Tuesday, October 9, 2012





J R Ward - The Fallen Angel Series

House at the End of the Street - Lily Blake

House of Night - Hidden - 
P C Cast & Kristin Cast

Slammed Series - Colleen Hoover
Point Of Retreat

Elementals Series - Brigid Kemmerer
Storm and Spark

Dark Storm - Christine Feehan

Secret Breakers series - H L Dennis



  1. Hey birthday girl!

    I hope Hidden is waaay better than its predecessors, I used to love that series then it went downhill for me after Burned.

    Why is Rapture still in paperback in Australia?!?! I started reading it and stopped halfway, I find it a little slow compared to the other books.

    Oh you got the Walker books! I have to keep up with it soon, I'm looking forward to Rebel & Frank's story.

    1. Hey Braine, House of Night is an interesting series as far as the ups and downs of the writing. It rates well across the board, but hmmmm. So I said I would finish it off .

      Yup we just got it in paperback! LOL! Sometimes hardback comes first sometimes paperback. ?? I am never sure of the order as it changes.

      Yusss I have book 2 and book 3 but need to get book 1. Always the way:D

      Thank you! Yup! Another year to chuck on to my body..eeeeeee!!!


      Thanks for dropping by


  2. Don't have time at the moment to leave my usual meaningful comment, but just wanted to tell you I watched your talking books :-)

    I've got the Colleen Hoover books on pre order, we're not getting them here in the UK til November :-(... I expect the covers will be different too?

    I'll try and catch up with commenting as soon as I've got over this yucky virus!

  3. Ooh... Happy Birthday!!! Did you get some lovely bookish things? :-)

    1. Bookish Louise are you TBZ?

      I didn't get any books from family, cause...they know I have plenty currently to keep me going. LOL! But I got a hilarious paranormal/zombie apocalypse kit from hubby and the kids. Just bits from the cheap shop but he went to the effort of being funny, lol! I got a wonderful Amazon voucher towards my KINDLE. Yes people I am getting a Kindle. My little bro ( namesake only) and his wife gave me the Amazon gift voucher to put towards a Kindle, which was a most awesome surprise.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Have a great day!


      Hope you feeling better!

    2. Yes, it is me... I don't know what the hell is up with my Google thingy but I've somehow lost my old account, or it's not linking up right, I dunno... so til I've got that sorted I'm using an old one!

      I'm glad you had a nice birthday... and yay for the Kindle! I haven't got a Kindle yet, I've been stocking up with e-books on the app and I'll transfer them over. I've been waiting for the Kindle Paperwhite to get to the UK and it's finally here, so I'll be getting that one..

  4. LOL! I loved the part where you talked about SLAMMED. I agree you really do not to hold those books. I'm actually in kind of a sad mood today so I might just read Slammed again just to make myself cry. LOL! Actually, those two books affected me more than Pushing the Limits. Talk about bawling like I had just lost my adorable puppy crying. I was a mess!

    1. Hey Cimm,

      Yes I totally agree they are SADDER than Pushing The Limits. More factors in play. Colleen kind of keeps slamming the reader in Point Of Retreat. When you think it can't get any more emotional.....read on....then * grabs more tissues* .

      Awwww don't be in a sad mood. I'm trying to think of a funny book for you ........... 20 days until ICED *happy dance* I'm sitting here with a towel on my head as I am trying to be ready in 1.5 hours for when Shaz picks me up for chick day out. I am sitting here. It does not bode well, lol! I am trying to be ready on time....well, I am. I am supposed to do another tape another vlog before I go out...hmmm....it is possible:)

      Yusss bawling is not a good look on me. I get that whole red puffy face going on that takes hours to go down. But these books will do it to ya! I got told a bout a sad book yesterday , darn can't think of it's name. Should have written it down!



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