Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winners of Unofficial Bookmarks by Miss Suzi - Forbidden/Soul Thief


Hi everyone sorry it took so long to put up winners. I had trouble getting into blog yesterday, found out the reason * rolls eyes*. Cutting a frustrating story short.... ( I can do this) my big baby bear who is a labrador retriever, Marley Bob as he is black ( we reversed Bob Marley, get it!!) was upto mischief. My computer had gone POOF!! 3 times during the course of the day ( I was in the middle of an epic email, groan ..lost that!! grrrrr....) the Clipsal switch flicked off saving anybody getting hurt. 

NOW,  I know the who and why. I was thinking I was overloading my powerboard, little did I know my big baby bear was outside chewing the mini bar fridge power cord during the day, at his leisure, which I needed this weekend as Marissa blog partner coming to stay from Perth and we are having a Tiki Bar cocktail event. Anyhoo ( I am trying to cut this story short..truly!!) in my unknowledgeable wisdom, I kept putting the Clipsal switch back on , grumbling, etc...won't say what the etc words creative you'll come close. 3 times my computer goes poof, 3 times blogger had a fit and wouldn't let me sign in, it got a fright and kept sending me in circles to the dashboard, sign in, dashboard etc.

Last night we were watching The Voice, excellent show and there was this almighty burst of orange light outside ( I saw it through blinds) and poof!! off went the T.V I am in the middle of watching a great music talent show with Christina Aguilera and Ceelo etc...finally hubby after much head scratching, grumbling, creative words, sees Marley looking sheepish. Well he did just about have his face blown off. He does what all good fathers do and checks around the area of suspicion, and yes the bad , bad bear had been gnawing on the mini bar fridge power cord...sigh.....he's 17 months old. Click on link below to see what he did to my Lisa Desrochers book, 'Personal Demons', not to mention the airbag front passenger seat cable he chewed through when a pup . I was thinking he was just laying on the floor at school pickup. He's a handful, but he's my baby.


ANYHOO !!  On to the winners.

# 8 Kirstina'sBooks&more
# 4 Sapphyria
#5 Darrella
#7 Janhvi


One of these lovely bookmarks will be coming your way


Thanks to everybody who entered.



  1. Michelle, I can't believe Marley has been at it again.

    Have fun with Marissa this weekend.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    um....yes...he certainly is....just when we think he is behaving hmiself, he goes and pulls a stunt like that. Me in my electrical wisdom didn;t really know what was going on. The mighty orange light burst kinda had Paul believing me when I said the clipsal switch has been going off. I think he thought I was overloading something. I'm not that daft.

    Marissa is rather crook so hopefully she doesn't spread the love and I end up crook. Been there done that a few weeks back.

    We shall have fun, especially Tiki Bar night. I have refreshed it with a lick of paint and it's looking rather inviting:D

    I shall promise not to attempt to write any texts or emails during the course of the evening that will have me going .." don't believe I said that", in the morning...hee..hee

    chat soon!!



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