Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Michelle the Bad Vampire
Today on Novels On The Run I want to introduce you to Rachelle D'Orsi a very talented artist. She came to my attention when I saw the artwork she created of  'Michelle the Bad Vampire' from Tim O'Rourke's Moonlight book, Moon # 1. 

I got myself a bad vampire character in Moonlight, but WOW! did Rachelle capture her perfectly. So I thought I would make a posting for Rachelle so she could show you some of her other artwork. 

Now I don't know much about artwork, but I do know that she would be able to create some wonderful character artwork for books. After seeing what she did with 'Michelle the Bad Vampire', if you have read Moonlight you will see the resemblance.  

I will let Rachelle tell you a bit about herself.

My name is Rachelle D'Orsi. I am from San Diego, CA. I now live in Wilmington, NC. I have been in love with art since a very young age. My dad Mark D'Orsi was a great artist; he passed his talent down to me. I learned a lot of my art skills from him; such as shading and how to look at an object and draw it from my perspective. I loved to take art classes in school because I always felt it was an opportunity to better my techniques. The types of mediums that I use most are oil pastels, acrylics and pencil. I love to finish a piece and see how much others enjoy them. I'm trying to shoot for the stars and do what I love for a living, which would be an awesome job. 

Rachelle D'Orsi

More of Rachelle's Artwork

How brilliant are these!!??

Seriously, after looking at these pieces she has created, I can see she would be awesome at character artwork and cover art and being commissioned for art in general.

I am getting Rachelle to sign 'Michelle the Bad Vampire' as I think it is totally awesome. 

If you would like to contact Rachelle, this is Rachelle's facebook link. Email :



  1. She captured your vampire essence perfectly!


    1. Ahh the essence of a bad vampire, that she has:D



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