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By: Amanda Hocking
Published By: Pan Macmillan
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback, Received from Publisher for review, 342 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads
The magical world of Watersong is about to change forever. The answers Gemma and her friends have been searching for are finally revealed - but evil is closing in and time is running out....

Gemma and Harper Fisher are facing the fight of their lives. Gemma has been cursed with extraordinary powers that have a terrifying dark side, but she's finally found what she needs - a way to break the curse and become human again. However, finding the means to do it will be her greatest challenge yet. And now Penn, Lexi, and Thea - the gorgeous but deadly creatures who cursed her - are determined to kill her before she has a chance. Making matters worse, Penn has her sights set on Daniel - the guy Harper loves - and Penn always gets what she wants.

As Gemma and Harper race to break the curse before it's too late, they're thrust deeper into a mythical world of immortal secrets. They must into their enemies' past to find the answers they need, even if it means being drawn deeper into their savagely beautiful world. But one of the girls is not what she seems...and Gemma finds an unlikely ally as she struggles to save herself. Will it be enough to break an ancient curse that no one has ever escaped from alive?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I am a fan of Amanda Hocking, have been since her self published days. Anything she writes I will read. I enjoyed Tidal, the third instalment in the Watersong series. It is maybe not my favourite in the series, as I think for me personally, the Sirens, those bad ass chicks were not as... well, badass. But I still wholly enjoyed this read.

I love Thea. Penn was a bit sedate for me for the most part and Lexi , well one flew over the cuckoo nest with that one. She is a piece of work. You learn something interesting and surprising in their back stories. I kinda assumed something. 

Daniel is my sigh worthy lad. He is just a stand up guy and he can build me a fancy floor to ceiling bookshelf any day.

Awww, my heart went out to Alex, the poor lovey has had some Jedi Mind Tricks played on him and he is suffering for it.

Harper and Marcy are great chicks. Harper always wanting to play the mother role, and Marcy is just funny. I must say, Marcy got some depth to her character she has a brain attached to that, for all appearances, lazy head of hers, and she knows people who know shit that can help Gemma and Harper. Marcy always has Gemma and Harpers back when called upon.

I love that.

“Agreed ,” Marcy said. “My mama didn’t raise any fools and she didn’t raise any heroes.”

Ahhh the predicament Amanda has put our swoon worthy lad in with that evil vixen Penn.


I really enjoyed the back story woven through with the Sirens and it is rather surprising the things you will find out.

I raise one eyebrow.

As far as moving forward with story line, Gemma and Harper didn’t really move that forward. Gemma is still living precariously from day to day until Penn decides when it is time to off her.

Daniel and Harper are trying to make their relationship work.

Their mother is still in her own little world and sadly, like awwwww, sadly, dad has made some big decisions for his future.

Alex is a smart cookie he knows his life has been tampered with and there isn’t anything he can do about it. He is living Groundhog Day with his feelings.

Penn has gone and got herself an infatuation, and decided to throw in some blackmail as well, to seal the deal.

But! What I really loved was the last quarter of the book. Shiz really started happening and , well, shiz was flying.

OOO, and what about the replacement. I am feeling like there is another cuckoo in the house.

I am still rather intrigued about that tattoo all over Daniel’s back and now the new addition sounds like she hasn’t made the math any better for Gemma.  It may keep her alive longer.

So what does this mean? Gemma needs to suck it up and attend to her boy eating ways to survive or can she break the curse?

If I was a Siren I think numming down on evil boy hearts would be doing a service to the world. Leave the good guys alone. If you can’t beat them, join them, as they say. Take a leaf out of Edward’s back story in Twilight. You can be a nice clean living Siren and behave yourself, if you put the effort in.

I am not a huge fan of the Aussie cover, the US cover is rather brilliant, but no matter, I still had a great time in Amanda’s world of Sirens. I have Elegy here to go onto and it is a much thicker book.

I may need to pull an intervention with Daniel.


Another enjoyable read with those no knicker policy wearing Sirens and a couple of gorgeous lads who would do anything for the girls, one is decidedly forgetful at the moment and one just makes me swoon.

Onwards to Elegy!!


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