Saturday, June 4, 2011

Michelle, Carolyn & Suzi's awesomesauce Cassandra Clare , Down Under, Melbourne , Australia, Book Signing Ladycation Part 4

Thought Suzi's Isabelle inspired boots
needed another mention.
Pic courtesy of Carolyn
I stole it..hee..hee
This is the final instalment in my Cassandra Clare vids from the book signing in Australia.

This signing was at Westgarth Palace Theatre , Northcote, Melbourne Australia, May 25th 2011 at 6.30 pm.

I flew over from Queensland to meet Carolyn ( Perth , Western Australia) and Miss Suzi ( Melbourne) in Melbourne , for the event.

Carolyn, Suzi, Michelle
Taken with Carolyn's mobile phone
I think it brought out the best in!!
Nothing as good as a self portrait...eeekkk!!
Hold onto your hats, Miss Suzi got promoted to camera girl while I waved my arm in the air for audience question time and it is a tad wobbblllyyy.....bless her. I thank my left hand thumb,  for keeping the camera steady whilst I was camera girl. It was rather stiff afterwards.

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  1. Hi i'm a new follower :).

    WOW i'm so jealous that you met Cassandra Clare :D ! Seems that you had an awesome time. The videos are great :).

    I hope she'll come in France do a book signing !

  2. Hi Marie,

    I think Italy was her next stop. If she ever comes to france, no matter what end of France you are must make the journey to see her. She is wonderful !! I flew to Melbourne from my State of Queensland, just to see her. Well worth the trip. Plus I got a ladycation with a couple friends in.

    Thanks for following, if you have a blog and we arent already following , Ill give you a follow.


  3. I really hope so :D ! I heard maybe she is going to be in Paris next year it's a little far from where I live but I can understand that it's worth the trip :).

    Thanks for following me back and participating :p !


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