Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today on Novels On The Run I want to show off Tim O'Rourke's book cover/artwork that Miss Suzi Midnight designed for him. Very talented lady is Miss Suzi.

I have 'The League of Doorways' cover which should be showing up on Amazon anytime now. This is the second book in the Doorways trilogy. Amazon Link for Doorways Book # 1.


Suzi has some AWESOME!!! detail on this cover.
Smashing, brilliant cover!!

I would also like to congratulate Tim,  woo hoot!! for signing with Chicken House currently for two books in the Flashes series. This is not released yet and Miss Suzi Midnight designed this piece of artwork for it.

Suzi has really given the reader a wonderful idea of what Flashes could be about. I know she is spot on . Flashes will be releasing next year 2013 sometime. This is such a beautiful piece of artwork. I love how my eyes lead into the picture when I start at the train tracks. The train looks also like a camera to me and the light coming from the train looks like a flash going off , to me. She really has given this image depth. I LOVE IT!! It's one of my fave artworks she has done for Tim. I have my fingers crossed that it stays and Chicken House use it as the book cover . 

I will be having a special skype vlog interview with Tim shortly and I will let him tell you all about being published by Chicken House amongst other probing questions.

I also have something else , that will hopefully be fun, coming in vlog format for you to watch too. I am just sorting my interview and this other vlog thing out . It is taking a bit of preparation. I have to be at one with the camera, lol!! This will involve a smashing giveaway.

I have not read Doorways or The League of Doorways yet, but I shall be reading and reviewing shortly. I have followed Tim from the start and had a lot of fun, and some tears, reading his books. He has sold over 126,000 digital books as a self published author in little over a year. He is a really lovely author and is always happy to chat to his fans. 

Stay tuned for some fun vlogs in the near future.



  1. Wow, the covers both look GORGEOUS! I think my favourite one is definitely Flashes. I like how the cover really reflects the title. I definitely have to check this book out ;)

    Thank you for sharing the cover reveals, Michelle! ♥

    1. Hi Celine:D

      Suzi is rocking the covers. Flashes is just so spot on with the story. She did a really cool job of this design. I do hope Chicken House keep it as I can't imagine there being a better design as it covers the story very well, well you know what I mean. Once people read the story they will go, 'oh yeah!!'

      Thanks for dropping by:)


  2. Looking forward to hearing more Flashes news!


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