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Today on Novels On The Run on our stop of the blog tour I have my Review , Guest Post, Read-A-Long Excerpt and Giveaway for Owlet by Emma Michaels.



By : Emma Michaels
Published By: Tribute Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital, 178 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Somewhere between falling and flying… there is a girl.

Iris has a secret. She lost her memory eight years ago and never told a living soul. After an asthma attack one night she finds out that her dreams of a strange house on a snowy island may be a memory resurfacing but the more she learns about the past the more she realizes the life she has been living is a lie. As the façade her father has built starts to crumble around her she will have to decide which means more to her; the truth or her life.


What an interesting idea Emma has come up with. I really enjoyed Owlet. The title, is perfect and the cover is stunning and the story within was captivating. I do feel like this party has only got started.

Roger, Iris’s father and Diana, the live in carer, are keeping a whole pile of secrets from Iris, all for her own protection, of course.

Iris is seventeen and is asthmatic. Those asthma scenes I identified with as I was asthmatic when I was a child. It is a frightening condition to have.

Iris is dreaming about a boy and a voice is calling out to her in her dreams.

Before Iris has time to blink, her father is ushering Diana and her onto a plane and they are heading for The Island, the one Iris is seeing in her dreams. This is where the story starts to unfold.

Iris’s memory is slowly coming back to her. She has lost her mother and come to all sorts of conclusions by herself. Was she right?

Those that love her are keeping their lips sealed tight. Finding the right time to tell her about her mother, Elena and why she has been shuffled away.

What are her dreams trying to show her, tell her?

Falcon, ( totally love that name) and Iris spend some time together and through more of her dreams and inner voice, she starts to rebuild some of her memories. I love the things Falcon says to Iris.

A fave scene for me was the Eagles Dancing. I will say no more.

More characters come into play and by the end of this instalment we are left intrigued to read book # 2 Eyrie.

I loved the use of birds and the whole thing that we currently understand about Iris. Emma paints a beautiful picture of The Island and bird feeders and such. Again I won’t say too much.

I really like Falcon and I think I could see a novella with his back story with a certain character.

Emma has written a wonderful story that will leave you wanting to know more.



My Asthma Story 

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run around a playground, or to swim without a care in the world. Better yet, I wonder what it would be like to be able to walk down the street without gasping because someone is smoking or because there is too much smog in the air.

It wasn’t until I met my fiancé and moved to Washington that my lungs strengthened enough that I could begin to enjoy those things. But even now, I am still trying to strengthen myself just to be able to enjoy what most people do in a typical day without worry. I’m trying to walk regularly for exercise (still can’t run yet), do yoga and I’m hoping to encourage my fiancé to return to fencing with me.

When you are born with asthma, things are a bit different when you are growing up. You’re forced to spend time indoors and watch others from afar. This provided me with a lot of time to think, which after a time I turned to reading. My love of reading was born because I couldn’t do anything else. In a book, I was able to soar on the back of a dragon or run along a beach. An inhaler wasn’t needed. All I needed was to close my eyes and let the words I had just read fill me with wonder.

For anyone who has never experienced asthma, I probably can’t accurately convey what it feels like but I hope beyond hope that I was able to in Owlet. Hopefully I have written an asthmatic main character who manages not to let asthma get in her way while still being forces to cope with it as a part of her life. Writing Owlet was an amazing adventure; won’t you take this journey with me?


“Yes, I think she is realizing what she is on her own. She is noticing things about herself and the things around her. Roger, she has impressed me more than you can imagine. I expected her to hate me but she doesn’t. I was waiting for her to send me away, but instead she tells me she loves me. She has reacted so...she is just so mature for her age, so good-natured.”

“Of course she is, Diana. She is an Owlet.”

“Roger...you know that isn’t why.”

“Diana, I don’t think that she is so mature or naturally kind because she is an Owlet. I think she is an Owlet because she is kind. You have heard her talking with us about the books she has read. She thinks differently than anyone we have ever known. The more she is around others and the more people she is introduced to the more powerful she will become. But Diana...don’t forget who she is. She will search for the truth, and you were right. We were wrong not to tell her in the first place. Keep her safe today. Give her the freedom she needs. But please, they can’t find her. Not yet.”

“I know, Roger. I will protect her,” she said. Hearing him begin to close his cell, she continued, “And Roger?”


“Please hurry. I don’t want her to have to wait much longer. For once...I actually want to tell her. I think she can take it now.”

“I will hurry. We know she can take it now. We just have to hope she will understand our choices...and, more importantly, her mother’s.”

Emma Michaels' Bio:

Emma Michaels is the author of the ‘A Sense of Truth’ and ‘Society of Feathers’ series. Her goal with her latest YA novel 'Owlet' is to give others what she did not have growing up; a strong female protagonist with asthma. While her previous aspiration was to be a lady knight she realized that not being able to run more than a few feet might become a hindrance so turned to writing instead. Her day jobs include being a cover artist, marketing consultant and silk screen designer.

As the founder of The Writers Voice blog (http://OurBooksOurVoice.Blogspot.com) she loves to connect authors and readers. As a book blogger turned author, she was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, until she moved at eighteen to Washington State. Suddenly, the world was a new place filled with tall green trees that reached further for the sky with every moment, making her want to do the same. Ever since, she has tried to make her life something new and different from what it was before, pursuing her future career, setting high goals and reaching for them. With the support of her fiancé, Chihuahua, and her amazing blog followers and fellow bloggers, she wants to prove to the world that anything is possible and help inspire fellow literary lovers to reach for their dreams.


  1. Michelle, thanks for allowing 'Owlet' to take flight at Novels on the Run. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your blog followers enjoy reading the excerpt and getting to know Emma.

    1. Hi , You are welcome. Looking forward to Eyrie:D


  2. This book looks great! I love the cover and excerpt. Thank for the chance to win!
    -Brooke Banks


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