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Today on NOVELS ON THE RUN I have my review of the AWESOME book SPARK by BRIGID KEMMERER, ELEMENTALS # 2 AND  an Interview with Brigid AND..........  5 Paperbacks to Giveaway.

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By: Brigid Kemmerer
Published By: Allen & Unwin
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback for review, 338 Pages


Gabriel Merrick plays with fire. Literally.

Sometimes he can even control it. And sometimes he can’t. Like the fire that killed his parents.

Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on, especially his twin, Nick. But when an arsonist starts wreaking havoc on their town, all the signs point to Gabriel. Only he’s not doing it.

More than Gabriel’s pride is at stake -- this could cost him his family, maybe his life. And no one seems to hear him. Except a shy sophomore named Layne, a brainiac who dresses in turtlenecks and jeans and keeps him totally off balance. Layne understands family problems, and she understands secrets. She has a few of her own.

Gabriel can’t let her guess about his brothers, about his abilities, about the danger that’s right at his heels. But there are some risks he can’t help taking.

The fuse is lit…

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

I sooooo LOVE Brigid’s YA voice. She draws the reader in from the first page. Her fictional story is so believable. I am there! I am a part of the story. The research she puts into her elements is noticeable.

In Storm , book # 1 , Chris who is paired up with water, is written so perfect. I ‘felt’ the Storm, the wind, the rain. Chris’ character felt very 3D.

In Spark, book # 2, Gabriel who is paired with fire, WOW! I thought Brigid did an even better job of the element Fire, her descriptive leaps off the page. I was in that fire, I was feeling that fire. Fire is living, talking. It speaks to Gabriel. It knows what Gabriel wants, needs.


“Come. Play.” 

Brigid’s male voice for all her boys is brilliant. She writes males so well. She writes ALL her characters so well. I have two teenage boys and a tween girl.

Brigid. Gets. Boys. 

She knows how to bring them to life on paper, kicking, fighting, being stupid, lying, hurting and loving.

The brother dynamic, the twin dynamic, the friend dynamic, she writes it so well.

The scenes in this book, especially the fire scenes, visually were brilliant.

I love Simon and Layne. They brought something extra to this story.

Hunter. The bromance with Gabriel, I feel like Hunter is lonely, he and Gabriel fit nicely, but.....

The brothers Merrick are all getting older, even though the story time wise has only moved on a bit from Storm. Things are changing.

Gabriel and Nicky, the twins, there is a shift in their dynamic. It was kind of sad to watch it happen. No matter what, they are always ultimately in the end there for each other.

I loved the villain side to the story. Brigid is always good at keeping it fairly well hidden. We are throwing names about in our head, but in the end, she pulls a swifty on us. I love this!

Gabriel has an awesome voice. I love him to death. He has that rebel bad boy in him, but he has a lot of love to give and he knows how to use it right. He knows when he is wrong. It may take a while, but he figures it out. He carries a lot of blame and hurt. 

Gabriel’s character really got under my skin. He made me laugh at his snark and he made me sad. He was trying so hard to figure it all out by himself. He doesn’t want to talk to Michael. Being in his head while he was working it all out, the pages turned, and I just wanted to give him a hug.

Michael. I love this guy. He didn’t ask to become the parent figure. A house of teenage boys, not an easy thing to keep guarded when they don’t make it easy. He just doesn’t complain. I got a big lump in my throat with a particular scene involving coffee and a game.

I am a little nervous for Hunter in Spirit, but I can’t wait. I am so looking forward to seeing how Hunter’s Spirit element is written . After reading the extract of Spirit at the end of Spark........eeeeeeeeeeep! That black page, it felt very dramatic!

I highly recommend Brigid’s Elementals series. I simply adore her YA voice it translates so well for adults to enjoy. I will be rather sad when there is no more to read.



Michelle:  Hi Brigid, yes I am another Aussie fan, we get all fan girlie down here when we get onto an awesome book series. You have a wonderful YA voice in your writing but it also translates so well for adults to read and enjoy your writing. I love your writing and I am a lot older than a teenager , I actually have a couple teenagers myself.

I’ve been doing my regular “pre write the interview Q’s snoop”, to see what I shouldn’t be asking as it already may have been asked. I found out you live outside of Baltimore Maryland , Storm was your debut novel and you are working on a ‘super sekrit-projekt’. If two books had a baby named Storm the parents would be The Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward ( Niiicccccee!!)

