Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Your invited to make history with us! 
Mark your calendars for the first ever Authors signing Event on the Gold Coast. 

Come meet your favourite Author and get your books signed on the day - you will be in awe of the fabulous line-up of our very own home-grown talent and some International ones too!

This event is uniquely designed to bring together authors and readers, bloggers and followers under one roof to celebrate everything bookish. 

If you are addicted to reading, you cannot miss this exciting annual event.

That way you can keep abreast of all information.
I could have said updated, but abreast sounded fancier.

NOW go to HERE and order your tickets $10.00 each and read all about it.


Make sure you check out the authors attending

Hmm... A for ABBI GLINES!!!

And so many more.

There will be some bloggers attending so go check them out too.

All information is at the link above.

I am driving down to the Gold Coast for the event and will be hanging about taking happy snaps and saying hello to everyone.

You don't recognize some of the author names on the list?

Well, I can help you out with some of those. 

I shall be having a FULL month of NOVEMBER Aussie Author Event on the blog and I will be having reviews, interviews, giveaways and author spotlights on their work.

You can go check out their fb pages , Goodreads pages, Amazon pages...really a whole pile of pages to find information on their books and put a face to a name.

So come on by starting 1st November and you can get introduced to a swagger of the ones attending the 


Outrigger Surfers Paradise, 22 View Avenue, Surfers Paradise
MARCH 22ND 2014



  1. Oh I wish I could go! I totally would but my brother turns 21 on the 21st and we're having his party on the Saturday. Can't miss it :( Hope you have an awesome time for me though!!

    1. Hey Rachel, well you will have to tell me what authors you like and I will see what I can do! Woot!
      I will have my lanyard on and be wandering about taking happy snaps and saying howdy to everyone. Woot!
      Awww would be nice to know somebody that is going to hang with, lol! I shall hang with hubs he is a good sport :D
      But a 21st will be a lot of fun too :D

      Tash from Confessions of a Bookaholic has a blogger table. I didn't know what I would do on a blogger table, so I am checking it out in 2014 and maybe get one in 2015.

    2. Haha! You're such a sweetie. Maybe I could send you a couple Abbi Glines books and you could see if you could get them signed for me? Like what I did but reversed lol :) If it's not too trouble. I mean you don't have to. I'm sure you'll have tonnes of stuff going on and on your mind!

      I WISH I could go sooooo much. I was chatting to my mum and talking about going and everything till I realised the date. Anything other time I'd fly in and then fly back before work on Monday but I can't do that weekend :(
      All I can say is brother dear better appreciate what I'm giving up lol.

      Oh. I didn't know you could do that--thought it was just for authors. Hmmm. Maybe you should. Could be interesting. Hey, I could go too and we could share a table lol ;)

    3. Hey Rachel, yes bloggers could have a table. But I wasn't sure how exciting I was, lol! So I figured I would just walk about and get a feel for the whole event and say howdy to everyone. I have been chatting with a lot of the Aussie Authors attending so I can wander about.

      Oh yes no worries you just tell me what you want me to do and hubs and I can handle it together. Whatever you want. He can run it all back out to the car while I wander about. We are driving down so that is nice. Originally I saw the list of authors on the event thingy but now I can't see them. I think Tara Brown is it? she is coming over too. Tara someone anyway. I have been listening in on all the goss :D Well apparently they didn't want bloggers sharing tables as it cost I think $40 or something like that for a table. Don't quote me, and only a few blogger tables, but we could sit next to each other. You get to be in the promo etc purchasing a table. But I kinda felt like I wasn't sure what I could offer, so I thought I will do the leg work and I spoke to organizer and said was it feasible for me to hand out stuff and they said yes. So it is a 6 hour event, so that will be me. I will be a bit shy at first but then I shall pluck up the courage and go up to someone and go, howdy...blaa..blaa.. LOL!! But it will be different. I have chatted through cyberspace with authors and bloggers but speaking face to face I often get foot and mouth, but that is ok.:)

  2. This is so exciting! Take lots of pics, Mich!

    1. Hey matey, oo yes I am happy when I have my camera slung around my neck. I shall be doing some roving snapping :D


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