Friday, August 19, 2011


By: Chloe Neill
Published By : Orion Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library , 355 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

Shapeshifters from across the country are convening in the Windy City, and as a gesture of peace, Master Vampire Ethan Sullivan has offered their leader a very special bodyguard: Merit, Chicago's newest vampire. Merit is supposed to protect the Alpha, Gabriel Keene-and to spy for the vamps while she's at it. Oh, and luckily Ethan's offering some steamy, one-on-one combat training sessions to help her prepare for the mission.  

Unfortunately, someone is gunning for Gabriel, and Merit soon finds herself in the line of fire. She'll need all the help she can get to track down the would-be assassin, but everywhere she turns, there are rising tensions between supernaturals-not least between her and a certain green-eyed, centuries-old master vampire.


I absolutely loved this book, the third in the series. I have started to really connect with Ethan Sullivan . I really connected with Catcher in book 1, then Morgan took my fancy in book 2, now...Team Ethan has emerged, the t-shirt is secured and fits just right.

Merit is really coming into her own, becoming a stronger character, the vampire she should have been, not the lost in transition, so to speak, that she was in the last 2 books.

Gabriel Keene...sigh....dreamy, sexy Gabriel, totally happily married and awaiting baby Connor with the ever silent Tonya. ( Does the girl speak?) He is rather hot to trot on that motorbike. I love the way Gabriel calls Merit, ‘kitten’, it’s so flirty. I really like the addition of Gabriel, it helps to give the story more body. He oozes Alpha. I like that he is taken, married, off limits, it adds to his appeal.

Oh dear lord when Ethan finally decides he ‘needs’ oneself...twice do the math.

There are major trust issues flying and splattering all over walls in this book. Connections are broken, betrayal imminent and something has got to give. Ethan and Merit have let the tension fly in bucket loads. Gabriel and his pack are trying to believe in the vampires and join a house, but are all pack members in compliance? Are they ready to let the world know they exist and all that comes with that? Or is a bit of a shoot out the answer?

Jeff is just gorgeous and goofy on the top layer but underneath he is a chick magnet and a shifter who can handle his own. I really like Jeff.

Berna, bless her soul you don’t want to say ‘no’ to Berna’s cooking. If she likes you, you will have a plate thrust under your nose and you better take it...ha!! She has taken a liking to Merit. Not that the ever hungry Merit minds.

I like the different covers, but I think Merit really suits the covers with shorter hair and fringe. I feel that look is Merit more than the younger looking chicken with the Lara Croft style hair/ hip kicked out, doing the poses with the Katana. I just noticed the other cover for Twice Bitten ( another girl), not fancying her either, I don’t think she is as attractive.

I am really looking forward to Hard Bitten, just waiting for my number to come up at the library.


“ Immortality doesn’t make the things we love less important; it means we must learn to treasure them. Protect them.”



  1. Great review!! LOVE this series, Iread hard bitten when it came out, such a good book :) happy reading Book Savvy Babe

  2. Hi Book Savvy Babe,

    I'm glad you liked Hard Bitten, I'm on a reserve list, could be a while. Drink Deep sounds interesting, just the title.



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