Saturday, January 21, 2012


By: Devon Monk
Published By : ROC
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 346 Pages


Book Blurb: Taken From Goodreads

In the secret lockup of the Authority, the council that decides what can and can't be done with magic, an undead magic user has possessed one of the prisoners. He wants his freedom-and then some. Now Allie Beckstrom and her lover, Zayvion, are the first line of defense against the chaos he's about to unleash on the city of Portland...


I am rather addicted to this series. Devon has such a great cast of characters. I am truly in love with Shamus Flynn aka Shame.

This instalment in the series has Terric, Shame, Zay and Allie pretty much together the whole book and I likey.

I just love how loyal Shame is. He is such a great guy, smart mouthed, funny and will do anything for Terric. Now this whole thing that’s going on between these two Soul Compliments.....well...what is going on? I think I want them to get IT going on, like truly there is just SOMETHING between these two guys.

Daniel still has me totally muddled to his whole purpose of being in Allie’s head and his motives and ????? We learn more in this book, but I am truly none the wiser if he is appearing to be this father who would throw Allie under the nearest bus if it got him to what he was trying to achieve or if he isn’t that bad and we are all misinterpreting him. This is still a mystery to me. I have always kept my mind open to us being led down a garden path and Daniel actually for the greater good and not the total douche bag of a father that he can come across as. Violet must have seen something in him.

Violet and Kevin, I want to know more about them. Kevin intrigues me.

Zayvion is still the most gorgeous guy , it’s a no brainer at this stage that he and Allie are there for the long haul. I don’t have this fear of them breaking up like in the earlier books. I know all this Soul Compliment stuff doesn’t usually fair well for the couples in the long run, but I think these two will be ok. I would have liked them to have been closer in this book. I know they are in love and he is very protective of Allie, but his emotions sometimes can be a little wooden. I know he has a big job to handle, but .....

Now back to Shame......I literally look forward to reading about him and Terric, more so Shame. He is written very well and I love what comes out of his mouth. He is a rebel with a cause.

I just burn through these books, I simply love them.

And then there is my guy who is just the cutest...Stone. I so want one of these. I love how Shamus brought over Jenga for Stone. HA!! teaching him how to play. Just the happiness in Stone when he can stack , build things. He always seems to appear when somebody needs protecting who is vulnerable.

The box of Allie’s dreams locked in Daniel’s brain is going to an obvious deduction there, due to what we find out in this book, but then I could be totally sniffing down the wrong road.

Totally bouncy for ‘Magic on the Line’, my library didn’t seem to have that on their list...shock..horror. Then ‘Magic Without Mercy’ , due for release April 3rd 2012, which I am totally excited about.

I highly recommend this very intelligent, original, well thought out series and the characters you will love. You will be addicted.



  1. Wow! This books sounds really good!! I should add this to my TBR! The summary is really interesting. Thank you so much for the review, Michelle! :)

    Celine @ Forget-me-not

  2. Hi Celine,

    I just love this Urban Fantasy series, it's very original and all the characters are awesome, even Daniel has his moments. I can't work out why my library has every book to date but Magic On The Line...I am dying to read it!

    Thanks for your lovely comment.



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