Saturday, November 26, 2011


So..... We all know that book cover images often get used more than once! There is so much opportunity out there for cover artists, photographers, etc to create something new each time.... So why oh why do they have to recycle all the same images? 

I was at my local BigW today and as always I checked out the YA section.... and what did I see?? 2 covers with the same image but obviously they were different books, authors and publishing companies!! Same shelf!!! 
And what are they??

Dark Angel by Eden Maguire
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

Now this is not the cover for The Goddess Test that I am used to. I read an ebook arc and the cover just seemed to suit the story so much more.  Which cover do you prefer??



  1. I definitely prefer the foresty one, that's the only one I had seen before too! It's just stupid to copy images when there is so much choice out there.

  2. I have actually got the Red Godess Test cover, it must be the Australian one?? I have I thought this was the chick from the Vespertine cover too?? Just changed the colour of the dress to brown.

    I have seen so many covers where they just reuse...rather silly as a publisher I would want my book to stand out and it appears like the effort isn't being put in...I would research to make sure I wasn't using the same cover.

    Shame really as a cover often sells a book , before we even read it. I have a chuckle as I have both of these books sitting on my shelf and it's like de ja vu...


  3. The US version of THE VESPERTINE uses this cover, too, albeit with a different color on the dress! I talked about this phenomenon yesterday in my review of NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL because all I see is EVERMORE when I look at the cover!


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