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By: R. Christopher Kobb
Published By: Moonpepper Press
Released : May 24th 2013
Details : ARC review, Netgalley


Blurb : Goodreads

In a cave, deep within the cliffs of Brighton, lies a curious stone. No ordinary rock, the Fyrelocke has a dark and intricate past.

Twelve-year-old inventor Jack Boomershine believes it a practical joke when a mysterious text message directs him to it. But finding this powerful stone sets in motion an entangled clockwork of events that draws him ever deeper into an adventure in which his inventions are useless.

As things spin out of control, Jack must find his way through a hidden world of magic with vehicles that fly themselves, a telepathic creature—and an ancient evil with an unfathomable plan, determined to ensnare Jack in it.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle: 


When unassuming inventor, 12 year old Jack Boomershine, who thought his faulty jet pack was his only conundrum in life, receives a cryptic text message from ‘Anon 1007’ , he does not realize that the life he once thought he knew, was about to change. 

Jack and his loyal, funny, bff , Chase Lucre, are about to find themselves mixed up in an extraordinary adventure filled with magical creatures and wizardry and of course a worthy middle grade villain. 

Blast it! Blast it! Blast it! 

This is a story filled with good and dark magic, mystery and a plot that keeps you guessing, a boy that can’t remember, and a fun and endearing set of characters. 

Who will you trust? 

Chase is the logical friend who wants to become a Banker when he grows up, more interested in reading the financial pages. Jack is the inventor who likes to play the part of kid magician. He never thought he would ever be involved with real magic beyond his wildest dreams. 

Chase is a very endearing side kick. Very much like Ron from Harry Potter. He made me laugh, and he was there when his buddy needed him. Plus he has a great love for Golden Crust Pizza. 

Flash Poofing, Frosty Forest Fizzies and my favourite, the Stratovarious , not to be mistaken with the Stradivarius ...for those not in the know, is a violin. The Stratovarious is no violin. I myself would love one. These are just some of the magical things to be found. 

Oh the fun. 

The sub characters were amusing. Trygg the Puriform not to be mistaken for a bunny... I loved. After all he did save hours of toil and drudgery. 

Madam Puffin, fortune teller and esteemed member of The Witch Association , is quite the lyrical character. She will keep you guessing, for a Prophecy she saw many years ago. 

“Ok, first a little background. Doom or fine...” Madame Puffin’s eyes went distant for a moment. “You are Jack ... Jack... you are Jack Boomershine.” 

Master Pescipalius Dorfnutter aka Pesky and his daughter Vidalia help to initiate Jack and Chase into the magical world they know so well. 

The Cankrots are the evil minions, playing their part well, they know how to throw a spell. 

With the Locke family and the Cross family all entwined, makes for a major identity crisis for Jack Boomershine, and a mystery to unwind. 

The illustrations though few, are really nice to view. 

I think I am turning into Madam Puffin. 

I enjoyed this middle grade adventure. For lovers of Harry Potter this is a more middle grade fun magical adventure with two boys and a girl and some great little twists at the end that you didn’t see coming..... and, that Fyrelocke. 

Mayhem and magic are always a fun combination for a great escapism and R. Christopher Kobb brings it. 

R. Christopher, Trygg is a favourite of mine, I am just going to borrow him, throw in the Stratovarious and I am off on my own adventure...I will see you later.... * flash poof*  J


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