. 

Now I don’t want to hear anybody bagging this book if they don’t want to read what Qhuinn and Blay get up to, because these two boys love each other and holy mother of pearl, J.R. writes their scenes energetically and animalistically. I don’t think that is a word? ..too bad, I just made it as I am trying hard to think of how to explain it.

In other words , groowwwwwllllll, it is on fire!



I salute you KMM


This Urban Fantasy world - FEVER - is one of the best around.
This review took me 4 days to get right. 
I just felt so invested in getting it how I wanted it to read/look.

Feckin A this was brilliant fun. So entertaining. I almost recommend reading this book twice. The first time round it is a fast paced high. Dani, the MEGA, is this fearless, energetic little warrior. I adore Dani. Everything virtually, that comes out of Dani’s mouth is a quote.

She WILL NOT be controlled. Ryodan has to resort to blackmail to get her to submit.

I LOVED Dani was kept a 14yr old. This book is in line with Shadowfever finishing. The MEGA has her Dani Daily , reporting the news to Dublin, hot off the press. She is dodging Mac. She is dodging Ryodan and his boys and she is getting herself into all sorts of smackdowns, literally.



I should always know when I crack open a Darynda Jones book, I am not going to be putting it down until it is finished. The humor and wit is on every page, woven into a story about the Son of Satan, Reyes and whatever mess Charley finds herself in.

Charley is a grim reaper, but she is never grim. The wit and sarcasm and dialogue that will have you giggling to yourself as you read is what I needed this week. I needed to laugh.

From the first page, if you have never read a Charley Davidson book, you will get an immediate understanding that Darynda doesn’t take herself seriously. She can write great characters that we adore and we almost want to be written into her books as a character , just to see what she does to us. Just to see what she gets us to say.



Miss Darynda’s writing is like a happy place balm of humor and wit that washes over me when I read a Charley Davidson book. I laugh, I get those silly bursts/ snorts of giggles when Charley starts inner monologing and also outer monologing which would probably equal dialoging.

Only Miss D could use a GPS voice system to her advantage. Oh, did I almost pee myself laughing at Ozzy.


I got to say this installment certainly had its usual pounds worth of humor and wit, but, all is not humor, she does throw in the serious stuff too. Some of the cases Charley is working on aren’t pretty and are tragic.

Miss D gave us some multitasking for Charley and brought in Captain Eckert. I mean you can only go so long solving multitudes of cases before somebody’s ears prick up and want to know more. Want to know how and why. I quite like Captain E.



Lora Leigh sure knows how to put the sizzle into her Alpha male leads.


Micah Sloane has just become my fave Elite Ops lad.

Talk about smoking hot! Now I know there is more to Lora’s writing than smokin’ hot lads. They all have dangerous jobs rescuing those that have been wronged by the evil in the world. But dang, if she doesn’t plant the most smexi visual in your mind as you are reading about these lads.


Get the ice bucket ready and the bib.

Throw the ceiling fan on.

Hell grab a stand alone fan and put it on high, right in your face.



I am not quiet about how much I LOVE the KGI series by Maya Banks. Maya knows how to bring grit, uber smexi moments and a bunch of lads that will fight for what they believe in. Family is uber important to them and the women in their lives, they will do anything to save the ones they love.


Maya stepped it up with this instalment.

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL did she put P.J. through the wringer.


P.J. is a sniper and a damn good one. She holds her own with her team and has had to fight hard to be accepted in a male dominated field.



I do love this series. Maya Banks totally kicked it with this instalment. Nathan one of the twins has got himself in a load of violent trouble. He has been captured and is being tortured, brutally. He hears a voice in his head. The voice of a woman named Shea.

Shea ultimately is his saviour mentally and physically, getting him through his capture. I really like Shea. She is quite a character.

Sam and the boys do what they do best at KGI, they save people. Pull them out of hostage situations and hell would freeze over before their own flesh and blood was not saved. Nathan is getting rescued dead or alive.

The teams have been organized and they are going in with guns blazing.



I absolutely Blaaazzed through this book, I didn’t want it to end. 


Joan just knows how to write intelligent, exciting, smexi characters. Nothing is forced. I can’t even say who my overall fave guy is in this series thus far.

I love the women as well.

Keira is just a smart, kickass, yet vulnerable character. She is a sniper. The best. When she and Luke are teaming it, they are just so good to read. He knows she is the best. He doesn't feel threatened by her abilities. I think Mitch is the one he feels threatened by.

Mitch is my fave guy with the lines. Oh, man, does he make me laugh. He is gorgeous. His banter with Luke is most provoking and hilarious.



This one left me gob smacked!!

In Buying Thyme we meet Miranda. In Making Thyme we meet Mia. Who will be the more dominant character in Keeping Thyme?

After finishing Making Thyme I am literally tearing my hair out for Keeping Thyme. Anybody who has read Making Thyme will understand what I am talking about.


I was left staring at my page.

I reread the page.

I stared at the page.

What the hell just happened?

I’ve got to say TJ packs a punch and she will have you doubling over trying to catch your breath.

Bring. On . Keeping Thyme.

I look forward to many more stories from TJ in the future, she believes in researching her topics and it shows in her plotting. She is an author to watch out for.




Holy pickles on a sesame seed bun. This is one sizzling hot read.

Bella just keeps getting better and better. This book kept me awake until 2.00am and then somewhere along the line I must have crashed. I would have kept going.

Knights’ Sinner for me, was the best book in this series. It rocked the face off my Kazbah and more.

It was really, really, really , really, crazy good.

The sex scenes are so sizzling hot, you will need at least six fans on you. I kid you not.

Or maybe it was me. LOL!

Bella will have your blood sizzling.

Is it hot in here?

She really , really, knows how to construct a sex scene. Writing a sex scene is not as easy as one might think. I actually analysed ( Nerd Alert! ) her scenes. It’s the looks and the noises and hand movements, the dialogue. She really paints a graphic visual. It’s quite amazing.

It’s enormously panty dropping.



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