Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Potter TXT to Michelle: Hey sweetcheeks, I heard you're back in town!

Michelle TXT: Potter! How did you get my cell number?

Potter TXT : Stop pretending to your followers that you don't know how I got your number sweetcheeks! You know you slipped it into my hand the last time you interviewed me!

Michelle TXT : Ha! You wish. Well if you aren’t going to tell me I can only assume you made it a point to track it down.

Potter TXT: * wink* Fancy getting together? I've still got the Manilow on ice!

Michelle TXT: Err.....How about we start with an interview, I hear you have your own book, Wolf House, want to catch up in person?

Potter TXT:  Sure thing Tiger.....then the Manilow?

Michelle TXT: You don’t give up do you? Awww...I don't know if I'll have time - I've got to catch my flight back Down Under. Where and when do you suggest for interview and we will see about the Manilow?

Potter TXT: I know this romantic little place called the Super Sausage. It's very discreet!

Super Sausage actually exists
in Pottersbury UK
Michelle TXT: Really? ..It’s called the Super Sausage and it’s romantic, you say? Um....is this for business or pleasure, lol! What's the address Potter?

Potter TXT: Believe it or not, it’s in a little village called Pottersbury!

Michelle TXT: Now you're just teasing me! You sure this book of yours hasn’t gone to your head? I’ll look it up. I’m free today at 1pm.

Potter TXT: Don't even get me started! See you there!

Michelle TXT : Sometimes it’s fun when you get started....


Michelle:  Hi Potter or should I call you Sean? Congratulations on your very own Novella, ‘Wolf House’. I see you are showing more and more skin on each book cover. You are looking very ..errr..fit. How do you keep in shape? I thought the growing number of ladies attentions you are attracting may want to know.

Not at all ogling his nice muscles bulging under his black t-shirt and those jeans....

Potter:  I was glad that Tim gave me the chance to tell a little more about myself in ‘Wolf House’. There was stuff that I needed to get off my chest and Tim gave me the chance to do that.

As for the comment about my fitness you’re pretty hot yourself tiger! *winks and stubs out cigarette*

*cough/splutter/red face*

Potter:  I don’t follow any workout programme - I find that my everyday adventures keep me looking fit. I’m always on the go and believe it or not Lot 13 is calorie free! Lol!

Michelle:   You show us a bit more of Sean Potter in Wolf House, you still have that smart mouth that I kinda love and brings a smile to my face.

In your own words, what 5 words describes you?

Potter:  Misunderstood, Honest, Loyal, Passionate, Smoker.

...and cranky...well sometimes he is...oh and smexi...I'm not saying any of this out loud, am I ?

Michelle:  If you had a night where you could just relax, no chasing vampires, werewolves, looking for Luke, rescuing anybody or madly escaping from the bad guys. What would Potter do for just Potter, to relax?

Potter:  There is nothing better than crashing out on the couch and watching movies. As you’ll probably guess, I enjoy nothing more than winding up Isidor by making reference to him and certain movie icons. I’ve compared him to Van Helsing, B.A. Baracuss and Shaggy! Lol! Believe it or not, I love watching cartoons - Scooby-Doo is my favourite.

Snap! I love Scooby Doo. Errr... possibly showing my age....

Michelle:   What is your favourite food and beverage that isn’t blood or flesh? Not that there is anything wrong with blood or flesh *screws face up*

Potter:  Steak - extremely rare *winks* and a bottle of coke - it has to be in a glass bottle!

Snap! I love Coke...apart from the whole bloody steak thing, I am seeing some things we have in common...

Michelle:  I’ve noticed you have been getting some smexi time out in the series *waggles eyebrows*. What song would you say describes where you and Kiera are at right now?

Potter:  I’ve thought about this a lot sweetcheeks and I know how important music is to Kiera. The song that keeps going around in my head when I think of her is ‘One’ by U2.

I think the line “Did I disappoint you - leave a bad taste in your mouth?” is kinda haunting me as much as the look of fear in Kiera’s eyes when I killed Eloisa in front of her. But I had my reasons - I really did. The line, “We’re one but not the same - but we get to carry each other” also means a lot to me. I think Kiera and me are one, but also very different. Not just in the sense that she is a half-breed and I’m Vampyrus, but emotionally and how we see things too. But despite all that, like the song says, we have carried each other on our journey through the four books so far.

Whether that continues, I don’t know - you’ll have to ask Tim.

The song also has the following lines, “Have you come here for forgiveness, have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus, to heal the lepers in your head?”

