Monday, May 16, 2011


Publisher:  Amira Rock Publishing
Pages: 258 Paperback
Acquired: The lovely Kate Bennett provided me a copy for review

RATING:  3.75 OUT OF 5 Time Traveling Stars!!

Description from Goodreads:

You can’t escape the inevitable….
“It was like he could read me like an open book. His dedication was almost alarming, but I was undeniably drawn to him. It wasn’t just that he was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. Or that his voice could cause my body to melt into a warm puddle of goo. He really got me.”
Carina Lombardi, a vibrant New York University student, can’t shake the feeling that she has known the irresistible—and at times enigmatically intense—Jared Taylor forever. After all, she’s had her eye on him for years. Or has it been months? In a compelling story where time is relative, read how Carina and Jared fall in love, forming a nearly unbreakable bond that will inevitably be challenged over and over again. Will their love prevail or will fate step in the way?


This is a story that has some deep passion.  Carina and Jared have been together a while, quite a few times, deeply in love....and only one of them knows about it!  The unbreakable bond that forms is tested time and again, tragedy after tragedy.  

Carina Lombardi has a quick wit about her and delivers some great one liners throughout the book. She is very independent and strives to maintain that - even if maybe it's the wrong decision for her personally....but hey.....she doesn't know what her future holds.......but Jared does!

Jared is very much in love with times it felt a little stalkerish....but given what he knows and what he has been through with Carina it's kind of understandable.  As a character though he does lack manliness at times!!!  He is so focused on Carina - there just aren't any mates mentioned...which gives credit to the stalker feeling!! LOL! But as the book develops and we find out more about Jared.....we learn why and all feels good in the world.

Kate Bennett has a little gem here! Though I did find portions of the book unclear and sometimes time lapses felt a bit off, the shell of Inevitable is great. There's something there that takes hold and you stay till the end.....and oh what an ending!!  The last two chapters are so well written and had me wanting more. But is a stand alone book....I can only imagine in my head what transpires after the last page is turned!  Be warned......have the tissues on hand whilst reading this.  I am not a highly emotional reader....but Jared's chapter at the end had me crying buckets.....Thanks Kate!! My kids thought I was having a breakdown!!!

You may be wondering about my odd rating for this one??? Well, I did think it a great story and I can't really fault Kate as any issues I did come across fell more towards an editors responsibility. Not quite a 4 but definately not just a 3.5 either!!


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