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By: Joan Swan
Published By: Kensington Publishing
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from Library, 375 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The hotter they come, the harder they fall…

With a man like him, every mission becomes personal…
Ever since FBI agent Keira O’Shay started tracking a young boy named Mateo, she’s felt a connection even her empathic abilities can’t explain. She needs to save Mateo from the cult leader holding him hostage. Nothing can interfere with that—not even the reappearance of Luke Ransom, the hot-as-hell fire captain she’s regretted walking out on for three long years.

Losing Keira left Luke vulnerable—in every way. When they were together, the powers each possesses were mysteriously enhanced. But it’s the sexy, surprising woman beneath the tough exterior that Luke’s really missed. Even if she betrayed him utterly. And even if agreeing to help her uncover a government conspiracy means watching his life and his heart go up in flames again…

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I absolutely Blaaazzed through this book, I didn’t want it to end. 


Joan just knows how to write intelligent, exciting, smexi characters. Nothing is forced. I can’t even say who my overall fave guy is in this series thus far.

I love the women as well.

Keira is just a smart, kickass, yet vulnerable character. She is a sniper. The best. When she and Luke are teaming it, they are just so good to read. He knows she is the best. He doesn't feel threatened by her abilities.  I think Mitch is the one he feels threatened by. 

Mitch is my fave guy with the lines. Oh, man, does he make me laugh. He is gorgeous. His banter with Luke is most provoking and hilarious. 

Keira lifted her hand from the map. “You have a friend at Langley? Who is it?”

“Yeah, baby. Hate to tell you, but you’re not the only Fed in my back pocket.” His hazel eyes darted up, his mouth twisted in a sexy grin. “But I’d rather have you in my front pocket, so if you want to move, just say the word.”

“I’m thinking.” Mitch’s gaze dropped to the floor. “Techies aren’t the types who usually need my help. More like the Ransoms of the world, who screw up at every turn and ask for shit like planes and pilots, and , oh, yeah, one more thing....”

“Fuck you, Foster.”

“That’s it. You both start off owing me a hundred bucks.” Alyssa fixed them each with a solid glare before she set down her needle and stretched her back. “Twenty more per curse from here on out.”

......”It doesn’t count when the kids aren’t around,” Mitch grumbled.

She’d already started to shift Mateo across the seat toward Alyssa. “I haven’t met my quota of kills for the day.”

Mitch scraped out a dark laugh. “It’s official. I’m in love.”

Luke cut a look at Mitch that could have severed a limb, then shot a glare over his shoulder at Keira. “Chill.”

“Guess that maneuver backfired.” Mitch broke the silence with his typical sarcasm. “Pun intended.”

“Luke’s brow went up. “Pixie?”

“Yeah, she looks like a pixie.” He picked up an object from a shelf and fiddled with it. “You know, like one of those things with wings in Kat’s books.”

“You mean a fairy,” Luke said. “Hence the term fairy-tale.”

“Should have known you’d be a fairy expert.”

Unlike Mitch . Who approached the exam table with a mischievous grin and an anatomical model in his hands. A detailed, three-dimensional , life-size model of a penis and testicles.

“What in the hell?” Keira sputtered. 

“You don’t recognize Big Jim and the Twins?” Mitch pulled pieces out, put them back , pulled others out, looked inside. “I can fix that, sweetheart.”

“Mitch, put that down,” Alyssa scolded. “I swear, if you break something--“

“Why does this guy have a puzzle like this in his office? Is he gay? Not that I care. I mean I’m a San Franciscan transplant. Besides , gay guys have the hottest girlfriends.”

“I swear he was switched at birth.”Alyssa glared at her twin brother. “Doctor Henle is a urologist.. ....”

“How short?” she asked Mitch.

“I’ll leave that up to you, beautiful. Just make me hot enough to turn you on.”

Luke is just phwaaaaaa!!! All the guys are just written soooooo manly and not over done. They compliment each other.

My kind of guys. 

This group of men are smart, fit, love their women, have such camaraderie with each other and would give their life for each other.

The women are fit, intelligent, can give the guys a run for their money, are respected by the guys, can joke with the guys, they give as good as they get. 

“Hey , boss,” Kai called from behind. Too far behind.

She stopped, swivelled , and squinted into the dark.

“You jogging this mountain or what?” He caught up with her, his chest heaving beneath his fatigue jacket. “You’re going to kill Foster.”

“Speak for youself, Ryder.” Mitch stopped and planted his hands on his knees. “But can we .... save some energy for the ... fucking rescue, please?” 

Joan's writing turns pages. She shoots from the hip. This would make one hell of a tv series. I am so invested in this paranormal ( ? ) , romance, suspense, thriller series. It is one of the best I have read thus far in this genre. It is just so damn likeable.

If you are a fan of the boys in Black Dagger Brotherhood , the way the BDB guys are around each other, look out for each other, that manly banter, then you will love Luke, Teague, Mitch, Kai, Seth ..... 

The story is nothing like BDB.

They all have a common link. Ex Fire fighters..... but there is more.

Much, much more............

Joan adds more to each book. I can see this being one hell of a series. More guys get introduced, more of the mystery involving the USA Army/Government/?? More story unfolds keeping the reader wanting more.

The villain , Jocelyn Dargan and her minions, are fierce competition. Joan shows us inside JD's head in this book. I felt the teeniest bit of , towards her, but ultimately POWER is the evil that consumes some people to the point that eliminating people comes very easily, without conscience. JD has this in spades. She is a piece of work.

Love the new characters Joan opened up in this installment. I did guess something with a certain character, but that is ok.

This is very edgy writing that I am totally invested in. The romance is deep and trust has to be learnt. Luke and Keira have a lot of hurdles to jump, but when these two get in between the sheets....yowzer!

“Goddamn, you feel good. When did you go all Rambo?” 

The next book isn't Mitch's , but I am rather looking forward to reading his book.

 I am looking forward to the next book titled , 'Inferno' published sometime in 2013. 

Bring. It.On.



  1. Kiera sounds like my kind of character. Glad you enjoyed this one.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. Hi Brandi! Yes, in another life I think I want to be a Kiera type :) Why not blow the total opposite with the wind of my current life:)


      thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hahaha! I can tell you're swooning as you are reviewing this & reliving the book.

    1. You know me cyber space buddies can, lol!!! Awwwwww matey, matey, matey!!!! You will like these boys!!! Whahhhhhhh!! Sizzle!! add the kick but adrenaline story and woot!!!

      Michelle :)

  3. Bring. It. On. Indeed!! And YES, this series would make an AWESOME tv show!!! Love love love the crew from Phoenix Rising. Blaze was chosen as the GraveTells Book of the Year! Awesome stuff!!

    Oh and Mitch... I so cannot wait to see his heroine tie him in knots. It's going to be revenge time for Luke and Teague!

    1. YES!! I am rather hanging for Mitch's book ....but we have Jessica and ??? I won't spoil, next:) This is such a great series I want me a visual of some of these boys!


  4. Oh my! Some of these quotes actually made me giggle out loud! Great review! I really need to read these books :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Jesse, I didn't want this book to finish, I think I even began to fret a bit when the pages started getting closer to the end. I wanted to read about these boys for days!



      p.s. Mitch is a crack up and his book is going to be AWESOME!!!


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