Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Valerie Dearborn #2.5
Dear Reader,

If you have not read my Valerie Dearborn Series (Love is Darkness and Love is Fear), please do so before reading Love is…The Beginning – because it won't make any sense otherwise.

This was the beginning to Love is Darkness until the eleventh hour. For me, this scene has always been where the book started and how I envisioned the characters being introduced.

So why did it get taken out? Because it is Jack's story, and the Valerie Dearborn Series is about Valerie. It’s the story of her life and her journey, with Jack and Co. along for the ride. This scene confused that.

But everyone who read this first beginning loved it. They loved knowing how Valerie and Jack met. They wanted to see his first tragic encounter with Marion and liked understanding what makes him tick.

This is a short read, a bit longer than Bewitching the Werewolf and will probably take you an hour to read. Enjoy! And as always, please feel free to email me or facebook me and tell me what you think.

Happy Reading,


BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This is a great little back story into 13 yr old Jack and the night his family got wiped out. 

Val is almost heartachingly blaise about what her father does, at the age of 10 yrs old. Picking through belongings, like it is such a natural every day thing. 

In this small novella, I really felt Jack's loss. His family were loving and tight. His life destroyed. You can see where this anger and revenge has stemmed from. How he could choose no other life but to join Nate in his vengeance. 

Val was almost selfish at the tender age of 10 in her quick summation that Jack would be her salvation. Her way of getting out of the family business. 

I enjoyed this back story, a great little bridge between Love is Fear and Love is Mortal. 

This is the sympathy vote for Jack ...until.......Love Is Mortal . Then that vote may or may not count.


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