Monday, June 18, 2012


MMMMM...... It's time for
M & M's Marvelous Monday Mailbox , our delicious sweet reads Marissa & Michelle have received to devour.


Hope you having a lovely day and you stuff your face on cake,
get spoiled by pressies galore,  and remember, you are that much closer to my a teeny way...who am I kidding.....




Michelle's MmMmm....

P.s. In the vid when I say the Dystopian isn't great with Stormdancer, I don't mean it isn't good, far from it , I meant there was much more Japanese and Streampunk influence than dystopian. I had done so many takes on this vid that I was starting to forget things etc.....

Thankyou to the following Publishers:

Hachette Aust : 

Serpent's Kiss - The Beauchamp Family # 2 by
 Melissa de la Cruz
Slave to Sensation - Psy-Changeling # 1 by Nalini Singh
Visions of Heat - Psy-Changeling # 2 by Nalini Singh
Darkness Devours - Dark Angel series # 3 by Keri Arthur

Pan Macmillan Aust :

Stormdancer - The Lotus War # 1 by Jay Kristoff

Harper Collins Aust:

Insurgent - Divergent # 2 by Veronica Roth


Throne of Glass - Throne of Glass # 1 by Sarah J. Maas

Simon & Schuster:

Deadly Hemlock - Hemlock # 1 by Kathleen Peacock
Unrest by Michelle Harrison

Allen & Unwin:

City Of Lies - The Keepers # 2 by Lian Tanner
Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer

Penguin Australia

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead - Bloodlines # 2

I won
From 'You Give We Give ' 
(This was a while back)

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini - Signed paperback & Bookmark
Change of Heart by Shari Maurer - Signed Hardback
My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter - Signed paperback


Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews


Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Happy Reading!!


Hey Everyone!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I was SHOCKED.....I received no books!!
My kids even said that they would have bought me books...but as I have so many they didnt know what to buy!
So instead I got spoilt with shoes, accessories and from darling husband......
Motorcycle Lessons!!

Now for my books....
I only have a small collection this time.

Received from publisher for review:


Kathleen Peacock

Michelle Harrison

Daniel H. Wilson
I am almost finished Amped and will post a review soon.  I am totally enjoying Daniel's latest Sci-Fi offering.


Elizabeth Norris



  1. Happy birthday Marissa!

    Wow lots of cool reads Michelle! I want Serpent's Kiss!

    1. Hey Braine!!

      I just sw your haul!!! rather both your hauls!! WOW!! Lots of reading:D



  2. Happy Birthday, Marissa!!! Hope you have an amazing day and of course, lots and lots of bookie presents :D

    I couldn't watch your video in full because my internet has been a pain in the ass lately (I need to a higher speed!!) but what I did watch... can I just say, you have this really fun, down-to-earth kind of vibe around you that really makes it so enjoyable to watch! I don't know the word to describe it exactly, you're just awesome :D

    I LOVE the presentation of Between the Lines! It is so stunning, I really hope the story lives up to it. Oh, I'm happy your YGWG prizes finally arrived! I think Jess recently sent off the winners, I'm not entirely sure. But sorry it's taken so long!

    INSURGENT!!! It. Is. AMAZING. Just... wow. I can't WAIT to see what you think!! I'm also dying to read Throne of Glass, but I have so many more on my TBR I have to get to before it's released. Bah. The woes AND the joys of being a book blogger!

    Anywho, you've had an AMAZING book week. Have fun reading all these!

    1. Brodie ,

      Hehe!! I am a nutbag with my vlogs , I actually forgot to say the title to Between The Lines, I get that nervous that I get some takes right with other stuff and blow it with other stuff so I throw my hands in the air and I go 'that will have to do'!! I try so hard to make it about 7 minutes, but then I get that excited about books ...well I blew out to 16 mins...crikey!!! I do try, but I am talking about several weeks of books:D

      Thanks for dropping by:)


  3. The Dark and Hollow Places takes the reader into the Dark City, formerly known as New York City, with Annah. She's alone in this city of crime and oppression, ruled by the Recruiters since the rebellion. She's taken care of herself for three years since Elias (her brother/not brother) left to join the recruiters.

    When Annah finds herself suddenly teamed up with Catcher, a boy immune to the plague of the unconsecrated, and who claims to know Elias as well as her long lost twin sister, her world begins to spiral out of control.

    Ryan does an amazing job weaving a world full of chaos, greed, and humans losing their humanity in a world where they are on the verge of extinction. But through it all there are some who refuse to lose their feeling, even through all the pain, because it means they are still human.

    I loved the ending of this book as it reaches for the answer to the question, how far would you go to survive?

  4. I really want to read the Jodi Picoult book. I want to see how she does with YA fiction. I've loved all of her adult books.

    1. I haven't read any Jodi yet, I loved My Sister's Keeper the movie, so this will be my first. It looks kinda a sweet book:D


  5. I'm so glad you guys are doing these posts again, I love to see what books you're getting. Michelle, your vlogs are awesome, you have nothing to worry about, I could actually listen to you talk about books for ages, your enthusiasm really shines through and you always get a good mix of books and I end up adding more to my wishlist lol!

    I do like how you show the books, not just a quick flash of the cover, but it's not see the front and back and the content, not many bloggers do that, so thanks you for doing that :-)

    I'm torn with Stormdancer, I just don't know if it's too Japanese for me?!.. I love the sound of all the other elements to it.. the cover is beautiful though.. maybe one for the Kindle, to use the dictionary for the words? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.

    1. I meant, it's nice to see the front and the back etc... I think my brain works faster than what I can type lol!

    2. Hi The Blonde Zombie,

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments. Oh , trust me the Japanese isn't too much, it actually enriches the story, it breathes wonderful life into Jay's storytelling. It's what I loved about the book and you just have to read this story. I recommend the Glossary as he will call the shoe by the Japanese name and the outfit Yukiko is wearing, but when you know that, well you know it. It's very smart having a glossary for this book, but you can read it without it. I personally, love knowing the proper term for something so I love a glossary ( nerd alert !! hehe!! )

      Awwww, thankyou about the vlog, I feel a total douchebag, and I do a ridiculous amount of takes, but I love talking about books and I love the effort that some publishers put into their covers. Digital are wonderful and light weight, hehe!! but I do love holding a book and Stormdancer is one of those books you want to hold when you read:D:D

      Thanks again for dropping by!!


  6. I'm so jealous of Obsidian! I'm apart of the Daemon Invasion but I still haven't read it yet. I cannot wait to read Between The Lines because it looks so good, and I'm reading Insurgent right now and it's so good! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week and here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

    1. Hey PAige,

      Oh, you must find the time to read Obsidian, Daemon is a great YA guy!

      Thanks for dropping by:D


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a good one :)

    1. Thanks Teresa! Yep...Had a great one :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Marissa!!

    @Michelle: I see you finally got your copy of Obsidian! :p


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