Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On Thursday 22nd march 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting
author of the Evernight Series, Balthazar and Fateful.

Thanks to the awesome Ann & Jeremy at Dymocks Garden City, Booragoon I was asked to host the Q&A portion of the evening.  What a thrill and yes....I was a tad nervous!  Ann provided trays of very yummy sandwiches for everyone - what a great hostess!

Front of My T-shirt I Wore!
Back of my T-shirt!
The evening started out in a rush - thanks to peak hour in took me nearly 2hrs to travel from home to the AH Bracks Library in Melville. Now this should only take 50min tops!!   Thankfully, however, Claudia and her publicist Lara (HarperCollins) were also stuck in traffic!  I managed to arrive dead on 6pm - with Claudia and Lara arriving 40min later.

To kill some time and keep everyone happy - it was decided to throw me in the deep end and provide a spot quiz for the audience with prizes being the much sought after black Balthazar Australian Tour t-shirts.  These went down a treat.  Thankfully I managed to snag a tee for myself! 

The super awesome T-shirt!

Claudia then arrived and took her place at the front. We were introduced by the lovely librarian Dominique Ward from AH Bracks Library, Melville.  Then it was time for the Q&A session with yours truly and Claudia Gray! Nervous....yes.  Did I video it? - Nope and totally bummed out that I didn't :(  It would have made for a great addition to this posting for those to see Claudia in action. 

After my series of questions we opened it up to the audience and had some great questions from people.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and really enjoyed her answers. 

As a quickie to the most sought after answer........yes Claudia would like to write more continuing from Balthazar, but to date nothing has been set in stone with the publisher!  So we won't be discounting it all together people!!

Signing for the masses!

The night ended with Claudia meeting her fans, having photos taken and signing a million items!!  And the she was whisked away by Lara to the comfy arm chairs of the La Premiere cinema to see The Hunger Games movie!

An International Giveaway was held during the original posting of this event.  Below are the prizes that were won!  Don't they look awesome?!  I have one of the A4 pics framed and on my wall in my office :)

1st Prize
Front and Back of The bookmarks for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Prizes


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  1. The event sounds and looks like it was fantastic! There was no talk or Q&A in Sydney but it was nice to have a quick chat to Claudia as she signed our books and at the end too.

  2. The event sounded awesome. I was meant to go to Gray's signing here in Brisbane but wasn't able to make it. Anyway thanks for making this an international giveaway!

  3. Yay for Marissa!! Your tee's are fantastic!


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