Sunday, September 1, 2013


The 2013 VMA Awards released the official movie trailer for 


Check it out!

Releases in cinemas 21st March 2014

My Review for Divergent

I gotta say Four looks and sounds rather yummy.



  1. This isn't how I picture Tris and especially Four but I'm still soooooooooooo excited for this movie!!! March 21st can't come fast enough.....

    1. LOL!! Four is much smexier sounding in this movie. First thing I noticed. Tris...well... not sure who I had in mind, but Four comes across rather Whahh! to me in the movie trailer. In the book, he didn't make that much of an impact on me. :)


    2. *gasp* Four? No impact?!? Mich....I'm not sure we can be friends anymore ;) He made an impact on me....and then some.

      I have to say...I think movie Four could be more fierce than book Four which means it's gonna be hella interesting!

    3. Hehe! I liked Four, but in the book I didn't get a real zing like I do with other guy characters. * hides under pillow* I haven't read Insurgent yet, I have it here. I wanted to be closer to # 3 at the time of reading it so I could do both together.I get like that about some books. I hate the wait.

      I think from the trailer movie Four definitely for me anyway looks more fierce than book Four. I think with Divergent there was a lot of setting up, for me. Like e.g. Stung it all happened in a small book. The guy, the girl, the set up, the action etc. After Divergent I still felt like I was getting to know Four. No doubt in Insurgent I will be all mooning over Four, hehe!



    4. Haha! I'll forgive you...barely ;)

      I loved Four in Divergent, although I understand what you mean....that man has many layers and we're still yet to see them all. I haven't read Insurgent yet either, and I own a copy too. I think I'm gonna re-read Divergent closer to book three's release and then go straight into Insurgent son I'm all caught up for book three =D

      Oh, Stung <3 Can't wait for Cured with that one. Fiona and Bowen are just <3


    5. I know! Fo and Bo...hehe! They grabbed me from the start. With Four I remember feeling I like you, but I need to know more. Divergent for me was a real setting up book , then towards the latter part of the book we got more into the story. I am onto Insurgent soon, woot!



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