Describing the Elemental ‘magic’ would be this mash up of a couple interviews you did and the response you gave. I liked this very simple to understand response you gave plus how you actually say it in Storm using Becca and Chris.

“Imagine a five pointed star in a circle. Everyone on earth lives inside that circle. People who fall on a branch of the star have a strong affinity for that element. People who fall on a point can control that element — the Elementals(Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit) . Unfortunately, this power makes Elementals marked for death, because the Guides — Elementals who fall on the fifth point, for Spirit — have decided that individuals with so much power are too dangerous to live. Those who fall directly on a point (like the Merrick brothers in STORM) can control that element.”

Michelle:  Brigid, thank you for taking the time to answer my Q & A’s , being a mum , wife, having a day job and being a successful writer with deadlines , is a busy day ..... repeat and rinse. Thank you for writing the tales of the Merrick brothers and Hunter for us to enjoy.

Brigid:  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you doing your research before sending me interview questions!

Hehe!!  NERD ALERT!!!

Michelle:  As we are an Australian blog, I thought I would start by asking have you ever been to Australia ? If not, what is your impression of Australian people? You have chatted and friended many Australian bloggers. ( Is friended a word, lol?) 

Brigid:  Friended is totally a word! :) I have never been to Australia, but all the people I’ve met on this publication journey have been so amazing that I tell my husband at least once a week, “We absolutely must visit there.” I tell him at least once a month that we should probably move there. :-P Seriously, you’re all amazing. I was trying to write an Aussie character into Spirit, but the guy turned out to be a total ass, and I just couldn’t do that to you all. So I made him French. No! OMG. I’m totally kidding.

Michelle:  What Aussie food would you love to try, or is there something you would not like to try?

Brigid:  Okay, so I was shocked that Outback Steakhouse in Australia serves American food. I mean, I’m pretty sure they serve American food here, too (I mean honestly), but that was one of those things that just about knocked me off my chair. I don’t eat seafood, so I probably wouldn’t try shrimp on the barbie. (Do you really call it that?)

Michelle:  OOoo Nooo, shrimp are these wee little things. When I fished the Murray river as a kid with my nan, we used them as bait. Prawns are what you put on the barbie :)

Michelle:  I have a friend who is an author in the UK and his wife is nicknamed ‘The Hacker’, most affectionately of course, she is his strongest and most honest critic. They have this great team thing going on. Do you have a team thing, with your hubby, in regards to your writing?

Brigid:  Yes! My husband is my best friend. I could not do this without him. So here, I’ll tell you a story. When I got the news that I had an offer for Storm, it was the same week I got a positive pregnancy test. (Big week!) I already had one son, who’d been an easy baby, so I wasn’t stressed about trying to meet deadlines with an infant in the house. Well, fast forward nine months. I was trying to write Spark and the novella Elemental, and my baby had terrible colic. At the same time, my husband was also taking some night classes to finish his degree. The baby was constantly screaming, and wouldn’t sleep more than 90 minutes at a stretch. The Kemmerer household was in a constant state of stress and frustration and exhaustion. Our marriage was really being strained pretty much as far as it could go. One night, my husband said, “Hey, why don’t we start having study dates? After we get the kids in bed, we’ll make a pot of coffee. You write, I’ll do school work, and we’ll help each other.” It was brilliant. Totally reminded me why I was so in love with this man.


Michelle:  If you could be a paranormal being for a day, what type of being would you like to be and what would you like to do?

Brigid:  I would love to have wings. The first story I wrote (in eighth grade) was about a boy with wings.

Michelle:  Is there anything that you keep as a reminder of how far you have come as an author? Do you keep a type of scrapbook to show your children when they are old enough to appreciate what their mum has achieved?

Brigid:  Hey, now that’s a great idea! I should start one! No, I don’t keep anything. But I constantly remind myself of where I was. I don’t ever want to forget.

Michelle:   Is there anything special you like to do when one of your books hits the shelf?

Brigid:  Sadly, I’m really not a celebration person. When I finish a book, people always ask, “What did you do to celebrate?” And my answer almost always is, “Um…I started the next one…?”

Michelle:  Here is one of my FAVE q’s I like to ask. Yes, it’s the music Q.

Would you please be able to give me a song that best describes:

Becca, Michael, Gabriel, Nicky , Chris and Hunter, each.