It kinda sums up Kiera in so many ways for me. I know deep down that Kiera has an internal struggle going on. She hasn’t yet dealt with her inner conflict at the thought that she is a half-breed. I know it scares her. She also has the whole mum and dad hang-up going on too. I’m mean, she’s been let down pretty bad in that department and a part of me knows how that feels. But it’s the decision that lays ahead for her - how is she going to choose which species will live and which will die? How do you decide something like that? Her burden must be great. Selfishly, I’d love her to pick the Vampyrus race to survive or that’s me gone too - game over. But it is a decision that only she can make.

The song also has these lines which I think gives some idea as to how Kiera can make me feel sometimes - no most of the time - if I’m honest with myself. “You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl "- and "I can’t be holding on to what you’ve got, when all you’ve got is hurt.”

Kiera lets me in sometimes, then kinda pushes me away. It was like the time we were arguing in the canteen at the Police Station in Wasp Water. She asks me to kiss her and you know I’m not going to refuse! But when I ask her how she feels about me or what will happen when Luke comes back, she won’t give me a straight answer. That can be hard sometimes.

So yeah, in answer to your question, “One” by U2 is the song that describes where me and Kiera are right now.

I had to put Mary J Blige and Bono version up as it's my fave.

Michelle:  What song would you say describes Potter best?

Potter:  I know most people think that I’m an arrogant jerk and I really don’t understand this - but they can think what they want, I couldn’t give a rats arse. But the song that describes me the most is ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars. I’ll do anything for those people that matter to me. I’ll help them, put my life in danger to save them and there’s one that I would die for.

Maybe a cranky pants sometimes...but not arrogant jerk, I think he is cute when he is cranky...still not saying any of this out loud.

Awww....I always knew Potter was my kind of guy.

Michelle:  What is one thing somebody could give to you that would mean the world?

Potter:  Bring Murphy back!

Awww, I miss Murphy too.

Michelle:  You seem to be getting along a lot better with Isidor and Kayla... ha! she has become quite fearless since your pep talk with her. If I was to say to you that I think Potter is more bark than bite, what would be your response?

Potter:  You really wouldn’t want me to bite you sweetcheeks - but then again maybe you would? *winks* My problem with Kayla and what’s his face? Isidor! They were moping around the place booing and wooing the whole time. I really don’t think they had grasped the nettle - I mean we’re in deep shit and all they were doing was focusing in on their own grief and self-pity. They can do all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that they want once we’ve defeated these rogue Vampyrus and Lycanthrope - but jeez, they were going to get us all killed the way they were going on. What’s happened to them is tough - but life is tough and you can’t just roll over and give-up. It doesn’t matter how hard life knocks you over at times - what counts is whether you get back-up.

Hmmm..Potter biting me....glad I am thinking this all to myself....

Michelle:   If this series got made into a movie, who would you think could play the part of Potter and do it justice?

Potter:  I think only me could play me! *lights a cigarette* I could do all my own stunts too. You wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on all that fancy CGI - I’ve got the wings for real! But if they couldn’t afford me I think Josh Holloway or Bradley Cooper. They both look older than me and I’m much better looking - but I like their style.

Oh , Bradley has potential and Josh, well he has that smart ass attitude from 'Lost'..tough choice.

*Moves chair closer to Potter*

Michelle:   * whispers* Just between you and me, is there anything you can tell me about Vampire Hollows? I know it’s being released in February 2012 and you are in it, and no doubt there will be blood....I won’t tell anyone or Tim. *innocent look*

Potter:  Move even closer and I’ll whisper in your ear.
Okay, some of us don’t make it out of the Hollows alive. As for me - I don’t know if I’m one of them - Tim won’t talk about it.

I so did not lean in closer then.

Michelle :  *looks at watch* Thank you for chatting with me today Potter. I’m looking forward to reading what you get up to in Vampire Hollows.....um ..any chance I could grab a lift to the airport, I'm running late for my flight.

Potter:  Well Tiger, let's just step outside and I can deliver you myself . I'll have you there in a jiffy. You may want to hold on tight. *wink*

Michelle:  Safety always first.

Leave a comment down below with who you think would make the better Potter, apart from Potter himself, Bradley or Josh. I am swinging towards Josh.


  1. Hahahaha! So funny! Thanks for recommending this series Michelle, I'll be featuring this in our blog soon. :)

  2. Hey Braine,

    I do have fun with Tim's books and characters and interviews:D


  3. I like Brandon Roush for the Potter role. Thanks for the interview Michelle. How did it feel to get flown to the airport ?

  4. Hi Jbthenurse,

    Brandon is rather nice too...oh and I highly recommend the flight to the airport:D


  5. Oh boy . . . definitely Josh !! *drool*

  6. Hi Suzi * waves*

    I am liking Josh too, he just has that something about him, very Potter!



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