Friday, November 25, 2011


By: Jeaniene Frost
Published By : Avon Books
Released : Available Now
Details : Paperback from library, 357 Pages



Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

You can run from the grave, but you can't hide . . .

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead. She's still using everything Bones, her sexy and dangerous ex, taught her, but when Cat is targeted for assassination, the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behind.

Being around him awakens all her emotions, from the adrenaline kick of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them. But a price on her head—wanted: dead or half-alive—means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones. And no matter how hard she tries to keep things professional between them, she'll find that desire lasts forever . . . and that Bones won't let her get away again.


Where to start with this installment in the series.

I want to go straight to chapter 32...* fans oneself ... and then fans oneself again ... and throws a bucket of ice cold water over my head *, but I will get to that shortly. Well, I might just give you these quotes.

"You’d better out perform any service you gave to her or anyone else, because if I don’t wake up tomorrow red in the face from embarrassment at what you did to me. I’ll be disappointed.”

“...I promise you this...” His voice deepened. “You’ll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again.”

Half Way to the Grave, book # 1 was a fun read and I hoped the following books in the series would get better and better. I liked Cat’s character, but could see that she was still getting her footing in book 1.

Bones was visually too much like Spike from Buffy, BUT!! then we get to book # 2.

Jeaniene wisely gave Bones a makeover, taking that Spike visual away, which I really liked. I wanted Bones to stand out more, get his own identity.

The time lapse between book 1 and book 2 is 4 years. Jeaniene gave Cat and Bones space. Cat has become this FBI paranormal agent who has a team of great guys. Tate, Juan ( Bless Juan and the things he says), Cooper, and Dave. After the Dear John letter, she got on with her life and kept those she loves safe. Sure she sacrificed a lot, but she did what she felt was right.

Don has been keeping things from Cat and she isn’t happy, now Cat is keeping things from Don.

When Bones comes back into Cat’s life he comes back in Bones style. I really love Bones now. I thought he was a bit of a lad in Half Way to the Grave, but in this book you see a much deeper Bones.

I liked that Jeaniene gave us Tate and how he feels about Cat. Tate is having a change of heart. Juan kind of goes with the flow, he will back anybody if it’s for the right reason, he doesn’t judge like Tate does. Tate, needs convincing and I do believe he got convinced a couple times in this book.

The thing with Bones’s character is he is a Master vampire and Master vampires stand out. He isn’t a young vampire. He has quite a long history. As a human he was a whore. He knows a few smexi tricks when it comes to chapter 32. This chapter is very adult and be warned Bones doesn’t hold back in the slightest. I am familiar with Black Dagger Brotherhood and even The Warden didn’t go there, well she did with some of it naturally, as she is the Warden. 

Let's just say , that this is a whole chapter of smexi, so no need to focus just on one particular part of it. 

I have to put this link up. One review by Kat Kennedy on Goodreads , it had me in stitches, but ( no pun intended) as a warning to what makes up some of the smexi chapter she says it quite funny.

Scroll down to Kat Kennedys review, warning it is a spoiler but she focus's just on this one part of the smexi chapter and she is very funny. 

Hence why my children will not be reading this book until they are old and grey...ha!

I must say this uber , uber, smexi chapter really does need its own fan club. It is very naughty so be warned!

What I liked about chapter 32 is it was written in context to Bones's character, it wasn’t written for the shock value. Bones was a whore, once. He has been around and loves getting between the sheets, it’s part of his personality. Another character kind of drove Cat wildly jealous so it was her decision for Bones to get a pass to do whatever he wanted to her, to be as himself as he could be with her... and lordy did he do that! 

We are talking a whole chapter , people!!!

This would currently have to rate as one of the MOST smexi , smexi scenes I have read to date in adult urban fantasy. 

I'm going to say it, Jeaniene out did The Warden with this one. She wrote it well and she wrote it naughty, but it was in context to Bones character and he was very conscious of Cat’s feelings.

So having said all that, not sure how Jeaniene is going to top this book? I do happen to have, ‘At Graves End’ nice and handy so I shall be reading that tonight. Then I had better get back to my local library and reserve some more, cause dang, I need to have these all lined up ready to read one after the other.



  1. Oh my goodness! Chapter 32, right?!
    OFITG is my FAVE Cat/Bones book. It is BEYOND AWESOMES. But I really, REALLY loved book 3. And how will Jeaniene top this one? By introducing Vlad (I love the Bones/Vlad banter--it only gets better as the series progresses) :D

    So glad you loved them so much! These books are THE BEST.

  2. Oh , we get Vlad...well I am looking forward ot meeting him:D

    I think Chapter 32 needs an award...ha!


  3. :( I hate that our library doesn't carry this series and I've heard that Cat and Bones' story is smexy indeed. I'll just have to settle for this... for now

  4. Hi Braine,

    Well I am nearly finished At Grave's End and OH MY!! If Bones didn't pull another smexi, that was SMEXI!!!
    Not a whole chapter...bit hard to top the 2nd book, but OH MY!! I would be suggesting to your library that they may need to order them in. I live amongst cane sugar and forest and have a teeny library and bless them they order them in for me from different parts of the Sunshine Coast...Book 1 was ok, book 2 ..well chapter 32 needs an award I would title the award 'The Red Light Special'...* wink* , book 3 has introduced said.
    Once I have taken Willow to beach this arvo, I am down my library reserving the rest of these puppies, some fine Urban Fantasy reading here!

    Hmmm this is giving me an idea for a posting....The Red Light Special......light bulb moment.

    On that note ....time for some 'fine' Mr Gandy!



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