Wednesday, November 14, 2012



I got a tad excited and couldn't stop rambling on the selection of books I had

Just remember these words

'Use The Force Luke"

In other words , use the fast forward if it is in need:)


Hot Ticket
( Not Released until Feb 2013, I got a bit muddled)

Allie Beckstrom

Caster Chronicles
( Beautiful Redemption # 4, got a bit muddled )

Keri Arthur

Ketchup Clouds

Maria V Snyder



Libba Bray

Morganville Vampires



  1. I'm a few days late commenting, I'm soooo behind this week with absolutely everything, kids and christmas trees and whatnot, but I've made it.. I think I may have to stop sleeping for a few months ha!

    I've heard great things about Ilona Andrews and Keri Arthur and I'm yet to give them a go, I must get round to it soon, also Nalini Singh.. She rates really well too, I'm slightly put off starting anymore series just yet, I'm barely keeping up with the ones I'm juggling now.. but I like a challenge :-)

    I'd never heard of Sinners on Tour til you mentioned them. I've looked them up and they sound like great reads, I'm a little put off with the whole music scene.. I like music but I'm not sure if I'd like the whole band etc as a book setting, I dont think I'd like too much of that going on, so let me know what you think :-)

    Tara Moss, you lucky thing! I've been wanting to read the Pandor English series for a while, but i's impossible to get them here, they don't exist on book depo either, maybe one day we'll get along with Marianne De Pierres (not sure of the spelling) books.

    I agree about the covers for the Mercy Thompson books. I actually read these books after your glowing reports on them, great books! I have the mass market ones, but the UK covers, they're not as nice as the US mass market covers. I have one in the US cover and the tattoo is just lovely, I'd like to get them matching at some point.

    The Farm sounds great! I went straight to the book depo to pre order it and I found 2 editions of the book, same size, same publisher with different page counts and different release dates. I'm still confuddled so I've eld off pre ordering.. I don't want to be a spaz and order the wrong thing lol!

    I'll be checking out Beauty Queens after I've heard your thoughts on it. You've convinced me to read The Diviners so I'll be getting that from the library asap, I want to start on Beautiful Creatures series first and get all up to date with the Mortal Instruments and start The Hunger Games trilogy.. yep.. I've still not read that trilogy, I did like the movie though :-)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Louise, hope all going well in your neck of the woods:D

      I love reading your comments!! I know!!! when it comes to XMAS around corner. I am currently stock piling reviews on word so I have some to release and a bit of a break over christmas.

      Yes, Nalini Singh , I have been very bad, I was supposed to read couple of her Psy-Changeling series for publisher and I am very very late on that, embarrassing late, so that is one of my stock piling I am doing. I haven't read any Nalini yet, though.

      Sinners on Tour is not really about the band, but each band member gets a book, kind of like BDB where each guy gets a book. But it is from a rock and roll way. The life they lead and pitfalls etc. IT is a BRILLIANT series and it made my eyes boggle and blush a few times as it does go to a much higher level of adult if you know what i am saying. But I also think to do that right, takes a darn good writer. So I do love how Olivia draws the reader in, but it is not everybodys cup of tea.

      I have Marianne down to read on my schedule, I was supposed to read her several months back, but not enough heads. I have a pile I have put together that are my stock pile review books. I am doing very well getting through them. I look like I am not doing a lot of reviews at moment , is because I am writing loads behind the scenes so I can have a break with hubby . I will still be about with talking Books and WOW and such but just the more time heavy stuff I am working madly to get organised, after 2 years I need a bit of a recharge sesh:D Which kind of if it all goes smoothly won't look like I am taking a break at all:D

      The Farm I am reading this week so I will put my review up, if I am allowed, I will check it is not embargoed.

      I will have Bitter Blood from Publisher maybe Tuesday and I want to finish Morganville Vamps up to date. Just loving that series!!

      I have some more books I have found out about which I hear are brilliant so I will pop them in a TBT shortly.

      Beautiful Creatures book # 1 is quite a young YA first book, I need to get them all up to date too. Plus refresh BC so I can do my review. It is one of the ones that slipped through the net as I read it yonks ago.

      I am very excited for Beauty Queens as it is a satire and Libba threw everything at it. I have an awesome interview , as in her answers are very generous going up 19th Nov. Hopefully I will have The Diviners review up before then. It's a review I am going to spend ages writing , I know it! I am actually rereading City of Bones now as I just needed a book to unscramble my brain and I love it!

      Tara Moss'series gets ok reviews, but I want to check it out for myself as I know she can write. Maybe try Fishpond for Tara's series?? It's like Book Depo.

      Thanks again for your wonderful comments, much appreciated




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