Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today on Indie Author Spotlight we are spotlighting C.L. Causer's  book , 'Power Within'. I have a nice excerpt for you to read.


Charlotte 'Charlie' Gordon wants nothing more, than to be a normal girl. But having a near death experience as a child, she finds out that she has powers. After accidentally electrocuting her sister and blowing up her mother's kitchen, she suppresses her powers for ten years. Unknowing that there are more people like her out there. A lot more.

That is until a secret group of them try and hunt her down because of her unusual abilities. Forcing her family into hiding, she goes on the run. Having to learn about her powers and her past, she meets many new friends along the way. But you can't run forever. Someone close to her has betrayed her to the very people she is running from.

“Are they gone?” her mother asked, flicking her eyes up at Charlie. 

“I wouldn’t worry about them getting up any time soon, Mrs. Gordon,” Jake answered as he went to help Valerie.

Daisy was trying her best to hold her quivering lip in check as she helped Steven untie her parents.

“Yeah. Charlie froze the blonde ones arm off and I knocked out the leader bloke with your pasta pot,” Steven added, slightly too enthusiastically.

“I hope you didn’t use the good pan - wait. What did Charlotte do?” asked her mother.

She stopped fussing with her husband and her gaze was now darting between Steven and Charlie. And so was their Dad’s. And Dave’s and Jane’s. Charlie tried to think of something to say, but then a choking sob escaped Daisy. She launched herself at her parents who fiercely held her, telling her that everything was going to be okay.

Charlie was not sure which one was worse. The expectant gaze from her family or hearing Daisy’s muffled sobs.

“It’s nothing,” she said, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“They’re not going to do anything. That’s all that matters at the moment,” Jake said calmly, helping Valerie to her feet.

“Well,” Valerie sniffed angrily, as she tried to pat down her messy hair, “You always knew how to liven things up around here.”

Shaking Jake’s helping hand off, Valerie raised her head and started to walk past Charlie.

“Val, wait-,” Charlie said trying to stop her.

“No,” Valerie said angrily raising her hands out of Charlie’s reach and stepped away.

“As much as I just love your little visits, you bought this trouble on us,” Valerie hissed, pointing her finger at Charlie.

“Valerie,” their dad warned.

“What? I’m only saying what you’re all thinking,” she shouted. “We all heard him going on about you. That you’re just the same as them.”

“I am nothing like them,” Charlie snapped, feeling her face heat up.

“You’re exactly like them,” she screamed hysterically. “Freaks that break everything they touch. And Ryan-” she choked.

Covering her face with her hands, she gave herself a few moments to pull herself together. Their mother got up and touched her shoulder. Valerie stepped out of it and shook her head.

“They should have taken you away a long time ago,” Valeria said numbly to Charlie.

I hope you enjoyed that excerpt , the blurb has me intrigued to know more. Check C.L. Causer's page out with the link above.



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