Saturday, April 14, 2012


By: LM Dewalt
Published By : Central Avenue Publishing
Released : Available Now
Details : Digital , 302 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

Lily is a tragic and lonely vampire, unwittingly brought into her existence by Ian, a selfish but beautiful maker who has captured her heart for decades, even though he left her with no compass on how to navigate her strange new world. When she meets a coven of vampires that takes her in and treats her like family, all she thought she knew is brought into question. Things are further complicated when she finally finds love – Christian, a human man. Just when she's finally found happiness, Ian reappears, threatening to destroy everything Lily holds dear. When he once again removes all her choices, Lily is thrown into a world where Ian's ongoing sins are unstoppable and her family and newfound love seem lost forever.

Thankyou to LM Dewalt for this read.


19 Year old Lily Townsend is a vampire. She lives by herself and is deeply hurt by her maker, Ian McGuinness , who left her in 1940. She has lived an isolated life, by her choice, making no friends. Gone are the days when she was a little girl and she fantasised about vampires.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Lily can hear others thoughts.

Jack and the little old lady, Clara, live in her apartment building.  Jack decides to be bold and ask Lily to dinner, but of course she heard him think it. She takes a chance and spends an evening with Jack, pizza and conversation.

Human food is not something Lily likes to consume, so it winds up in her empty purse. Jack wants to get to know Lily more, she panics and flees.

Sitting alone at the beach, Kalia finds Lily and she is welcomed into Kalia’s vampire family. Now, things are going swimmingly. Aaron is Kalia’s husband. He is a gorgeous character. The father figure to Lily and the fledgling vampire Maia, who is also part of her new vampire family. Maia needs a ‘stinky dead fish slap’ from me, the girl has some issues.

Lily decides to further her learning skills and enrols in an Introduction to Archeology course at the Community College. Swiiiiinnnggg, enter  the guy from the coffee shop, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, hottie, Mr Christian Rexer and he is one hundred percent human.

There is this magnetism that draws these two together.

The saying you don’t know what you lost until somebody else wants it.....well near enough....Ian is doing his mind mojo on Lily and he is not happy about Christian.

Things turn from bad to worse and Lily finds herself in Ireland.

Ian is suitably a bad vampire, filled with jealousys and spite and a need to hear he is loved.

I grew to like Fiore, Pierce is a cutie and I think this time round Maia may have got a bad rap.

LM Dewalt pulled out a couple great little horrid vampire moments. I would love to have read one of these as it happened and ‘felt’ the fear that came with it.

I shall be honest and say that I enjoyed the story , very much, but , I thought LM  wrote into her storyline some maybe not so original bits with some of her characters vampire behaviour. I would have liked her to have made some of the things they did, more her own.

I was thinking maybe Christian’s character was a bit too soft , didn’t question anything, but then, he does bring it and with the ending, I am really looking forward to book 2 Datura.

The latter half of this book heats up and I think the party has only got started, bring on Datura!

Me thinks Christian has some secrets that even he doesn’t know.....

I love both of the books covers. Lily is a very pretty cover and Datura, looks like Lily ( if it is Lily?) means business.



  1. I love the cover lady in Datura. I am going to send you an email later about your kindle books, i hope you have some titles that you could lend me hahahahah.

  2. This series looks like a great read! Added to my reads list.
    Thanks for sharing!
    DeAnna Schultz


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