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By: J.C. Andrijeski
Published By: J.C. Andrijeski
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle Purchase, 294 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Forensic psychologist Miri Fox travels across the globe when her now-employer, psychic detective, Quentin Black, calls from a police station in Bangkok and asks for her help.

She arrives to find Black undercover inside a gang of local criminals, determined to discover which of them is killing street children and ritualistically burning their bodies inside Buddhist shrines. But Black isn't the only one with an interest in the crimes, and soon his investigations get the attention of the local sex traffickers, along with a crime syndicate out of Russia that doesn't appreciate his meddling one bit.

When Miri shows up to help, she manages to catch the attention of all the wrong people. Events quickly spiral out of control...until Miri soon finds herself the hunted.

The second book in the paranormal mystery romance series starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner in crime, forensic psychologist, Miri Fox.


What I so enjoy about this series is Quentin Black. Miriam Fox aka Miri is a great character and they make a great team, but Quentin is gorgeous to read. I will admit I do cringe when he begs for sex from Miriam when he is such an alpha character otherwise, but that is my only complaint. I hoped JC wouldn’t repeat it after book 1...but...

I am gonna say the only reason I am not giving this installment 5 stars, is because of the trigger scene. Not because it is a trigger scene because authors, by all means, go ahead and be brave with your content, but... (cue the dramatic music) I needed more than a shower and a few band-aids with the after-care.


This is a very graphic chapter where Miri is put through the most horrific things, for many days, over and over and...I'm not upset it's written so detailed, but I wanted her at least checked over afterward by a professional.


Holy shit on a pumpkin stick!

QB has people who he trusts and dude must need medical care at some stage of his long life, if not write one in, and make it a  female doctor. 

Seriously, I find this quite lacking and in need of sufficient words to make it better. A sentence that explains whether there are causes for alarm from diseases, pregnancy... damage within the inner girlie department. 


Don't get me started on what your mental state would be afterward.

As I said, this is a very graphic chapter. It is brutal on Miriam. I can see a lot of readers have dropped stars for this, but I can only bring myself to drop a quarter star because taking that one chapter into consideration, compared to the rest of the story, I won’t dock more.

I just think if you are gonna go detailed and I mean DETAILED, then you gotta whip some more words out, JC. 

Rant over.

We do get told Miriam is an ex-soldier and she has martial arts skills. I would like to see that side of her coming into play more.

Other than that, I am coming back for more as I do adore QB teaming up with Miriam and the sexual tension thrown in among the mystery.


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