Thursday, May 9, 2013


By: Bec McMaster
Published By : Self Published
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital, 162 Pages, Novella


Blurb: Goodreads

In the steam-fuelled world of Victorian London, vampires, werewolves and slasher gangs stalk the night and a man made partly of metal is about to discover just how far he'll go to protect the woman he loves…

After a vicious vampire attack left him struggling to leash the dark urges of the craving virus, John "Rip" Doolan thinks he's finally starting to master the darkness within. The only thing that threatens to shatter his hard-won control is Esme, his closest friend and the only woman he's ever wanted. If the stubborn beauty ever realized precisely what was going through his mind, their friendship would be ruined.

For six months, Esme has waited for Rip to recover and take her as his thrall, not daring to hope for more. Too afraid to put her heart on the line, she is devastated when Rip reveals that he never had any intentions of making her his.

But when a savage gang of Slashers start causing havoc in Whitechapel, Rip and Esme have no choice. They must face up to the depth of the passion that burns between them and forge a new relationship…or risk losing each other forever.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I love this series, it is one of my fave adult steampunks. Bec really knows how to write a tale rich in description and storyline.

This is Rip and Esme’s novella. It felt like a full length book.

I see Bec’s world very clearly and it is a dark and dangerous world on her streets. I can almost smell and touch all the filth and blood from her scenes. I feel like I have stepped back into the 1800’s with the accents and harshness of life for many of the people. Death for some is just around the corner.

The Slasher Gang are like a bunch of Jack The Rippers out to do horrid things to people. They really play the part well.

Higgin’s smile died. “You’ll know me fuckin’ name by the end o’ this. I’ll carve it in your bloody forehead.”

Blade showed up * does happy dance*

“All this,” Blade called, “just to get me attention? Should ‘ave just left your callin’ card. I mighta gotten round to you. in the end.”

I loved seeing him and watching his meddling in affairs that are not his own, but they are part of his new family. Sometimes a guy just has to give a helpful nudge in the right direction.

Rip , unfortunately has no idea about Esme’s feelings . He has his own fears after only being a Blue Blood for six months and he wants to stay in control. He is battling to stay in control.

When he gets to unleash the smexi, OMG! John knows how to bring it! He can be so brave and fearsome, then, sweet and naive and the next minute so virile.

A roughened thumb traced the tear’s path. “Fuckin’ hell,” he said in a breathless, bewildered tone. “Christ, luv. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. I ain’t worth that.”

I really like Rip aka John. He is a gentle guy underneath all that man mountain and a thoughtful guy. He has an image that shows others to fear him, but Esme knows the real John.

Loved the ending to this novella and the possibility of.........

That would be spoiling!



  1. I was so excited when I saw this for FREE at amazon! I have to seriously binge on the series, y'all are raving about it!

    1. Braine!!!!!!!!!! Read Kiss of Steel....we love our steampunk. TRUST ME! Yes I forgot to say it is 0.00 on Amazon. I was supposed to put that in. I shall now. Also you can get at smashwords and also it is in chapters on Bec's blog page. That is where I originally got it from. Every week a chapter before christmas was released.


  2. I just bought the first book in this series from The Book Depo and downloaded this from Amazon. Lovin' the covers in the series!!

    1. You will love Blade and the lads too....* wink*


      can't wait for your reviews



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