Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Jamie Campbell Bower - Jace Wayland
How do I feel about this hot off the press information ?????????????????????? EEEeeeeEEekkkk!!

I am willing to admit, not even on my pick list...BUT!! The suits and powers that make the movie must be seeing something of Jace in Jamie, so I am willing to sit back and wait and see how Jamie works Jace. * whispers* I think a bit of meat on his bones will be good as he is rather skinny in New Moon .

Alex was my Jace :(
I shake my head at Alex Pettyfer, hun, I think you let go of a huge role, time will only tell. Jamie , you scored, HUGE!! Well Done!!

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower , our Clary and we have Simon shoes to fill.....

Lily Collins - Clary Fray
What do you guys out in reader
land think? I got this information from twitter @hollywoodcrush = mtv.

Now TMIexaminer are saying it's not official as their rep at screen gems hasn't confirmed, but ......



  1. I think he'll do a great job! Frankly, I am a little annoyed with all those reports of Alex P. acting like a diva. I don't want him involved in TMI if he can't be grateful for the success he's received so far.

  2. Aylee,

    I am with you on that. Alex got a bit spoilt and I am disappointed that he didnt accept the role , knowing he was perfect..whcih says something of diva attitude. It has gone awfully quiet on the Alex is a shame he didn't accept as it would have made him huge!! But it may live to be his great regret. Jamie if it is official has just scored HUGE!!! and I hope it works out for the fans.

    I am willing to acknowledge that i am just a housewife so the powers that be know better than me. They know how important the choice is for Jace's part in the movie. They obviously see what some of us maybe can't. I think he has a bit of pressure on his shoulders , but it should all work out well for us Jace fans:D


  3. I didn't think Alex Pettyfer looked at all like Jace besides the blonde hair or whatever. Some pics made him look anorexic in the face and it was very unattractive. He still is. He is also full of himself.

    Some people don't like Jamie as Jace, but to be honest, with an American accent and a little trim of his hair, he might just be super hot and the perfect Jace. But we will just have to see :)

    Think about it. Everyone was so upset that Rob Pattz was cast as Edward, but when the movie came out, he was the new heartthrob.

    Jamie is a great actor. He wouldn't be my first choice but he is better than Alex. I personally think that they should have auditioned in other parts of the country instead of limiting their resorces to Hollywood. There is probablly a better Jace out there somewhere in a small town that we haven't discovered yet...

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