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I am such a HUGE fan of J.R. Ward's writing .
After finishing Lover Reborn, I am just .......
..........well, here are my thoughts.

The Lover Reborn Kit


Glass of calming wine

Pillow for when you want to have a little sookie


This book is over 4.5cm thick, the writing small, the book tall.

572 Pages to Savour




I was blown away by how POWERFUL The Warden’s writing was in this instalment.

Tohr, lives up to his name of Tohrment. The poor love gets a right wringing out by The Warden. Some may be annoyed at how Tohr treats NoÓne. I get it. This hellren has been with Wellsie, his love, his mate, his shellan for two hundred years.....then it was ALL , plus some, taken from him. The pain the reader ‘feels’ for Tohr, is hard to read. He is all over the place. He is fighting within himself not to ‘feel’. He is expected to get his act together after such a great loss, after not a lot of time has passed. He can’t afford the time to live like he has been living ...... anymore.

DEVIANT ART - doyles-slave

We learn more about other relationships in this book.  I liked how The Warden dredges up emotion from the Brothers . They are strong, they fight to win, but when it comes to their Shellan’s......they often have a learning curve , a wall they must slam against until those bricks shift and start to fall .

Lassiter, do I love this guy. He adds humour and he learns a thing or two . He is a great addition to this series. I can’t wait to read more about him. I love his TV addiction.

The Band of Bastards.......oh there is another ten books in this series by including these boys. I can already see a book for Xcor and a book for Throe......and......

Funnily enough by the end of this book I was waving my flag for Xcor. The guy isn’t pulling the good looks, being the son of the Bloodletter, he has his ways about him.....but he has something that the reader sees....there is hope I think. No doubt it will be a gruelling path, and a massive wall to break down, but I am up for the challenge.

Deviant Art - Blaubeerstrauch90

Quinn and Blay.............. talk about walls..........* sigh*

This was a book I took my time reading, we know it’s a long time between books and I can see why. The amount of writing and emotion that is dripped through these pages, it’s worth the wait.
Oh and today I heard about the rumour mill and FB, book 11 is appearing to be Quinn and Blay's story.....fingers crossed.



  1. I can't wait to read this book <3 Your review tempted me a lot, haha xD
    And yeah, Quinn and Blay's story is coming *-------*

    1. Hi Beatriz,

      I do love BDB. I think we got a handle on how she may handle TEam Quay..hehe:D

  2. I love your kit but i think i'll make that a bottle of calming wine for me. LOL ward annpunced that the next book is about Qhinn and Blay so i'm more excited to see thay. I love Lassiter's TV addiction too. Thanks for hopping with us!

    1. Braine,

      Well a glass per hour...hehe!!! Lassiter I think is going to surprise everyone. I can see him being the sarcastic, comic relief but I reckon he will get a book too. There is something about that guy:D Mind you I think we are running out of chickie babes, made need some more introduced??

  3. I only got the chance to read the first book (which I really enjoyed) and then Butch's book (not so much) because that is all my library carries. I was hoping with the whole Borders closing that I would be able to snag the set that I had been eying but someone got to it first. I keep hearing all this great stuff about it. Once I finish the Lords of the Underworld series, I might just have to buy this series.

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Book 1 was good but they get better. I think you have to read them in order and Butch was book 4?? if my memory is correct. You missed Rhage and Zsadist...oh be still my pain filled heart for Zsadist. He is one of my faves...but then Butch and V are my faves too....oh I have a few faves...hehe!!Read them in order as there is a lot of emotion and underlying story woven through them all:D


      p.s. and have fun * waggles eyebrows *


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