Brigid:  Oh wow, I don’t have a song for all of them. BUT! I do have a song that I’ve come to think of as the theme song for the Elemental series: Something Beautiful by NeedToBreathe

See this is why I LOVE asking this Q. I learn new songs. This is PERFECT!!!!!!!! 

Michelle:  Spirit is the next book to hit the shelves May 2013. Would you please be able to give a quote from Spirit. We don’t need to know names, as in who said it, if possible? Please J 

If not, cool.

Brigid:  Yes! I’ll share my favourite little snippet. Though please note that this is pre-editing and may change in the final edition:

Hunter kept trying to tell his own body that she was injured, that she was seeking warmth, that this had nothing to do with anything.

His body was replying, DUDE. SHE IS NOT WEARING PANTS.

* waggles eyebrows* 

Michelle:  Thank you again Brigid for taking the time out of your uber , uber busy multi tasking day to answer my Q’s, it is much appreciated. See, I was dying to ask about the ‘Super sekrit projekt’, but I didn’t.......heheeeee!! Seriously, I am uber intrigued........

Brigid:  My pleasure! Thank you so much for having me! J


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Some of her will have to get the book to see the rest:)

BLOW - Keisha

Brigid would blast the song in her headphones and write Gabriel's scenes.  AWESOME!!!!!!

STRONGER - Kelly Clarkson

Girl Power song - Layne would love.


Brigid imagined this song playing in background with a scene with Layne and Gabriel.

STEREO HEARTS - Gym Class Heroes

FT. Adam Levine

Brigid thinks this captures Layne and Gabriel's romance.

MEAN - Taylor Swift

About standing up to bullies.
 Brigid listened on repeat about 100 X

EVERYBODY - Ingrid Michaelson

Backdrop for writing Hannah & Michael


Great backdrop for action scenes.

WITHOUT YOU - David Guetta 
FT. Usher

Romantic song that makes Brigid swoon for Layne and Gabriel

I LURVE this song!!

START A FIRE - Ryan Star

Brigid thinks this could be Gabriel's theme song.

YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Power Ballad. Brigid thinks it works for both Layne & Gabriel.
They are each others guardian angel.

Awwwwwwww!!!  *Sniff* 

YOU'RE GONNA GO FAR, KID - The Offspring

Angry song, intense and challenging.
What Brigid expects Gabriel to have blasting from his headphones.

WHEN SHE TURNS 18 - Christian TV

Brigid thinks the perfect song for a boy telling off the father of his girlfriend.


  1. I would love to win a copy of Spark. Missed out on review copy as well as participating in blog tour (i.e. wasn’t asked to lol).

    How could Brigid try to write an Aussie character and he turn into a dipshit? Obviously Americans experience a lot of opposite days ;) I hope to see an Aussie character in one of the books soon, with a trait from each of us.


    1. Awwww Braiden well here's your chance to win a copy. I missed out on Aussie Storm blog tour, but that is OK I always have plenty to keep out of trouble with. I thought I was like the last one of the Aussie bloggers to receive Spark. I am a bit behind. I will miss this series when it's finished. Brigid is so lovely to talk to.

      Thanks for dropping by:)


    2. Braiden, seriously, you're like my favorite person ever. I'm trying to laugh really quietly so I don't wake the baby. Hahahaha. OMG. :-)

    3. Did we mention we kind of adore Braiden? He is the official Aussie Merrick cousin! Alison can tell you how we feel about Australian cousins! ;)

  2. Hahaa Brigid is o funnnnyyy<3 She should totally visit Australia one day! All of us Aussie bloggies are DYING to meet her :D
    OMGGG Im SO glad you enjoyed Spark!!! It was sooo amazinggg<3 I'd love to win a copy - I read an ARC a while back, but never got round to getting a finished copy :D
    THank you so much for the giveaway!

