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By: Jenna Black
Published By: Pan Macmillan, St Martin's Griffin
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 312 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

When Dana is invited to Faerie to be officially presented at the Seelie Court, it’s no easy decision. After all, everyone knows Titania, the Seelie Queen, wants her dead. But Titania claims not to be the one behind the death threats; and her son, Prince Henry, makes the decision a whole lot easier when he suggests Dana might be arrested for (supposedly) conspiring with her aunt Grace to usurp the Seelie throne. So she and her father better do as they're told . . 

The journey through Faerie is long—and treacherous. Dana thought it would be a good idea to have friends along, but her sort-of-boyfriend, Ethan, and her bodyguard’s son, Keane, just can’t seem to get along, and Kimber’s crush on Keane isn’t making things any easier. When a violent attack separates Dana from their caravan, the sexy Erlking saves her just in the nick of time . . . and makes it clear that he hasn’t given up on making her his own.

Arriving at Titania’s beautiful palace should be a relief. But Dana is soon implicated in an assassination attempt against Titania’s granddaughter, and is suddenly a fugitive, forced to leave her father behind as she and her friends flee for their lives. Will she be able to prove her innocence before the forces of the Seelie Court—or, worse, the Erlking—catch up with her? And will she save her father before he pays the ultimate price in her stead?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

For me personally, I feel like I have gone on a bit of a slippery dip ride like you get at the Carnivals, those badass long steep slides with the big bumps.

For me and my opinion only, Glimmerglass was a good book 1 but a bit wobbly. Shadowspell really was AWESOME and exciting and raised the YA bar in parts * waggles eyebrows * , I was left with a group of boys that were humma, humma. I was intrigued by the Erlking , Keane was the fey with the goth boy look and smartass attitude with Dana. Ethan I liked, but Keane threw off better vibes. Finn his father, ( yes I shall include Mr Men In Black Sunglasses) was gorgeous and cool in his dad kind of way .

Sirensong left me a bit on the down bump , rather than the ‘weeeeee’ bump where I am lifted a bit off the slide.

I enjoyed Sirensong, but I found the villain to be rather obvious as, well, the villain was. Sure there was a great twist thrown in, which I loved, at the detriment to this other poor character.

I loved we got to go to Faerie and visually that was nice to see in my head as I was reading. I thought there were a bit of shenanigans going on and the pace wasn’t there. Not after reading Shadowspell and seeing how Jenna handled that book.

I really loved the Green Lady, I thought she was a wonderful character. Showing us a little more of Connor was great. Getting the vibe that The Erlking has got some feelings , but we still aren’t quite sure whether to relax around him or fear him.

I missed Finn as he is a smexi dad, and Kimber is always great value, a real friend for Dana. The bickering between Ethan and Keane seemed kind of pointless.

I felt like Jenna had to make some decisions boys wise, in this book so the Erlking got a bit of a dressing down ( compared to in Shadowspell) , Ethan’s character didn’t really make me connect with him. I was connecting with Keane in Shadowspell , but then he didn’t really have a great part in this book. He was more a bickering verbal sparring partner for Ethan. I felt like the lads in this book all wobbled about a bit.

Dana certainly took charge more and had a stronger character role, which was nice to see. I liked seeing more of Seamus’ character. He didn’t feel as 1D as he felt in the other books. Dana connects better with him.

I am not sure why mum still has to be such a drunk? What point to this storyline is having mum continuing to be on the bottle? Her character really isn’t doing much. I want to put her in rehab, the poor love. I’ll pick up Girls Night Out # 3.5 Novella and check it out.

I am looking forward to reading more of this series. As an overall I really like the characters and the world Jenna has made for the reader over the last few books. I can see some different ways Jenna can now be taking the story now she has sorted out all these boys and where they are now slotted in my mind.



  1. I haven't read this series yet, but it sounds like it could be interesting, even if this book wasn't quite as great as the others :)

    Jesse @ Pretty in Fiction

    1. This series is a rollercoaster for me Jesse, but I did enjoy it. I felt like Jenna sorted what she was doing with the boys in this book more.



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