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By: Caroline Hanson
Published By: Caroline Hanson
Released: Available Now
Details: Digital for review from author, 270 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Love is Fear is the highly anticipated sequel to the Number One Fantasy Bestseller, Love is Darkness.

After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change. No more lusting after Lucas, the hot, but emotionless, vampire king who can’t commit. Instead she’s going to make it work with Jack. After all, not only is he breathing, but he’s the love of her life….Isn’t he?

Valerie is an Empath, with supernatural abilities that seem to do nothing more than give her the hots for Lucas. Once upon a time, Empath’s had a purpose. They were ambassadors to the Others—Fey, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. They could settle the emotions of a Werewolf and make Vampires feel again.

But that was long ago.

Lucas isn’t about to let Valerie go. He needs her to help him find the Fey, last seen in the Colony of Roanoke, South Carolina, circa 1587. He still believes they are the key to restoring balance to the world and the only way to keep vampires under control. They won’t trust him, but they will trust Val.
Between Jack, Lucas and Rachel, Val knows life won’t be dull. Nor will it be the normal, 2.5 kids kind of life she’s always wanted.

As their enemies close in, Val must ask herself what life is really about–trust, duty or mind-blowing orgasms? And even if she finds the answer, she may not live long enough to enjoy it.

Please note—this novel is not YA and has lots of sass, swearing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

Caroline went full throttle in this installment of Valerie Dearborn. I didn’t even write notes, my bad, as I just read with gluttonous abandon. I didn’t even stop for the many quotes I could rip from the pages. Once I started, there was no slowing down.

That is how this book made me feel. Crazy good!

I am going to tell those, who have not started this book/series, there is one scene in this book that goes on and on and on. * waggles eyebrows*

Jack and Val, can it work? Can the island of love, Hawaii, bring Val her peace with Jack?

Lucas, can he stay away from Val long enough for Jack to become more? Speaking of Juicy Lucas. Ooooo Whahhhhhh!! I absolutely love Lucas. His character will do all sorts to you . 

I was quite all over the place with Jack and Lucas and Jack and Lucas. But then , there comes a time where it all fits into place.

I can't help it, I am always a sucker for the bff who watches as his competition comes into play, but then does he really want to be more to the girl? I really like Jack , but the boy was carrying a big hunk of a tree on his shoulders.

Rachel, well didn’t Miss Lesbian have me liking her, then confused by her and then ............

Cerdewellyn the King of Fey, this guy means business when it comes to saving his people. What have we all learnt from any fey book we have ever read?

They are never to be trusted, the power of glamour and once you are in the land of Fey.............

Also watch what boons you trade in.

The smexi scene in this book, was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and powerful. These two characters were like a push me pull you, ( no pun intended) with what it was doing to them, and trying to not do, and..... get what they desired. If that makes sense? I can understand why it took Caroline many months to get the scene right. It reads like a lot of work went into it.

Rachel will keep you on your toes. Marion, the ex is in a bit of a bind ( yes, that pun was intended) and as the reader you are really seeing Rachel in a different light.......hmmmm........

Everybody is certainly out with their own agenda, and who will be able to be trusted, when it counts? 

Caroline has done a magnificent job of this second instalment. You will be on the edge of your seat ,and her imagination and the visual of her words that will float through your brain... the picture painted......awesome!!!

This is a really freakin’ brilliant series that truly needs a publisher to grab it and show the world.

Caroline will take you on quite a trip in this instalment. When we get on Cerdewellyn’s turf.............all bets are off.

Things are not what they seem..... things are infact what they seem.  You feel like you have taken a fey power trip pill, the smexi is packed with dynamite, the pace is fast so strap yourself in, and the end result of this book will surprise you.....OMG!

Cryptic. Much.

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  1. Ooh, haven't heard of this before but the cover really jumps out at me - sounds good, too!

    1. Hey Mandee, I am LOVING this series, Caroline is an awesome Self Published author. She has got the writing chops!


  2. I stopped at Jack & Val can it work... weeee! I have to finish Bk 1 today so I can start 2!

    1. Miss B are you liking? I get nervous when I recommend, but we do LOVE the same sorts of books:D



  3. Jack and Lucas sound great, and this seems like a great story.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. Hi Brandileigh,

      This is an awesome adult series:D

      Thanks for dropping by!


  4. This is my first time hearing of this series and now I WANT! The cover is gorgeous and who doesn't want to read a book where you can't pull yourself away from the pages long enough to jot down quotes!!

    Jesse @ Pretty in Fiction

    1. Hi Jesse,

      Ahhh this one is a keeper! Awesome self published series that needs a publisher ASAP!!


  5. Thanks for the great review! Yes, that scene took forever. What a terrible way to spend time, lol, writing sex!

    1. You are welcome Caroline...Woot!!! I think Miss B over at Talk Supe is a happy camper too...hehe!!



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