    1. Hi Shirley,

      It would be wonderful if Brigid's publishers could bring her over to OZ. It's very hard not to LOVE Spark. Brigid makes writing a YA book look effortless. It was awesome of Allen & Unwin to offer these up for giveaway:) Woot! Spread the luurrrvvvee:)


    2. Did we mention Allen & Unwin ROCKS???

  3. I effing love We Are Young. I feel totally lame about it, but I luuuuuuurve it XD

    WONDERFUL interview! Oh goodness, the study dates with Brigid and her hubby. SO sweet ♥

    Also: I am totally OK with Brigid moving to Australia, though I'm going to have to insist she moves to Sydney :P

    1. I can't sing to save myself, but I can belt out Some Nights by Fun. The louder the music, the more nobody can hear me:)

      I did love Brigid's playlist. I love finding new songs:D


  4. Well I only own the first one so far, and have yet to read Spark so it would be great to win one! Love her writing style and the humour...also brought out by your interview. Those songs are the best part!

    scottliz dot anderson at gmail dot com :)

    1. Hi Liz,

      I love music , lyrics in relation to characters and books. It kind of brings a 3D thing for me to the character/s:D
      Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Awesome interview. Love how Amercian's say the shrimp on the barbie thing, always cracks me up. It would be great for Brigid to visit. Brigid sounds like such a lovely person.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


    1. Hehe!! The ol'Shrimp on the Barbie. Every time I read or hear that line, I always see those icky little shrimp I used to catch in shrimp pots on the Murray River and then thread on to a hook to fish with. great memories with my Nan, but icky shrimp:)


  6. OMD Michelle this was AWE-some!! Great review and AH-mazing interview! We keep hinting to Allen&Unwin they HAVE to bring Brigid over there (along with her publicist;) You guys should like camp out in their lobby until they acquiesce! We love all you Merricklicious Aussie bloggers! (Yes, you too Braiden...we are even a little IN LOVE with you!:)
    HOLLA from Merrickland!!!

    1. HoooOOlla Back at ya!


      It was fun interviewing Brigid. I was a bit nerd alert behind the scenes, but that is OK! After reading that little extract from Spirit, I am like BRING. IT .On!

      Patience....* sits in the corner *

      Thanks for dropping by!


    2. Just seeing these comments now and loving them - because I feel wanted. haha!

  7. I can't wait to start the series! I've heard the brothers are very hot! Glad to see she knows boys well! Great interview as well! Sad you don't celebrate! But writing the next one is probably the best celebration for fans.

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      You will LOVE this series. Hunter was my fave but then Gabriel took over by a weeee touch, but then I haven't read Spirit so .......

      Yes they are all gorgeous and such guys. I love how natural and real the stories feel. My son Jesse has a lot of Gabriel in him.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  8. Brigid is amazing! I can't say that enough times. She should definitely come to Australia, it's obvious we all want her here!! And your so right, she definitely has an awesome YA voice, I was blown away when I read Storm and I'll be so sad when the series ends, I love these Merrick boys and Hunter. I'd love to win a copy of Spark for a friend of mine, I've been getting people to read this series because I think everything about it is pure perfection :)

    1. Hi Zino,

      It is very hard not to like this series. Thanks for dropping by. 5 paperbacks is great odds to winning a copy:)


  9. I want to read this book so badly! And I'm in love with that cover :D

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Hi Jesse,

      They are great covers! I love the titles as well:D


  10. I have to agree with you Michelle. Brigid does an amazing job writing males. I'm thinking she must have grown up with a heap of brothers....
    Anyways, I really enjoyed Storm and would love to win a copy of Spark. I have reserved it at the library but a copy for keeps would be even better.

    1. Oooo ! Yes, it's nice to have your own copy to keep:D

      Good Luck!!!

      You are in the hands of random org:D


  11. Such a fabulous post. I'd love to read SPARK thank you. After the way the interview ended - hello!!


    1. I am with you Mary on the HElloOOoooo!!



  12. Brigid is hilarious!!! I absolutely adore SPARK!!!! Not many people can pull off writing from different POVS but The Elementalist books are amazing!! :)


    1. Hi Pavan,

      I do have a great time in Brigids books:D


  13. The cover is mesmerizing. Your review just made me want Spark so much right now! And good job on the interview, Brigid is sooo funny! :)

    1. Hi Jenny,

      This is an AWESOME YA series:D


  14. I love all the songs that were picked,especially We Are Young. I was listening to that song during my jogging workout.

  15. How in earth I did miss this book too. I really need to pay attention. I agree either Bridget needs to come here next year for a tour or move here
    And I want to know about the ‘Super sekrit projekt’!


  16. Winners Drawn:

    Please if you are not an Aussie , or have an Aussie address for the book to be sent to, I will have to redraw unfortunately.

    In order of random org choosing:


    Liz A

    Tash M




    I shall email you all now:D


  17. Great review. I just finished and also really appreciated how well done the action and fire scenes were.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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