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By: Felicity Heaton
Published By: Dark Rose Publishing
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle , 104 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Annelie fell for Lukas the moment he walked into her pub three years ago. He’s stunning, his vivid green eyes lending to his otherworldly beauty, but he’s seriously out of her league. When he tells her that she’s beautiful and confesses that he wants her, she can’t resist him and his passionate kiss. She unleashes her desire and seizes the moment and Lukas with both hands. But Lukas has a secret, one that will test Annelie’s love for him and threaten to tear them apart.

He’s an angel.

Annelie can’t believe it when Lukas says that their feelings for each other aren’t a sin, but she can believe his pain when he tells her the reason he’s on Earth. He is fallen, cast out of Heaven as punishment for a crime he didn’t commit. Lukas isn’t about to give up and accept his fate though. He’s determined to prove both his innocence and his love for Annelie, and to show her that the intense passion they share is real.

When Lukas and Apollyon discover who framed him, will he be able to stop them from going after Serenity and Annelie? Will he be able to protect the woman he loves and fly away with her into their forever after?


BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Taking into consideration these are very short reads, around 100 pages, give or take, not a lot of depth can come into a story line when you are writing novella sized reads.

I personally like some meat in my sanga and I think Felicity did add some meat into this installment. You can read these stand alone but I have a thing about reading books in order.

I had some concerns from Her Dark Angel # 1 answered in this installment regarding Apollyon which was nice to see.

“They do not let you go so easily. I speak from experience. It took long months to argue my contract with Heaven and even now, I am not wholly free to do as I please. It is only my contract with Serenity which keeps me on Earth.”

I also got that feel of the whole French thing that I thought was missing from # 1.

He said something in French and Serenity came out of his arms and looked at Lukas with wide hazel eyes. She spoke in French to him, rapidly enough that Annelie didn’t catch a word of it, and Lukas replied.


Annelie works in a bar in London. She has known Lukas 3 years. He frequents the bar for a chat with Annelie while she works. He is an angel. She does not know this until...

“I was banished here three years ago... and three weeks ago I went to appeal against my sentence and make them see the truth.”

Well, the poor lad has gone and got himself accused of a crime against humanity. He has been framed. Alcohol is a big no no in the angel community, but Lukas breaks the rule and gets sozzled. Courage comes from imbibing and he and Annelie get it on.

“I just want to be clear about one thing. I did not kiss you because of the drink.”He glanced away and then met her gaze again. “There is a reason I like to sit at the bar and talk to you, Annelie. There is a reason I kissed you.”

Humma! Humma!

“Your beauty puts angels to shame.”

What I liked about this second installment, and what I found missing from Her Dark Angel # 1 was, Felicity gave me the reader, more of a connection to her characters. I really liked Lukas from the get go and also Annelie.

I get their connection to each other is a friendship of sorts that is 3 years long. They are now taking it to first base, and second base and...

I believed their love because they had both been crushing on each other for 3 years. It wasn’t a wham bam insta lurvvvve. It was acceptable for them to be in love within the confines of one hundred pages.

She was so beautiful. He could look at her until the end of time and never tire. He watched her age these past three years and she had only grown more beautiful to him. Her soft features, large dark eyes and rosy sensual lips made her more stunning than any female he had ever seen.

I really do wish I felt this with Apollyon and Serenity in book # 1. I did see more of these two in this installment which added to getting that connection and believability of lurrrve. I dug Apollyon more hearing him talk in this book.

“Lukas is being kind to you.” Apollyon stepped up beside him, slightly taller and almost as handsome. He had an air of death and sin about him though, and she didn’t like it. She preferred the way Lukas looked. Kind and warm but definitely sensual and passionate, with a mouth made for kissing. “For some reason, Lukas isn’t fooling your eyes. He has made his wings disappear. It is difficult, painful and requires great concentration. His appearance to you is real.”

“That is all you need then. Love. Look past the wings to the man and his heart. Lukas must love you. He worries. I feel it. He worries you will leave and has brought you here so you will not. They are not as strong as they appear... men in love.”

A simple resolved outcome for Lukas that would have been nice to been really fleshed out over double the amount of pages, but Felicity is writing novella sized reads. I could really see the first two books being plumped up as the lads are great.

We get introduced to the next lad in the series, Einar, the Hunter.

“Heaven’s Court assigned you the best. Einar is their foremost hunter,” Apollyon said and Lukas could see it in the sharp way that Einar’s eyes took in everything.

I may have to skip and now go straight to book # 6 as I am on a blog tour in two days. But I will come back and read Her Warrior Angel # 3 and so on. I did notice the books get longer.


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